Monday 18 May 2009

Latest for Journal Junkies

A new edition of The Journal is out, dated April 30.

It's a real mixture. There's front page coverage of the transmogrification of WCG into GCI, a tale of suspected angelic visitation (!), Gerry's migratory swans, a Mocker essay (let he who readeth understand), a bit of unmerited PR for the Fred Coulter Bible, and the usual assortment of features. Dixon kindly offers all comers a free sneak preview - the first and last pages - in PDF format.

It was interesting to note that the Wynne statue (Gerry's swans) seems to be a knockoff of an original that the sculptor created for the city of Newcastle-on-Tyne. It seems those birds each represent a Scandanavian country, inspired by a poem called "The Swans from the North." Who'd have guessed Gerry was such a big fan of obscure Scandanavian poetry!

For the non-criminally insane, there's also a free download of the "Connections" ad section. Pour yourself a stiff drink before attempting this one!


Anonymous said...

Gerry's swans are a flight of fancy.

You made mention of his "love" of Scandinavian poetry.Perhaps the Kalevala should be compulsory reading for Gerry, with its own swan, that of Tuonela.The Kalevala is as abstruse as Gerry's own writings.That should be the Finnish of Gerry but he is too pertinacious for that to happen.

Many prophets appear in the "Journal",each peddling his own brand of snake oil.It keeps one's disgust fresh.



larry said...

Wow! The article brought back some old and sad memories. Tim McIver was a personal friend and teammate. He was very talented ball-player, and a very nice person.

Mr. Scribe said...

Those connection ads are a real hoot! The cogs are splitting more and more with more ideas by the week. It seems old Wild Bull is one of the last hold outs for hard core herbism.

Leonardo said...

Wow, I must admit this is the very first time I've ever browsed through the "Connections" section of The Journal.

What a trip!

Poor Don Billingsley is up to his typical end-time prophetic madness, one guy even is talking about flying saucers or some such nonsense.

One group is even featuring a representative of the Intelligent Design movement to speak at their FOT gathering to show how the IDer's have "evolution on the run." Interesting, since I've studied ID theory pretty thoroughly, have met and talked to virtually all of the leaders of the ID movement, have witnessed public debates between representatives of each side, and I can assure you that IDer’s most definitely do NOT have evolutionary theorists worried. In fact, their appalling LACK of evidence is why they generally take their case to the gullible public, the media and the court systems (where they typically lose) rather than to legitimate peer-reviewed journals, where they KNOW their beloved religious (not scientific) ideologies wouldn’t stand a chance under rigorous scientific scrutiny. The only place where evolutionary theory is "threatened" is in the bizarre world of religious fundamentalism, and it’s a claim that has been asserted now for about 150 years, and still never ONCE in all those years shown to be true. Evolutionary theory is more strongly supported now than it ever has been in the past.

Just the briefest perusal of this section of The Journal presents some fairly compelling testimony to the absolute zaniness spawned by the remnants of the COG's. It all is truly mind-staggering, not to mention pathetically sad that so many folks are still so eager to lap up this puke.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Connections is good to read every once in a while, if you can muster up the courage for it, just as a reminder of how far we (on the ex-member boards and forums) have actually come.

Hell, Connections makes Tom Mahon and Robert Taylor look sane by comparison, what does that tell you??

Vaughn said...

As I quickly scan read the "Connections" pages I got that old "the end times a comin' and I'm not ready" knot in my stomach. I wonder if it will ever fade.

Anonymous said...

"As I quickly scan read the "Connections" pages I got that old "the end times a comin' and I'm not ready" knot in my stomach. I wonder if it will ever fade."

It did for me. But it took a lot of hard work, plus I think a year's exposure of weekly sermons from Witless Weinland desensitized me to everything Armstrongist; even watched old videos of the telecast doesn't faze me now!!

Although I have to admit, "Behind the Work 1985" did make me cringe, just a little. But only because I remember exactly where I was sitting, the first time I saw it.....

Anonymous said...

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