Wednesday 17 January 2007

A Voice for LCG members

A new, independent LCG discussion group has been launched on Yahoo.

The new forum is moderated by an LCG member, partly as a result of animated discussion recently on AW.

The new LivingCOG group is available at The moderator states that it is:

"The ONLY forum created by a member of Living Church of God (LCG) due to recent administrative contention as a space where everyone is encouraged (sui generis) to freely express their opinions and concerns (both good and bad) about doctrine and other developments within LCG and related organizations with brethren and elders alike. Posts will usually be of a serious nature so it is asked that you be kind to others and respect all opinions. Everyone is welcome here. A prior background with LCG, UCG, WCG, PCG, etc. may be helpful."

It sounds like a great opportunity for LCG members to express a view and have it listened to. Anonymous postings will be permitted using pen names.


Anonymous said...

So where are the WCG, PCG, and RCG discussion groups?

Are those sheep supposed to be herded together as deaf, dumb and blind, in the cheap folding seats?

Anonymous said...

well i will bet, RCM will do his best "Dave Pack" impression and denounce all blogs as soon as one real negative post comes accross on this one.
rod 2

Anonymous said...

I just went to this link and staring me in the face was a big ad for Billy Graham with his picture and all. Now that is interesting as UCG has an ad on the site as well. I am sure Pack and RCG will follow, Flurry and his "ruined" book too!
jim hamby

Anonymous said...

Well, this is progress at least.
I wish it success. But I'm a bit surprised that it's being allowed by the puppet masters. We'll see how it goes...

Anonymous said...

Easily subcribed to public group, moderated, no annoying pledge of allegiances or who's your pastor? mishmush. Civility preferred. What's not to like?


Anonymous said...

I have to admit, this is a good thing. I hope they follow through with it and it isn't just a sounding board for members to get things off their chests and the suggestions or requests will be largely ignored.

The LCG leadership can moderate the content, which they can't do here, but I can't fault them for that. Any way you slice it, this is a great leap forward for an XCG. Perhaps it will be contagious.

Perhaps if this had come about a couple of years sooner, some lives could have been saved in Wisconsin.

Gavin said...

Just to be clear, the new board is not run by or moderated by the LCG in any way. It's the work of a member who has set it up in his own capacity as a way for folk to talk through whatever issues they might like to discuss.

Anonymous said...

I take back what I said then.

Thanks for the clarification Gavin.

Any bets on how long LCG it takes before he is 'advised' to take it down?

Anonymous said...

Yep, if it hasn't been given the unofficial nod by the overlords, then it's day's are numbered. Too bad, but then it did seem to be too good to be true anyway.

R.I.P. LCG Forum

Anonymous said...

I remember when then GCG shut me down for just supplying a web page with officially sanctioned GCG audio tapes offered to those who could not get them because they lived in a area where they had "live" speakers each Sabbath.
I was told i was compeiting with GCG. Actually i with the help of my fellow members, financed the whole thing ourselves and sent more tapes out than they did. We argued that we were not competing but helping but to no avail.
GCG gave us all kinds of bogus reasoning for shutting us down, so this kind of forum won't last, as i would be surprised even a week, or sooner if we all can get on there and expose them all to real truth.
jim hamby

Anonymous said...

Alright, i started the ball rolling on the forum with some interesting questions for them.
Any help would be appreciated as the site probably won't be up for long. Already someone with the initials of "G.E." out there does not like it.
jim hamby

Anonymous said...

I remember when GCG started cracking down on floating tapes -- at least where I was. Tabernacles 1994, right? Harold Smith, Ron Dart, and even GTA tapes were being copied and circulated just a little more than the leadership was comfortable with.

And why should tapes be a threat? We were trying to figure out what God wanted us to do. We were trying to see if so-and-so's teachings jived with what we think of as biblical doctrine.

Oh well. this kind of forum won't last, as i would be surprised even a week...

Think so? It depends. It really doesn't look like the Moderator has identified him/herself, so there's a chance it'll stay open. If Charlotte doesn't like it, they can only question the loyalties of those people who openly identify themselves.

Anonymous said...

Yes the four set Harold Smith tapes which some one copied about three thousand copies of and distributed (at the FOT) no less, started the whole process of censorship (we were told that what was said in one area, might not go over in another). I stated that i was under the impression that all were in one accord and speaking the same thing. At least that was what we were being told by GCG leadership all the time.
It was 1995 or 96 when five of our websites got the boot. The one remaining one had a guy who owned his own ISP, and they could not shut him down. That guy even owned and i believe sites.
jim hamby

jorgheinz said...


This is the nearest blog to "don't click on the button" There is a similar one called the "Fart" button which says,more or less, "click it, we know you are wanting to".

When Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second visited Denmark some years ago, they had to cover up the "FART" buttons on the lift."(We are not amused.)

Similarly,some people will not be amused with your Santa.Such gross disrespect to a self-appointed apostle.

Well done!!


Anonymous said...

I believe this forum could be valuable as long as the people writing DO NOT take the present approach of name calling, and the like as I see it here so far. If we truly stick to facts and doctrine, we may actually promote changes that are worthwhile and needed.

Anonymous said...

to the last "anonymous",
Amen to that,
jim hamby

brave anonymous poster said...

I've been a member of several "COG" groups on Yahoo! over the past couple of thing they all had in common, the are BORING.

they tend to be populated by malcontents, or anti-COG'ers, with little or no serious discussion about anything.

I'm still trying to decide if I should join this one....

Anonymous said...

I think it's great that they have their forum. I've seen forums specifically dedicated to one belief system in times past, where the moderator was fairly heavy handed. I've also been on some where the moderator was amazingly tolerant of alternative views, stating that he felt the truth would become recognizeable to most who posted on the forum.

If I were to offer a critique to the LCG moderator, it would be that he/she has chosen a bad format. Having visited there a few moments ago, I almost got a headache attempting to read the postings. Looks like bad email that has been forwarded and reforwarded.


Anonymous said...

Byker, I see what you mean. I enrolled and chose the Traditional email presentation rather than the one with all the bells and whistles. It is a lot cleaner and more readable.

Like some of you, I do wonder how long RCM will put up with being questioned by the peasantry.


FYI Again said...

This isn't the first LCG forum and probably won't be the last. Several of them have come and gone over the years . Usually they die due to lack of interest. I've never heard of one being shut down by the powers that be.

Anonymous said...

Back in GCG or maybe early LCG there were several shut down by the powers that be, also five web pages were as well.
rod 2

Anonymous said...

Let's see if i am good at the prophecy game. I'll bet that the site is pulled by Sunday. Gary ehman had a heart attack when it first came out the other day . He is the LCG pitbull responsible for not coming clean on the bad scholarship out there. And with some of those posts, well there may be more.
Johnny Anonymous

Anonymous said...

I see they have already censored some really interesting stuff, so to appease, as the moderator put it a certain Mr. I thought the comment that was booted was actually one of the better ones.
rod 2

Anonymous said...

It must be popular. I can't access any of the materials there, and get a message that the group has exceeded it's download limit.


Jim said...

I saw a comment about Gary Ehman. So how is old "Blood and Guts" Ehman doing? When he was still in the old WCG in Green Bay, he was in charge of the singles group. What a 'blessing' he was. (That is satire if you can't tell). He earned the 'Blood & Guts' nickname based upon his sermons. The guy is not afraid to confront error (defined as something which runs contrary to HWA's teaching)

Anonymous said...

On doc bobby's thiels site, they have old Ehman as being incredibly healed. If you read the post and just believe that from an ekg/ecg, you might feel that way, However i have had a lot of experience with this and know that " in cases like Ehmans where it is the right side which is most common to not be able to interpret with any accuracy dealing with the occlusion by ecg/ekg. The left one is almost always able to diagnose via ecg/ekg.
So if as Thiels article mentions that the three EKG's came back with three different diagnosis', then you can see what it really means. It is just like Spanky getting up and always talking about the most awesome healings of the 50's and 60's now. But back then he did not write them up, Wonder Why?. Anyway he did write up back then a most awesome healing of a little girl who had her chicken pox scabs fall off earlier than normal so she could come back to church services.
Now that is something!!!,

Anonymous said...

Wondering if this page still works for comment leaving? As I was reading posts, I thought to myself....oh if the world saw these notes, they would think "what nutty people". Oh well, as it should be I guess huh? LOL!
Anyway, as a COG member that feels he can relate to what the scattered brethren share, since he's been part of and/or attended with several COG bodies (8 that I can think of at this time); I wanted to ask if brethren still share a concern about being told they cannot copy & send out sermon tapes? I used to have multiple thousands of them. I moved and they were left behind. I now have maybe 300 to 500 various sermons, and if there was enough desire, I would type up a list in an e-mail an send it to whomever, and share whatever copies deemed useful. I could use a star system to rate how important I felt the content of each was as far as information/education provided. Yet I do realize that we each desire varying bits of food as God sees fit to feed us certain morsels. And also, we each have our own biblical grasping of what seems to fit better with our understanding of God's words than other items might. So in wishing to build friendly bridges among brethren, I will offer, and leave the choices up to you brethren.
Also being someone who is among the 'scattered independent' brethren these days, I would love connecting with new or old friends :o)
Wishing the Best!
Ned ->