Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Latest Web Rankings

19 COG contenders currently make the top half million on the World Wide Web, as measured by Alexa. In reverse order...

19. Victor Kubik: - 491 628
18. Flurry's PCG: - 442 620
17. Martin/Sielaff: - 374 455
16. AW: that's right here! - 373 976
15. Albrecht's PTM: - 349 563
14. LCG's member site: - 345 496
13. Hulme's Vision: - 318 165
12. Ritenbaugh: - 303 100
11. LCG: - 167 600
10. Tkach's fiefdom (WCG/GCI): - 167 036
09. Pack's RCG: - 164 687
08. Thiel's COGwriter: - 158 588 (displaying a 404 error as this item was uploaded)
07. Ritenbaugh's Bible Tools: - 136 887
06. LCG's Tomorrow's World: - 125 033
05. Ronnie Weinland's Sticky End: - 115 678
04. UCG: - 106 603
03. Flurry's Trumpet: - 97 445
02. Ruth's Bible Study: - 97 014
01. UCG's The Good News: - 75 502


Internet Church of God said...


Perhaps you can explain the ratings, i.e. why is it that the higher the number the lower the rating?


Anonymous said...

Hi Gavin,

In 10th place is Tkach's "fiefdom" as you style it.I myself would use "THIEFDOM", as these scoundrels,vagabonds and knaves stole without blushing from the often penurious members of Worldwide.And,the still deceived faithful shell out for these rogues.

AW is still "holding its own".



Anonymous said...

Flurry's Strumpet takes No 3 position,BARING its all."Repant,your end is in sight" might be an appropriate tag for this one.

Ronnie Weinland's Sticky End takes No 5 spot.I wonder how Ronnie got a sticky end? John the Baptist lived on locusts and honey.Perhaps,if Ronnie lives to fulfill his Witless role,he may accidentally sit on the honey pot and thus acquire the sticky end of which you speak.

Tootle Pip,


lnrd said...

those with lower ratings examined

Gavin said...


No.1 is obviously tops (that's Google), no.2 is second, etc.

The GN is no. 75,502

Anonymous said...

it would be interesting to see how WCG/GCI compares to other mega-churches ou there, since those are more of a peer group than the COGs are now.

Benny Hinn, Creflo Dollar, Fred Price, Kenneth Hagin, John Hagee, etc...

Anonymous said...

"Flurry's Trumpet: - 97 445"

I'd refer to him as Gerald DUI Slurry.

Internet Church of God said...


Let me clarify my question - why is Victor Kubik #19 with 491,628
while UCG's The Good News is #1 with only 75,502?

What do the numbers such as UCG's 75,502 represent? Why is the smaller the number the better the rating?


Anonymous said...

It will be fascinating to see how rapidly Mr. Flurry's Trumpet climbs in the ratings as we get even closer to end time events. Could it reach the top 10?

Mel said...

Richard, this may help:

Alexa orders web sites according to Alexa Traffic they get. That means a site with a rank of 1000 gets more traffic than a site with rank of 1001 according to Alexa, of course.

Alexa Rank is a relative measurement on how popular a web site among the Internet community. Alexa is relative because it depends on the data of Alexa Toolbar users. And also Alexa Toolbar is only for Internet Explorer which means it doesn’t count growing group of Firefox fans or any other browser users. But there are over 10 million Alexa Toolbar users who make it a recognized measurement.

(from: )

(BTW, I'm not sure whether the information regarding it being "only for Internet Explorer" is outdated.)

Mark said...

So, to me, the real question is- how many members does each church have worldwide. I doubt any of them have more than about 10,000. Membership numbers is something that each of these splinter groups keep VERY close to their vests. The Internet (and media in general) can make them appear much bigger than they actually are. Even the WCG with just over 100,000 members was quite small. They didn't do very well compared to other similar religious organizations.
No, the CoG that Armstrong started (and all her daughters) have never really made a dent in this world, contrary to the ravings from their "pastor generals".