Saturday 9 April 2016

Was World Vision conned?

There's been a bit of a flap about the use of World Vision Canada's headquarters facilities in Mississauga, Ontario by Roderick Meredith's Living Church of God. The LCG has hired the location for one of its proselytizing seminars in May: "Has God Abandoned Mankind?" 

So what's the problem? Organisations hire out their facilities all the time. World Vision, however, is more selective than most. A great backgrounder comes from Martha over at As Bereans Did. It seems World Vision may have been under some misapprehensions when it hired out the rooms.

The Bereans website decided to ask a few questions - and possibly point out a few germane facts. Here's the reply they got from World Vision Canada.

In fact, the Worldwide Church of Tomorrow [sic] (founded by H W Armstrong) had a radical shift after Armstrong’s death and has become thoroughly evangelical and renamed their movement as Grace Communion International. This denomination is a member in good standing both with the National Association of Evangelicals (USA) and the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada... Given this outcome, we do not have any concerns with their use of our facility.
You've got to hope the office staff are, in general, a lot more competent than whoever emailed that masterpiece.

Given the outright contempt LCG shows for evangelical organisations such as World Vision, you've also got to wonder what kind of assurances the LCG representative gave when hiring their facilities. As others have pointed out, using World Vision may lend LCG an air of false legitimacy in the eyes of the evangelically-minded community.

Would World Vision hire out their facilities for recruitment purposes by the Jehovah's Witnesses? The Moonies? If so, no problem. If not, then they do indeed have a problem.


James said...

These people are a business, paid to promote. Unfortunately they are like most corporations, filled full of incompetent jackasses that have not a clue as to what they are doing.

Christianity is a business and with this comes what you would expect with any corporation. Incompetence. Its what they do best. What more could you expect?

Byker Bob said...

There is also the "Peter Principle". People who either lacked talent or had their talents suppressd by the system have now been promoted, or have promoted themselves to their highest levels of incompetence.