Thursday 18 January 2007

Ups and downs

Thanks to the Australian correspondent who snapped this picture while driving near Bunbury, WA last week. He wonders whether this might be the start of an LCG franchise. Anyone living nearby might like to drop in and check whether they're selling ham sandwiches.

The new livingcog Yahoo group seems to be off with a hiss and a roar, signing up 28 members since it was announced just yesterday. In case it wasn't apparent in the previous posting, this is a privately operated board, not one bearing the Meredith imprimatur. The $64 question: will Bob mention it on COGwriter?

Today's Alexa stats reveal some interesting changes of fortune for several COG websites. The Pack RCG site - still ranked at the top of our unofficial list - seems to have finally peaked (fingers crossed.) It's the first reversal for RCG in months, now down to 65,000. While it may yet climb further, it now seems doubtful Dave will ever crash through the 60,000 barrier.

On the other hand, another Dave will be feeling relieved. Hulme's faltering flagship, Vision, has moved up to 624,000, now number 17 on the AW list - possibly due to an ad campaign on Google. This turkey can be expected to fly higher.

The two main news sources, AW and COGwriter, continue to climb. While Bob continues in 11th place, his actual Alexa ranking has continued to improve and stands at 281,000. AW moves from 9th position to 7, and is now ranked in the top quarter million sites on the Web at 221,000 - just a hairs-breath ahead of the Flurry Trumpet. Here's the list.

01 RCG (Pack) 65,850
02 UCG 104,081
03 Real Truth (Pack) 107,202
04 Born to Win (Dart) 145,130
05 The Good News (UCG) 174,575
06 WCG (Tkach) 176,081
07 AW Blog 221,063
08 The Trumpet (Flurry) 221,084
09 Bible Study (Ruth) 245,590
10 Reluctant Messenger (Boston) 279,011
11 COGwriter (Thiel) 281,118
12 Tomorrow's World (Meredith) 312,213
13 Beyond Today (UCG) 363,957
14 CBCG (Coulter) 503,635
15 Logon (Cox) 506,229
16 Key of David (Flurry) 516,308
17 Vision (Hulme) 624,029
18 Intercontinental (Armstrong) 639,781
19 LCG (Meredith) 721,548
20 GTAEA (Armstrong) 775,625
21 The Journal 808,725
22 CGG (Ritenbaugh) 960,627
23 ASK (Sielaff) 980,256

No other COG-related sites (which we're aware of) made it into the top million on the Internet.


jorgheinz said...


Spanky's BIBLE BANGERS should go down a treat.

Food for thought.


Douglas Becker said...

"Spanky's BIBLE BANGERS should go down a treat."

Preferably on the Sabbath after services.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of "Australian correspondents", have you seen Grant Spong's (a.k.a. "Koey Koala" from JLF) "IGS Ministries" website Apparently, he has written some books, and they are posted online. Mr. Spong was a WCG pastor for about 20 years, but does not mention his affiliation with WCG.