Monday 7 March 2016

Odds & Ends

Rush hour in Ngatea
UCG Down Under: Victor Kubik has returned to the States after a trip to Australia and New Zealand. The New Zealand leg of the presidential visit was firmly focused on what remains of the church in this country following the late 2010 defection of ministers Jeff Caudle, Art Verschoor and Andre van Belkum. Holding down the fort now is Daniel Porteous. The visitors eschewed the sulphurous delights of Rotovegas (Rotorua) and the high life in Queenstown, choosing instead to "tiki-tour" around Auckland before carpooling on Saturday to a blip on the map called Ngatea, chosen because the location is equally inconvenient for members from both Auckland and the Tron (Hamilton) to travel to. The attendance was about forty.

LCG suit: Gary's site has published a letter from Patrick and Elizabeth Scarborough announcing that they have taken down their GoFundMe page because of "untrue statements which have been made to paint us in a negative light". They add.
I would also like to take this opportunity to let people know that we had our lawyer write Mr. Meredith and Rod McNair a letter last summer stating that we had no desire to take this matter to court. We beseeched them to contact us within 7 business days to schedule a meeting to talk things out but they let the deadline come and go. We have made it clear that we do not desire to be reinstated as LCG members but that we just wanted to walk in peace, have our names cleared, and be able to openly love our few remaining LCG friends without them risking getting in trouble themselves.

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Anonymous said...

40 people? Does that represent the entirety of the UCG in New Zealand? Just wondering. You know what Jesus said about going after the one lost sheep. Victor Kubik certainly has incentive to keep every sheep he can possibly shear, but it's doubtful that that little group actually contributes enough to even pay the air fare from Australia.

As for the Scarboroughs... it's risky business suing the head of a cult. If they lose, Meredith will have even more bragging rights about how he's triumphed over Satan. And losing is also such a bad plan.... If you found a new haven (considering that your 'brethren' in the LCG turned their backs on you), you should just walk through the open door as the other one closes behind you. Of course, United and CoGWA are still cults and there's every chance that they could reject you too, seeing as how they are both cults. Beware (remember? Jesus said to beware of false prophets? And anyone who preaches British Israelism is going to be a false prophet).