Saturday 7 June 2008

Another Tribulation Farce nut-case

Weinland and Hawkins: both spiritual sons of Herb... these guys deserve each other. Can't you just imagine them giving split-sermons in Petra? Baptist blogger Dr. Jim West has a few words to say on the latter today.

Hawkins says June 12? That's Thursday. Ronaldo says (probably) Pentecost? That's Sunday. Could be a tough week...


Anonymous said...

Gavin said, "It could be tough week".

MY COMMENT - I doubt it!

Or, I should say it won't be any different on the world scene than nearly every week since HWA's failed prophesy of the tribulation beginning in January, 1972 - with the exception of 9/11 of course.

I still have vivid memories of the dark and cold January nights of 1972. I would hide in my bed under my covers trembling in fear of the beginning of the great tribulation as prophesied by God’s Apostle and the church’s ministry.

Occasionally, I would get out from under my covers and look out my Laurel, Maryland bedroom window to see if I could see the Germans that were ready to strike in my neighborhood as God’s punishment on America. Years of sermons, co-worker letters and congregational chat had prepared the way for the final climax with the German attack. There was even a gruesome Armstrong booklet entitled “1975 in Prophecy”. According to Armstrong theology, the great tribulation was to begin in January, 1972. God’s Philadelphian people were to be taken to a place of safety in the Middle East land called “Petra” while the remaining Laodiceans were to go through the horrible great tribulation with the rest of the world, and Christ would return to earth in 1975 commencing the wonderful world tomorrow.

As an adult many years later, I don't plan to hide under my covers or look out my window for the Germans marching into my Maryland neighborhood next week.

By the way, has Profits Hawkins and Weinland informed the Germans about their rendezvous with destiny next week, or are the Germans no longer being used to punish America any longer? This important communications to the Germans informing them of their important role to fulfill prophecy seems to have been overlooked by Armstrong and his minions throughout the many years.

When 9/11 occurred, my thoughts about the terrorists were they didn't look German!

Ever hear the story of the little boy who cried wolf so many times that people didn't believe them anymore?

Having heard a lifetime of Armstrongite end time prophecy scenarios, both directly and indirectly from family members who remained in the cult, its hard to take these false Profits (ooops, I mean prophets) seriously any more.

What don't these idiots (and I include MerryDeath in this generalization) understand about Christ's own simple words about not knowing the day or the hour of his return?


Richard said...

One U.S. evening newscast noted Thursday night that 30 percent of California's avocado farmers have trimmed their trees, because of drought.

Does that mean Mr. Weinland's "one-third of all plant life" prediction is right?


Anonymous said...

Mr.Pack announces he is now married for the second time! WoW. That didn't take long.

Latest sermon.....#26-Event 20 (Part 2): The King of the North [mp3]

Anonymous said...

It was a great honeymoon. Guess the Clarion Call funds really helped all involved.

Anonymous said...

Ms Pack the first once turned to my parents after Mr Dave left and noted..."You know my husband is not the easiest man to live with."

But i'm sure sure #2 will find he has grown and overcome this tendency to control and dominate.

I am sure she will be quite a bit younger because "God sent a woman that could keep up with me in my end time work."

In a couple years, there will be a bitter separation and Satan will get the credit for deceiving the Apostle.

Mark my words.

Lussenheide said...

We, the AW "Rat Pack" are indeed prophets! Our predictions came true, but Weinland's have not!

Shirley Pack died on July 22, 2007, less than one year ago.

We all scribed, in general unison, that Pack would be married agian within a year, to a much younger woman. (Bride is rumored to be in her 30s).

WE ARE PROPHETS! - The first publication associated with a COG that got it right the first time and without hedging!

And done without a nickel of offering or tithe! There is hope brethren!

Bill Lussenheide, Menifee, CA USA

Anonymous said...

I think the Germans will be far more interested in Euro 2008 than punishing the U.S.

Richard said...

Don't be too sure, Mr. Anonymous. An early Euro-exit by the Germans might make them so angry that they turn on the U.S. -- so fast it will make your head spin!

The German nuclear bombs (no doubt in some secret stockpile) could go off in U.S. port cities by July 15, just like Ron Weinland said!

Just like the Europeans fulfilled those decades of COG warnings to the USA on September 11, 2001, when they united overnight and.......


Oh wait.

Robert said...

The situation in the mainsteam christian denominations mirrors in some small way what is happening in the Churches of God.

With the rise of Benny Hinn and other fake leaders promoting a "wealth gospel" of grace, quick rich schemes into heaven, healing prayer clothes that bring you financial success. The same spirit is also in the Churches of God (instead relying of false prophecy to rake in the dollars).

There are false leaders in the Churches of God whose only ambition is to make money from people. We all know that and it is these individuals that give the rest of the church a bad name.

Weinland Watch said...

The whole church has a bad name Robert. It has had one from the beginning.

It isn't just the leaders. It's the theology that's rotten from the inside out.