Sunday 22 July 2007

The Bible and Spanking

This is Part 2 of Samuel Martin's series on corporal punishment.

There are few Biblical subjects where more misunderstanding exists among Christians and Child Rights advocates today than that of spanking children. This book seeks to increase the level of understanding about this issue. It shows that:

Fact: The Bible does not teach that spanking a child will save him from Hell.

Fact: The Bible does not teach that spanking a child should bring tears.

Fact: In Bible times, the texts concerning spanking children found in Proverbs were not applied to young children under the age of about 10 years!

Fact: Many respected Christian theologians including Dr. Karl Barth and Rev. Dwight Moody rejected spanking children.

Fact: Many Biblically conservative Jewish Rabbis, who have the Old Testament as their Holy Scripture, reject spanking children today.

Fact: The main Christian advocates for spanking children now are not usually trained Christian theologians teaching in universities, but most often are conservative fundamentalist Christian pastors, Christian politicians, Christian psychologists, lay church members and Christian school leaders.

Fact: Well meaning Christian advocates of spanking children have developed doctrines surrounding what they believe the Bible teaches about spanking children which are not found in the Bible at all.

Fact: Well-meaning Children's Rights activists, who are not trained Bible scholars, have entered this debate attacking the Bible with disastrous results.

Features of this Volume

353 Separate Biblical Texts Referenced
82 Separate References from Hebrew and Christian Scholars
39 Authoritative Biblical Reference Works Utilized
Key new information revealed from an early Egyptian text which is also found today in the Biblical book of Proverbs concerning spanking

ISBN Number 13 digit 978-0-9785339-08
ISBN Number 10 digit 0-9785339-09

To see the scholars who have reviewed my book, please go to my website.

Part 3 will be an excerpt from the book.


samarami said...

Talk like that and I'll turn you over my knee!!!

jdschroeder said...

To Kindle a Soul: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Parents and Teachers, by Lawrence Kelemen, is a uniquely wonderful book on childrearing. Dennis Prager gives it the highest possible marks, as do I. Available on Amazon, with excerpts available for preview.