Tuesday 24 May 2016

Not Edstone... Redstone

Redstone Hall
Ah, what a life, what with good people on limited incomes throwing money at you. So how do you spend "God's tithes"? Well, maybe you could shovel them into a faux university.

The students at Living University are currently moving into plush new accommodations. LU, you'll recall, is the unaccredited (and likely never to be accredited) training school for LCG members with aspirations to ministry (if they're blokes) or perhaps a ministerial husband (if they're not).

The men's facility is called Redstone Hall. Not sure whether there's a library, but there's a very nice billiard table.

Putting in the all-important billiard table
The women's residence looks pretty classy too. Study facilities don't get a mention here either - you get the impression that "book learnin'" ain't a high priority at LU. But it does have "an exercise room equipped with two Sole E235 Elliptical trainers... music room, formal dining room, kitchen and breakfast nook, living room and five bedrooms."

Nice. But just five bedrooms? How many students does this "university" actually have? Divide the cost of running LU by the total number of students on campus and... throw another million in the furnace Rod!

Actually, the moving van with the big, bold Tomorrow's World logo is quite impressive too. Well, I mean, gotta burn up those surplus tithes somehow, right.

Remind you of somewhere (and somewhen) else?

Not quite up there with PCG's edifices maybe, but clearly LCG is trotting along in the same well-worn rut, scattering greenbacks as they go.

Makes you kinda wonder how much the president of LU is making... speaking of which, my thanks to President Germano who proudly posted the pics.

Women's accommodation plus branded van


Redfox712 said...

An unaccredited "University" having only five bedrooms? Just weird.

And LCG's tithes was used to get a branded truck? Why is that necessary?

DennisCDiehl said...

And I can imagine saying..."Look, let's build them as dorms but in such a way that if it all doesn't work out, we can easily sell them as homes"

Byker Bob said...

Why, ghastly, fellows and girls! Everyone knows that in order for there to be an apocalypse within the next 3 to 5 years, you've got to have infrastructure!


The Skeptic said...

It looks like two houses in an upper-middle-class neighborhood to me.

Anonymous said...

I had to work in the yard this past weekend and missed the whole storm about Bob Dole and HWA's tapes. I just now began to sort through this and am somewhat appalled. Now the whole thing has blown over and I missed being a witness.

My two cents. I do not believe that "Anonymous" was a grand child of GTA. Although it was someone knowledgeable enough, from lisening to adults, to make some pompous and hyperbolic claims. I do think this was a teen-ager. The rhetoric and grammar fit.

As to the Library of Congress, it is just that. Its mission is to archive materials that may be of value to the congressional processes. In the case of future legislation against an Armstrongite group, for instance, maybe this material will be drawn on. The Library of Congress also has a pornography collection. In general, the LC contains some really high class material and some really low class material. It is no particular honor to have material included in the LC collection. You may judge where HWA's tapes fit in this spectrum. And weren't the tapes included by accident ("miracle" in Armstrongite terminology).

My guess is that there are many Armstrongites and Armstongite associates that lurk around sites such as this. These people a information starved, gaunt from living on light weight malarkey.

Anonymous said...

Why was "Anonymous" not one of GTA's grandchildren?

1. I believe that generation of people in the Armstrong family have a much more realistic view of HWA and GTA than what Anonymous expressed. There is too much valid information circulating for them not to have a somewhat tempered view.

2. Anon seemed to have been indoctrinated. Probably by his/her parents. The parents are GTA/HWA worshippers. They may even know some Armstrong family members. (I recall the overweening pride members of the WCG had if they possessed any association or connection to the Armstrongites. This was an excessive example of being a "respecter of persons".) Such people are capable of great acts of smarmy devotion.

If I can express it in summary, the closer that any Armstrongite proponent gets to the history of the Armstrong family, the more cynical the person becomes. Anon did not display the appropriate amount of distance and cynicism to be a part of the inner circle.

Anonymous said...

Anon is really a sixteen year-old boy who does not do well in school and is the son of a minister in one of the splinter groups. He parrots a lot of what he hears at the supper table but he doesn't quite get it right. He is cavalier with the truth. His "guru genius" qualities extend only so far as playing video games and internet mischief.

Just guessing.

Byker Bob said...

Anything is possible. People have been known to create cyber personalities for their own amusement, or anonymous could have been who she implied. It could have been an adult, or some cousins getting together. Most of the activity happened on Sunday, which would be prime playtime for people involved with the Old Covenant sabbath.

If it was some of the Armstrong kids, they were being subversive in their own way, which I kind of admire. It's difficult to imagine ACOG parents knowingly allowing their teenagers to communicate on "dissident" sites, where they could learn things which might derail them from Armstrongism. Gavin might have some additional clues available to him based on the number of ISPs, and points of origin.

Whatever it was that actually happened, it was thought provoking, raising questions as to the perceptions of current teenagers brought up in one of the splinters, and what their attitudes might be, in the face of the knowledge they might glean in the face of their splinter's revisionism. The teenagers that don't rebel are often very enthusiastic about church. So, it was interesting pondering the viewpoints of an entire class of individuals whom I barely realized existed, even if some adult troll might have concocted the whole episode to yank our chains.

If it was an Armstrong teenager, or teenagers, I believe we did provide some information which perhaps would be unavailable to them from their normal cloistered resources. Probably some net good was accomplished. We may never know.


Byker Bob said...
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Anonymous said...


Good observations and I am in agreement with what you have stated. One thing I noticed about Anon was his/her overweening ego. This might be the mark of someone who views themselves to have celebrity status. No doubt the Armstrongite kids are treated that way wherever they go within the tiny and unrealistic world of the Armstrongite congregations.