Monday 1 December 2008

COGs online

It's been a long time since AW posted the Alexa rankings for various COG websites, but here are the latest in order from most popular on down to #18.

01. The Good News [UCG], 106k
02. Vision [Hulme], 109k
03. [independent], 122k
04. The Trumpet [Flurry], 131k
05. UCG, 134k
06. WCG, 161k
07. [CGG], 171k
08. Tomorrow's World [LCG], 174k
09. RCG, 199k
10. COGwriter [LCG unofficial], 202k
11. ASK, 322k
12. CGG [Ritenbaugh], 452k
13. Born To Win [Dart], 501k
14. LCG, 618k
15. Beyond Today, [UCG], 643k
16. PCG [Flurry], 656k
17. PTM [Albrecht], 661k
18. COG-PKG [Weinland], 701k

In case anyone wonders about what exactly these sites are, links to all can be found in the sidebar. AW - to anticipate a question - currently ranks just outside this group at 727k. While other ranking systems exist, and Alexa is far from perfect, it does reflect worldwide traffic rather than just US traffic.


Anonymous said...

Gavin, you missed Ritenbaugh's other site, -- fits between WCG and Tomorrow's World.

Gavin said...

Thanks... have added it in. A URL like that must act as a magnet for lots of Bible-believing fundamentalists and evangelicals. They've even got the Plymouth Brethren translation up (Darby)!

Richard said...

Stunning to me that CGG has a higher score than PCG. CGG certainly doesn't have the media impact that PCG does.

Anonymous said...

Purely from a perverse nostalgic standpoint it's nice to know about these sites and their ratings, but for me the most salient aspect is that we know they are nearly totally ineffective. Their only purpose seems to be use as the obligatory windowdressing infrustructure presented as proof to members that their particular Armstrong franchise is thundering out the gospel.

They have no clue that all too many of us have discovered the red pills! Silly COGlodites!


Anonymous said...

Well speaking of the various COGLET'S here from the Modesto branch of Herbalism we read this"
"Many are writing in from all over the world to tell us they are using our literature in their ministries to teach others. We are giving them permission to reprint our literature so they can give it to those they are reaching. Christ has opened a door of unparalleled power to enable us to reach the farthest corners of the world. In so doing he has given us a way to remain focused on our goal of the Kingdom of God. Knowing we are doing his work keeps us connected to him and to one-another. It is what gives us stability in this age of instability. With a vehicle as accessible and as powerful as the Internet, what excuse would we have at the resurrection to stand before Christ and say, we didn't do a work because _____________. You fill in the blank."

What should we fill in the blank with? How about "we didn't do a work because _we love money more than Christ_." Or "it was not prophetable."

You add your own. The answer(s) might just be all about money and power!

Anonymous said...

Ron and Laura Weinland’s 1260 day ministry foretold in the Book of Revelation begins 12/14/08!

The Great Tribulation is upon us!

Momentus times, indeed!

The Two Witnesses of Revelation’s ministry is to the whole world – warning, condemning and punishing with the power God has granted them. Ron and Laura have a big job to do!

This is no time to keep one’s light under a basket. No, indeed!

The eyes of the world and the glorious hosts of heaven – and the Grand Host of Heaven himself will be watching!

Johnny Harrell, the PR person for the Two Witnesses of Revelation, has his work cut out.

Since the ministry has a message that needs to be delivered to the whole world, I have some suggestions I hope will be helpful.

1. Oprah – Yep, that’s right, Oprah. Where better to kick of this ministry? She’d probably agree to multiple shows. I suspect this would happen rather easily since Ron and Laura will both be imbued with God’s power. What a stage to announce and perform powerful acts and harsh judgments!

2. Late night and morning talk shows – Undoubtedly, there’s a wide audienced here. Interviews with Matt Lauer, Harry Reasoner, etc. could keep everyone up to date on the fulfillment of Ron's prophecies. For actual physical events, news crews could be dispatched to report - especially for any doubters. This seems like a no brainer to me.

3. Barbra Walters – Need I say more?

4. Specials – Undoubtedly, as Ron’s prophecies and his powerful works begin to be noticed there will be an opportunity for special TV shows. I imagine by this time cable and network executives will actively be seeking out The Two Witnesses.

Ron, its time to let your God given light shine!


Dill Weed