Saturday, 13 December 2008

The Gospel from Godsden and a Doudna debunk

AW correspondent Paco unearths a new COG website:

Today I came across a home-made looking booklet titled "The PLAIN TRUTH about Christmas." Clearly produced on a copy machine, the booklet's contents are straight out of Armstrongism, circa 1960. The only clue as to who produced it is found on the last page, which simply lists the web address

Be sure to put on your sunglasses (or perhaps a welder's mask) before going to the site. "Garish" does not begin to describe the use of colors, print, fonts and layout. The site's owner identifies himself as "James Anthony Roach" (Jim Roach?) of "Godsden, Alabama." The entire site is a rehash of the most speculative elements and hardcore doctrines of Armstrongism. He has a countdown clock to August 31, 2010. Sample at your own risk.

A quick look indicates that UCG needn't worry too much about having their GN magazine site toppled from first place in the COG web rankings.

The election of Barack Obama brought a range of nutty conspiracy-type theories out for an airing. Greg Doudna, author of Showdown at Big Sandy and an expert on the Dead Sea Scrolls, takes time out to pop a few of those balloons with an article called "A Full and Complete Transcription of a Phone Call between Ron McRae and Sarah Onyango Obama of Kenya on Oct. 16, 2008, which has been wrongly alleged to contain a statement by Barack Obama Jr.'s grandmother that Barack Obama Jr. was born in Kenya." Not content with that, Greg, tongue in cheek I suspect, has even given it an alternate title: The Tale of The Secret Kenyan Birth: A Strange Story of a Transatlantic Telephone Call, a Fateful Confusion Over the Meaning of the Word "Present", and a Brief Excursion into the Wonderful World of Conspiracy Theory in American Politics.

This guy has a sense of humor! You can preview a few pages for free, but it'll only cost less than the equivalent of a chai latte or mocha ($3) to download the complete article. Be sure to email the highlights to Dankenbring, Coulter, Billingsley and other "fair and balanced" COG pontificators.


Welease Bwian said...

Dear Lord...please, no more truth! I can't handle any more truth. Be it yet Plain, Real, Endtime or just the for sure true truth...I'm burned out on truth.

Show unto me error and falsehood for a time, that I might live.

I beseech thee, dear Lord, in your tender mercies, blot out any more new truth betimes. Suffer us not any new truth to be set before our eyes. For we are out of eye salve and they do sting of truths.

It is a vexation of spirit and a burden to my soul.

My soul waxeth waxy and my bowels are tender from the old plain truth and the newer real truth.

For in Living, we do not find life. In Restored we do not find restoration. In brotherly love find we not love. And that which is Worldwide taketh up a few cubicles in obscurity.

Shits and splisms fill our phews and the rank are a stench unto thine eyes, yeah..I mean thine nose.

Bring us not again into more new truth more plainer and more real than the more recent old truths, yeah even back unto the old plain truths now clouded.

I beg thee. Yeah, seventy times seven I beg thee....please keep thine new truths to thineself, for yet a season more, or two, that we and thy children might live and recover from the last round of new truth, yet old and not so true either.

And dear Lord, please forgive Gavin, for bringing yet more new truth unto us. For while his sin is great, yet love we him and that's the truth.


Your friend

Anonymous said...

Paco is respected for his insightful comments. However, even with his warnings, I was not prepared for the brilliance of the www.Revelations of the Bible websight. Fortunately, I had some eyedrops handy. Hopefully, my retinal damage will heal soon after the quick glance at the website. I doubt any unsuspecting searcher will be drawn into that site due to being struck blind.
Heed Paco's warning...


Bamboo_bends said...

Give Paco a cerveza, he's got to have scorched retinas!

Oh my eyes still hurt. Don't go there without your Visine drops.

All its missing is an old man shouting bible scriptures.

Anonymous said...

My first thought after reading the top line which seemed to say "Rebelations of the Bible," was that this might be another take off on the Landover Baptist Church.

I kept waiting for the punch lines.

Alas...its serious.

Like some of the COG ads in the Journal that are two pages of small print and screaming red every few lines, all I could come up with was "sure, fine, right, ok whatever you say...I gotta go."

Mr. Scribe said...

Good God, he must have designed his site using mine as a template! Bad choice!

Burgers said...

Just by the format of the site alone, I refuse to believe it is any newer than the late 1990s. Pass the Tylenol... :O

Anonymous said...

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paco said...


Your moniker leads me to believe that you were at AC Pasadena around 1967-1970. If so, I'm trying to figure out which possible Rodroid you were. During high school, did you attend church in Odessa, Texas by any chance?

I'm not trying to pry (too deeply) into your identity but you and I may have spent some time hanging out together back in the mid-to late 1960's. In any event, best wishes to you, Rodroid.

I hope your eyes heal soon! So sorry.

Anonymous said...

That's me.
I always enjoy your posts.
Best to you, too.


paco said...

Ah! The original "Rodroid" himself! I'm glad to know that you are still out there. West Texas grows some good folks.

Anonymous said...

Looks like this thread is between you and me now. You can contact me through the Ambassador Alumni Website.
I'm in Southern Illinois now. Sorry to admit that with our Gov. Blago and his ebay version of political favors.
I'll be trying to contact you soon if you still live near where you did about 20 years ago.
I'll look forward to getting in contact.