Monday, 9 March 2009

The other LCG

Forget the Charlotte NC sect, this one sounds far more interesting.


Richard said...

I called up the link -- and there was a banner ad for a UCG booklet, "The Church Jesus Built."

Small world, huh?

Anonymous said...

'Living Church of God' invests five priests.(Ghana).

I found this at the end of the link.

I am sure this has nothing to do with Spanky's lot.


Anonymous said...

The coming evangelical collapse (Christian Science Monitor)
"We are on the verge – within 10 years – of a major collapse of evangelical Christianity. This breakdown will follow the deterioration of the mainline Protestant world and it will fundamentally alter the religious and cultural environment in the West."

Gavin said...


No, the point was the common nomenclature.

Of course, this might be an option for Bob Thiel to finally get an LCG ordination... the Rev. Father Bob has a certain patriarchal ring to it don't you think?

Anonymous said...

Our pals at The coming evangelical collapse (Christian Science Monitor) are blowing smoke. First, he does not cite one single fact to back up anything he says. For the most part, he’s about as dead wrong as he can be. Second, he hides his real point, which is:

“We Evangelicals have failed to pass on to our young people an orthodox form of faith that can take root and survive the secular onslaught. Ironically, the billions of dollars we've spent on youth ministers, Christian music, publishing, and media has produced a culture of young Christians who know next to nothing about their own faith except how they feel about it. Our young people have deep beliefs about the culture war, but do not know why they should obey scripture, the essentials of theology, or the experience of spiritual discipline and community. Coming generations of Christians are going to be monumentally ignorant and unprepared for culture-wide pressures.”


Geezerism is what it is, plain and simple. Those young folks are just plain defective. They may be all fired enthusiastic, but few of them know—know like we who were beaten with rote learning kniow—anything about our faith. They specifically do not know why they have to obey.

All of that misses the point. Those who are enthusiastic to obey are well beyond needing to know why they should obey. In most organizations we would call this “progress”. Instead our commentator derides this enthusiasm as being somehow transient. The peppy cannot be deep in their beliefs? Talk about a Calvinist.

His other spot off assertion/prediction: Aggressively evangelistic fundamentalist churches will begin to disappear. (Supported point: The money will dry up.)

This is just laughable and completely contrary to what little evidence our writer does state. In fact, the entire piece seems not worthy of the electrons which died to print it up.

May I suggest to Ann that if this is what passes for commentary in the CSM it is time to cancel the subscription. Giving one’s time to the opinions of a church whose stated belief is that “matter does not exist” was your first mistake.

Mark Lax
Gotham City
(Chicago in the Batman Movies)

Anonymous said...

Could it be that the young evangelicals will mature, and add some knowledge and depth to their enthusiasm as they grow older? Isn't that the way life goes?

Also, simplistic usage of the word "obey" seems to expose a dearth of knowledge with regard to the concept of bearing fruit. "Obey" conjures up images of Pharisees running around in their tassels and phylacteries, and an ignorance of the fact that Jesus fulfilled the law. Christians abide or live in the Spirit.

Anonymous said...


The Rev Father Bob certainly has a patriarchal ring to it...I get that Thieling.

Thank you for the enlightenment on the common link.I was not quite sure that what I had found was what you were referring to, so was steering a little bit in the dark.

Anonymous said...

I notice the ads that appear on the various COG and ex-COG sites.

Perhaps the LCG could win a few defectors back from the Packatollah by placing an ad at a pack-page with a rousing rendition of, 'You've Lost That Loving Thieling' featuring Big Beak on vocals.

Of course, Pack would "rewrite" Big Beak, and counter with ads showing 'Large Lark' singing "Inna-Lao-Da-Cea", to let truth-seekers KNOW what the TRUE pecking order is.