Friday 22 April 2016


Lonnie Hendrix hits the proverbial nail on the noggin with a post on leavening/de-leavening. Even if you're committed to hardtack for the week ahead, the message is still very relevant.

A question for fellow Kiwis and Aussies who have doubtless pondered this question as deeply as I have. Are our shared cultural icons Vegemite and Marmite, both yeast extracts, technically unleavened?

Online here later today a somewhat-related post about calculating Sabbaths and Holy Days, with absolutely nothing to do with to the idiocies of New Moons and Barley harvests that some of the freakier COG sects obsess about.


Anonymous said...

I just read that a guy I knew at AC Big Sandy is now the pastor of a small Armstrongite-derived church in Tyler, TX and he has a new way of marking the beginning of the Sabbath and holy days. The group believes the Sabbath starts at sunrise on Saturday morning. I am not sure how they arrive at this and don't care. It is just tragic that it gives another odd group the pretext to believe that they are in possession of special knowledge that others do not have and a foundation for self-adulation and feeling that they belong to the one and only true church. There is a real pathology here. I just don't feel like I want to sort through the heap.

Byker Bob said...

That special knowledge goes back to heretics in Paul's day who claimed that it was this special sort of knowledge that saved people. These heretics were known as the Gnostics, and if Armstrongism is not based on its own collection of Gnosticism, then I don't know what Gnosticism is! Since the Armstrongites always trashed the Gnostics, perhaps what we see today is another case of one collective becoming like a collective whom they view as their primary enemy.