Wednesday 27 April 2016

Occluded Vision

It seems to be official. The Hulmerous publication Vision - the pet project of David Hulme - is no more. At least in print form.

The latest issue, Winter 2016, is available, but only online as a collection of web articles.

Even then, with no further postage and printing costs, Dave pleads poverty: "Our quarterly online journal Vision is free of charge, but resources are limited."

Oh dear, how sad, never mind.

Money is tight brethren and costs need to be slashed. How many people do you think have been bumped off the payroll?

Weirdly, there isn't as much as a PDF magazine facsimile, or a flipping book version - the sort of thing COGWA do with their bimonthly Discern publication. Apparently it's all too hard.

Perhaps Dave, a onetime World Tomorrow presenter and founding president of the United Church of God (which he subsequently abandoned) has taken a drop in salary to go with the new austerity drive? That seems unlikely.

So is there a future for Hulme's secretive COGAIC? We know that a lot of its ministerial talent has, like rats, jumped ship. How its membership is holding up in the wake of all that trauma is hard to tell, COGAIC was never famous for its transparency. It is hard to imagine that the Hulmerous brethren will be elated by the media retrenchment, though.

Sixteen years after its launch Vision has been gutted and another ambitious COG splinter seems headed for the rocks.


Byker Bob said...

The door is somewhat open to sympathy. We must remember that David lost a sizeable portion of his church when he made some exploratory comments about dumping B.I. It'd be even more encouraging if he managed a few further corrections.


Redfox712 said...

And another COG group gradually becomes less relevant. Thank you for mentioning this and bringing this to attention.

Anonymous said...

This is what you get when attempting to dump British Israelism within the Armstrongist Churches of God: The glory days of being 'important' are over in an instant and any foundation on the legacy of Herbert Armstrong is swept away.

He also, as should be mentioned in passing, bankrupted UCG with his Jerusalem video and he was pushed out -- United was two months from closing shop because he took the entire annual income to do the video.

It's too bad they didn't let him stay because there would be significantly less Armstrongism around if United went out of existence.

At least he's making a contribution to the demise of Armstrongism.

Unknown said...

I haven't received my hard copy of Ambassador Watch in years!

Gavin R said...

@ Connie. That's cos you ain't bin TITHING. The 52-page glossy monthly AW mag is available to coworkers and members - TOTALLY free and gratis of course. Then there's our three-month trial subscription offer... nobody will call on you. Just send your request to Bottomless Pit Ministries, or call toll free. And don't forget to ask for our exciting free booklet, "Uruguay and Peru in Prophecy".

Anonymous said...

or call toll free

That number again is 1 (800) 423-4444.

Byker Bob said...

Psst! Connie! I pick up my copy anonymously and free from one of the racks outside of my local Walmart!