Friday 12 August 2016

The Journal - 186th issue

The latest issue of the independent Church of God newspaper The Journal is out, dated July 31. This issue features something of a valedictory sermon by Wayne Cole delivered to the CGI congregation in Tyler. Also featured is a tribute to Pam Kurr who passed away in July following a hemorrhagic stroke.

There are 227 Feast sites listed for later this year. Included in that particular alphabet soup: CGI, ICG, LCG, CCG, UCG, CGMI, CGWA. There are also some minor groups such as Legacy Institute and more obscure sects with names like Discipleship Church of God and House of David Fellowship. Don't forget to pack those generous holy day offerings!

The issue is available for download.


Minimalist said...

C. Wayne Cole believed in the Madman

Until 1979..

"..nearly 30 years of loyal service..should have been sufficient..before any..precipitous..firing.”

Like being a Hitler loyalist after 1943

Anonymous said...

The highlight of this The Journal is the ad on pages 12 and 13. It is very colorful, with a superb use of different striking and beautiful colors.

Who can disagree with the sentiments? Certainly, the ministers should be prosecuted for fraud and jailed. “YOU”ARE IMPRISONED mentally! No doubt about that. Not only that but the ministers are known for their incompetence. No argument there.

Apparently, the International Date Line is a tool of the Devil (I'm reading between the lines). Lawrence Albert Nowell is not explicit where it should be placed, but we're pretty sure it should be just east of Jerusalem. Or something.

Well, some of you might be astonished at the height of hyperbole, but that's only because you've probably never been to Omak, Washington. I have and if you've been there, you would certainly understand.

Thus it is that The Journal gives us another winner in the circle of fine journalism. Amazing. Simply amazing.