Sunday 3 April 2016

Check 'em out

There have been some great posts recently on a number of ex-COG blogs. Here's a round-up of a just a few of those that are worth an extra plug.

Banned (Gary Leonard)
Always perceptive, Gary has called out Bob Thiel on his newly implied status as a latter-day Amos. Bob, you'll remember, is given to occasional delusions of relevance. The story of his dubious ThD degree, his elevation to accidental prophet thanks to misrepresentation of some flowery words by Gaylyn Bonjour (who was only trying to anoint him for a "minor health issue"), and now his apparent elevation to Amos' mantle.

The anonymous Silenced writer has a pithy piece on Dave Pack. His estimate of Dave's membership: "RCG is still only about 200 members in Wadsworth and at most 800 or so scattered across the country in their living rooms." That sounds about right. In an Akron Beacon Journal article back in 2012 (also found on the Silenced site) the church claimed "more than 370 congregations in more than 50 countries". That seems highly unlikely, to say the least.

Living Armstrongism
An interesting reflection on the power of nostalgia in keeping people in line, specifically referencing PCG, but obviously with wider application.

The good old days? Those were good old days?


Redfox712 said...

Thanks for the mention. It is much appreciated. Keep up your good work.

Anonymous said...

In an interview on CBS this morning, Megan Kelly was asked if Fox News was right-wing. She said that it was not and its news presentation is fair and balanced. I was appalled as I think any reasonable person would be. Likewise, I am appalled at the nostalgia for Armstrongism expressed in the "Living Armstrongism" blog.

There is no accounting for what people believe under the best circumstances. But for someone to remember fondly the days of HWA after the great weight of evidence that stands against him has more to do with pathos than nostalgia.