Wednesday 4 March 2009

AW scrapes into top half million

It may be a blip, and Alexa rankings are based on a limited sample (there's no absolute way to rank the countless web sites and blogs that pop in and out of existence), but today AW has nudged its way across the half million threshold to stand at 496,251. I might go crazy and break open a can of Diet Coke...

So here is the list of COG-related sites that constitute the shakers and movers, and in whose august company AW is honored to abide... if but for a short while... as a lonely critical voice.

1. UCG's Good News flagship: 80,884
2. Ronnie Weinland's 82,722
3. Gerry's Trumpet: 94,877
4. Alan Ruth's BS... meaning Bible Study: 117,254
5. UCG's official site: 126,262
6. Ritenbubba's Bible Tools: 150,088
7. Packatollah Dave's RCG: 159,740
8. Bob Thiel's spiel: 161,818
9. David Hulme's (COG-aic) Vision: 179,158
10. Spanky's monthly - Tomorrow Swirled: 185,013
11. Joe Jr.'s WCG: 191,584
12. David Sielaff/Ernie Martin (ASK): 347,678
13. Ritenbaugh's CGG: 358,709
14. Kubik: 412,565
15. The Living Church of Rod: 439,568
16. Gerry's PCG cult site: 464,429
17. AW: 496,521

Meanwhile renovations have been completed on our new World Headquarters building south of Auckland. As a gesture of goodwill I'm prepared to offer Greg Albrecht a swap of facilities (with PTM languishing at 504,999).


Anonymous said...

Fore go the diet,

I am going with the regular and will add ice and a good 2 oz of crown royal.


Corky said...

Is that picture before or after the renovations?

It kind of reminds me of my dad's chemical shed down on the farm back in the late 50s.

Gavin said...

Definitely after... you can see how the air conditioning has been added in ;-)

Corky said...

Yeah Gavin, I can see that the air - er, air conditioning has been ... added.

Not a bad looking shed though, well yeah, it really does look pretty rough but with a few boards and paint ...

Gavin said...

Corky, are you trying to gently tell me that Greg might be reluctant to take up my generous and selfless offer? :o

("HQ" is in fact a farm building that has seen better times - it caught my eye on the not-too-distant outskirts of Te Kauwhata, not far from my home base.)

Corky said...

Gavin, I'm sure Greg appreciates your generous and selfless offer but will have to decline because of the location. Plus, there are probably fences to mend and he's not good at mending fences ;-)

jack635 said...

Congratulations Gavin!
You have passed above the COG's. Are you gonna start preachin now, so you can gather the tithes into the storehouse?

Anonymous said...

I daresay your HQ will also be used as an open-air temple for "church services",gumboots,shorts(definitely not speedos)and black singlets being compulsory clobber for the guys with a sombre black tie to complete the ensemble.

This facility will also be ideal for Easter sunrise services.



Anonymous said...


The Yeaster Bunny is ready to roll,
Hallelujah bless his soul.
The time has come to shed his load,
Easter eggs along your road.

The recession raises product cost
But generous tithes reduce impost:
Gavin the agent for gifts of gold,
His commission is slim one is told.

These yummy eggs with gooey yolk
Are quite the best,really folk.
Creamy chocolate wrapped in foil,
Such delights will never spoil.

Gerry would never have some fun
And try an egg and Easter bun.
And Rodders is a right killjoy,
Eggs will not his tastebuds cloy.

The rabbit is pagan,yes indeed,
But for this Easter scamp we plead.
Accept his eggs,enjoy the Feast,
Eat your Matzos,try at least.

This bunny hops on in the night
Distributing every good delight.
And by the rising of the sun
His nocturnal duty has been done.

So leave your order at the gate,
And in anticipation wait.
Good Friday comes upon the scene,
Share those eggs,don't be mean.


Anonymous said...


If you want to set up the great end time (finally) Kiwi Work and need some help, just holler. I did most of the legwork in setting up the original WCG office in Auckland, years ago.

Let's see,
you need non profit corporate registration, Post Office accounts,
radio and TV time, printing of your 'free' literature. hire of
meeting halls and selection of festival sites and facilities,
of and an office staff and most of all, establishment of a bank account big enough to hold all those tithes and offerings that
will be abundantly forthcoming.

I would be more than happy to help you out. Just book me a First Class ticket on ANZ, and I'll be there in a flash!