Friday 13 May 2016

Oh good grief!

Another brilliant expositor of the Herbolatrous Truer than True Truth. Jacob Israel Cyrus. Ya reckon that's the name his mammy gave him? Regardless, ol' Jake is a big fan of not only the High & Herbal One ("God's Signet" no less) but Gerry "6-pack" Flurry as well. I only got so far through his website before the barfing reaction started to set in, but I'm assuming Herbaceous Jake is a rogue member of PCG, possibly from the Philippines, and blessed beyond measure with deeper than deepity dippity doo insight on prophecy that he feels compelled to share with anyone sufficiently lobotomized to pay heed.

For an extra dose of fun, check out this guy's bio. Gotta say, it takes delusion one step further than most of us have seen so far. He also seems to think that the movie Gods of Egypt was made for the PCG. Whoa, cutting insight there!

Surprising then that a quick web search finds him mentioned on no other websites other than his own "Light to the Gentiles".

Famous in his own lunchtime.


Pam said...

"Famous in his own lunchtime."

LOL! I thought at first that you'd coined a really, really good one. But a quick google search shows that "legend in his own lunchtime" is already in the Urban Dictionary and Wiktionary and "famous in his own lunchtime" shows up all over the place too. Thanks for bringing it to our attention, is as poignant as "a legend in his own mind."

Pam said...

Click on "About" and then on "more" on his site and you get to THIS...

Ark of the Covenant Foundation

It's basically a page with an icon of a "coat of arms" for the "Ark of the Covenant Foundation," with the letters H W A at the top with a shield and some scroll-y stuff... and a disembodied black arm sticking up from a pedestal. I assume an attempt to iconize the idea of "Strong Arm."

Truly, truly delusional man.

Pam said...

I see why you assume he is a dissident from the PCG. On the page where he chastises Stephen Flurry for not staying true to the zeal for the Jerusalem Dig, he notes this...

"What would God have felt when He saw His own people leaving the Jerusalem work? God has to do something. He does not want His Son Jesus Christ to marry a fickle minded Bride, more so, a blemished wife who practices cremation, celebrates Mother’s Day and performs Druidic Irish dance, all of which can be traced directly to Baal or Nimrod."

Wow. Druidic Irish Dance even?? Oh, the apostasy of it all.

Anonymous said...


The arm is (part of) the (scottish) Armstrong coat of arms. It is my understanding that part of the clan were a robber clan along the southern scottish border.
I saw hwa a couple of times in scotland and the people surrounded him with scottish paraphernelia.

The Flurries are of partly Irish descent I gather, hence the Irish leanings I guess.

I wonder how Philipino people can get so worked up on things Celtic. I guess it is the MacArthur in them still.


Pam said...


HAH! Thanks. I'm surprised I never heard Herbert talk of that. All I remember is Gerald Waterhouse, who was always obsessed with names, waxing eloquent about Herbert's name meaning "Bright Warrior with the Strong Arm." Garner Ted's name, of course, meant "God's Gatherer with the Strong Arm."

I preferred the new name Archie Campbell gave him on his humorous voice impersonation record back in the 70s-- Gagner Fred Hamstrung.

I see the Armstrong Clan has its own wikipedia entry.

Clan Armstrong on Wiki

Anonymous said...

I had look at the Jake's website and it is really a cliche. I am always suspicious of someone who is non-Jewish and adopts a bunch of dramatic Hebrew names. The terms "wannabe" and "prophecy weenie" immediately enter in to the picture.

These guys worship Hebert because they like his business model. HWA sat in Pasadena and exerted such mind control that he could fleece thousands of their money and barely lift a finger. And he could indulge his personal dreams of grandeur as someone important in the Biblical sphere. Some people are utterly awed by this kind of nefarious activity. Hence, all the HWA copycat criminals.

The tragedy is that people are taken in by this charade.

Unknown said...

I make no such claims to religious glamour as our Philippine friend does , so I choose as my "Biblical" name to be...

Eve Delilah Jezebel

Byker Bob said...

His mammy must have been grazing in the loco weed patch during pregnancy!

Is this the long awaited return of David "Bent" Ariel? (Tongue firmly in cheek) Somehow, flamboyant extremism never completely dies out!

Ah well! For every half dozen anal retentives, there must be at least one anal expulsive!


Pam said...

David Ben Ariel! Now there's a name I haven't heard in a long time. Googled him just now. Didn't know he died. For those unfamiliar with his long history on the Net... I came across this on "The Skeptic's Annotated Bible Discussion Board."

David Ben Ariel Died on March 27, 2011

David Ben Ariel was a member of this forum who posted extreme comments that....
1) White Americans are the lost tribe of Israel,
2) African americans should be repatriated back to Africa
3) Germany is going to attack America with nuclear weapons for using pagan religious rites.

David wrote an insane book called Beyond Babylon. He was deported from Israel for attempting to blow up the Al Aqsa mosque. [He denied the charges.] He acquired HIV from an african american bloke in a toilet and talked openly about it. He made some insane videos on YouTube. He died from an AIDs related disease.

"Why I don't hate all Black people" Video

Why God wont save America for using pagan days of the week Video

"Europe is going to nuke the USA" Video

His death was announced at the time on Banned By HWA at

David Ben Ariel rip

He had been long-time WCG, then FlurryCOG, then independent ranter