Friday 15 April 2016

Donald Trump in Prophecy, or Here Come the Germans

It takes a Don to know a Don and Don Billingsley seems to think he has the prophetic 'real oil' on Donald Trump. You might even say that the latest issue of his Philadelphia Remnant mag is "the Trump issue". Trump is - according to Billingsley - playing into the winds of prophecy.

Yeah, right.

There's also a lot of huff and puff about those darn Germans coming to put your loved ones in concentration camps, with more of the same promised for the next issue. Can't wait. Don even writes of "the inherent nature of the average German".
German agents are currently active within the United States as they were before World War II! They are operating behind the scenes in many ways without anyone realizing their mission! Consider and seriously think about the recent massive riots in Chicago against Donald Trump with the foregoing writings of this book in mind; people used, such as George Soros a renegade Jew; instruments used by the unseen underground power players in Germany. 
With all this in mind, we would do well to remember the promise of Germany that is yet ongoing and will soon be realized: “One day we shall come back. Until then, A’ bientot (= goodbye A’ Soon)” (p. 41)
Looking at the cover you might think that you've seen it before. You have. Billingsley, one-time college chauffeur, keeps things simple by using the same cover art over and over again. Not a particularly smart strategy, but as you can see that's nothing compared to the contents.

Don has kindly provided access to his ravings in flipping book format (so that should render it almost completely unreadable to most folk.)  Dig around and you'll find you can download it as a PDF, but you'd be best advised - for sanity's sake - to avoid doing so. Be advised that there are formatting errors throughout the publication. Not a professional look.

As for "prophecy", all these years and Don has learned... nothing. What a waste. Just regurgitating nonsense he heard from Herb and swallowed whole back in the 1950s.

Isn't it a bit ironic that with all the inane drum beating over Germany and a return to Naziism, the real Nazis - authoritarian leaders in the "government of God"-type COGs - get a free ride. How many times was the CAD referred to as the Gestapo?

It's undoubtedly true that Don is an embarrassment to many good, thinking people involved in more moderate COG fellowships. And yet it's also true that such profoundly stupid extremist views were once mainline in Radio Church of God/WCG days, and that a bitter aftertaste remains even in the more respectable bodies. Would it be too much, for example, to expect that the more balanced COG groups should explicitly reject this perverse mixture of racism, cultural myopia, exceptionalism and twisted prophecy?

Apparently it is. If UCG or CGI (for example) were serious about presenting their message in a meaningful way, they'd long since have publically washed their hands - no weasel words - of this hogwash. The cost, though, would involve lost tithe-payers. The benefit? Some modicum of credibility.

The PDF is available to download

The FB format is available here


Redfox712 said...

It is morally and factually wrong for Billingsley to talk of "the inherent nature of the average German". This is a form of non-color coded racism.

So Billingsley thinks George Soros is part of some conspiracy by a clandestine network of German agents? Can't Billingsley see how he merely disgraces himself by making such a ridiculous accusation against a Holocaust survivor?

Byker Bob said...

Well, Redfox, the problem is that he doesn't think. At least not very deeply or independently. Unfortunately, none of them do.


Anonymous said...

And did you notice on loading the flip book, the loading icon comes up and says:

Patience is a virtue?

Anonymous said...

I counseled one afternoon with Don Billingsley on the Big Sandy campus. As I recall, he was one of the ministers assigned to oversee the Big Sandy congregation at that time. A separate set of ministers tended to AC students.

I found him to be a very nice fellow though a bit naive. I brought up a point of racism in the WCG that I had witnessed and he seemed to be totally surprised by this. It was as if he had never actually seen the fact in a racial context although I think it might be obvious to most.

Those people who can make themselves believe in BI can also believe that the Germans are the Assyrians, hence, their prophetic role in the future of North America. The fact is, the British derived North Americans are almost entirely haplogroup R1b. The Germans people, near cousins, are a mixed population of R1b and R1a. The Germans in the West have affinities for the Celtic people and the Germans in the East have affinities for the Slavic people. (It is ironic that the Germans detest the Slavs so much and think of them as subhumans when approximately 60% of Germans are genetically identical to Slavs.) These people (Celts, Germans and Slavs)bearing haplogroup R, are Indo-European peoples - who are not mentioned in the Bible.

An aside: I did read in one historical source that the Jews at an early time were aware of the Celtic people living up around the Black Sea and found them to be disgusting. The Jews regarded them as roving bands of thieves and bandits. The Jews also found the Celts repugnant because at that time the Celts had no institution of marriage and sexual relations happened promiscuously. Children were raised by a collection of people rather than "parents" in a nuclear family as the Jews would understand it. There is no evidence here that the Celts were thought by the Jews at that time to be "lost sheep of the house of Israel."

The true Assyrians are are found in the Table of Nations in Genesis and belong to collection of haplogroup J clans descended from a man named Adam, a neolithic Middle-Easterner. A small population of genuine Assyrians still live in the Middle East, follow their own brand of Christianity and are still haplogroup J.

The Germans, allegorically, may be Assyrians "in spirit" but it is impossible for them to be Assyrians "in the flesh." Just like it is impossible for the Celtic people to be "Israelites" based on genetics. So the Germans and the Celts were both misidentified in Hoeh's racial pseudoscience and pseudo-history. But this is the foundation of Billingsley writing.

There is some sketchy evidence that Assyrians visited Trier, Germany at an early date. This is not a stretch. After all, you could walk from ancient Assyria to Trier if you wanted to or more likely one would negotiate via seas and rivers. And it throws a sop to the idea that Trier is older than Rome, if that kind of civic competition is appealing. But the incursion of one Assyrian party is not a demonstration of the full migration of a nation. Just as the incursion of Vikings in North America does not argue for recognizing Native Americans as Scandinavians. In fact, the genetics demonstrate that there was no such migration. There is very little haplogroup J in Germany.

Unknown said...

So where are all these Germans that hate America at? Go to Germany, and you find a very aging population, and no general hatred towards America. In fact, probably half of all Germans speak English.

Germany does not have nuclear weapons, or a huge army , the motivation, desire or capacity to take on America at this time or in any time in the next 30 years. It would require an amazing transformation of German demographics, culture and zeitgeist to achieve this, that frankly has no genesis in the current time.

Anonymous said...

Connie: During WWII my Dad spent a while guarding German prisoners. He found them likable and very much like Americans. Most Germans were quite friendly to Americans and seemed to be relieved to be taken captive. But with the Hitler Jugend (Youth)it was a different story. They had been raised to believe they were superior and were very difficult to manage. I will not go into how the Americans dealt with them but it was effective. My Dad said that out of one hundred Germans, 99 would be just fine. But the 100th might be a Nazi fanatic. He learned to pick these guys out. Today I believe it is the same. Most Germans are fond of America but there are the exceptions. Neo-Nazism has a presence in modern day Germany. The persecution of Turkish Gastarbeiters (guest workers) is a fact.

But, of course, this is not the great return to Nazism predicted by Herman Hoeh, et. al. That is sheer nonsense. Our enemies are in the Islamic realm. And may soon also be those in the Far East.

Anonymous said...

The German that will destroy America is von Trump.
I love him as a businessman. He will annoy the creditors of the USA. The house of Saud last week threatened to release 750 billion dollars of US assets if it gets annoyed by the USA.
This would not be a problem unless there are no buyers for those assets.

And Von Trump is not making friends outside america.