Saturday 9 April 2016

The Journal - 182nd issue

The latest issue of The Journal: News of the Churches of God has been released.

In this issue there's an article about the arrest (seemingly unjustified) of chess grandmaster Bobby Fischer in 1981. Heavy-handed police officers have, it seems, been around for a long time. Fischer's personal account of the event is available in full online.

Tom Kerry's Church of God Ministries International, based in New Orleans, is prominently featured. Tom and his followers have spent up big on studios to broadcast their scintillating take on "the gospel as a witness and warning" via the Internet. Original!

Keith Slough asserts that "Jesus is the forgotten man in our old-Worldwide theology." I know he'll find more than a few 'amens' out there. He takes a while to get to the point, but ends up saying: "When we preach the gospel, if we leave out the focus the early true church had on the “Messenger” - the person of Jesus Christ - we water down the true gospel."

Self-anointed religious expert Joe Kovacs has endorsed a children's book on the COG Feasts by UCG member Ramona Wood. Kovacs, executive news editor for the right-wing WND, is "COG-friendly", but I'm not aware that he actually walks the walk rather than just talking the talk.

As always, the complete issue can be downloaded in PDF format. Back copies of The Journal dating back to 2012 can also be accessed from the sidebar.

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Unknown said...

Like all newspapers, it appears the usefulness of the Journal has come and gone. The internet and its just in time availability, free cost and feedback ability has rendered the entire newspaper industry obsolete. If not for the kook jobs placing their ineffective strange ads in the Journal (and the ads account for about 65% of the entire publication) it would be long gone.

I put the Journal at the level of the "Penny Saver" throwaway ad circular.