Sunday 20 December 2009

A view from the pews

A powerful piece of writing on the changes that hit WCG in the early nineties appears on Purple Hymnal's blog. If you've wandered here from some other background, and wondered what all this fuss and discombobulation about a church is about, then read this. It's the view from the grass roots, and it explains an awful lot.


Anonymous said...

Yes,we were a lot of suckers.

We had leaders who purported to represent Christ, and yet employed the lowest tricks of all in their efforts to maintain power and salary.Hypocrites all.

Now that I have vented a little of my spleen,how about something seasonal.

Mythmas time is at the door,
Go pop a big balloon;
Gerry,Rodders want yet more,
Don't listen to their tune.

Give no gifts to kith and kin
But give to Christ indeed;
And with the coffers pretty thin,
They feel they have a need.

Suckers donate to their cause,
Of money, a shocking waste;
A lavish lifestyle cannot pause
Which helps explain the haste.

Enjoy a beer or two or three
And have some Christmas pud;
Fill your day with fun and glee,
Be careful and both good.

All those prezzies on the tree
Are not for Rod and Gerry;
So celebrate with utmost glee
And get a little merry.

Our "prophets" all have vision,
Of perhaps the double kind,
Whose minions need permission
To even change the mind.

Make Mythmas time a cracker
And surely celebrate,
And be a Coglet slacker
And KEEP the MONEY,mate.



Anonymous said...

After reading the article suggested I will admit there is a twinge of sadness since I went through that whole chaotic period of history. When I say sadness it is not due to the affect it had on me personally, since I cannot say it made a major change in what I believe or l how I live each day. Some many not understand or believe this to be true because they do not know me personally.
What saddens me is the fact that many of the people who have been a part of my life over the years have been adversely affected mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, by what is supposed to provide hope, comfort, and security while living in a world filled with trouble, chaos, and violence. When one pastor was pointing out that the church was moving people into a closer relationship with God I pointed out that if this was true it was a small portion of the church at that time with the rest were being scattered to the wind.
I will not go into details about my efforts to help others cope with what was happening, but will mention the reason why the supposed changes had minimal affect on me personally. If I live to be 100years old (which I doubt) I have already live 79% of my life. I was raised in the Christian faith and have spent well over 50% as a committed Christian and 40% in some form of ministry. I had a biblical understanding that recognized that what was happening in WCG would create chaos and confusion, because religion is not as simple as it was presented by HWA and WCG. Religion is the fulfilling of an internal need and not the product of an academic educational process. While education is important and form and ceremony can be beneficial neither of these will fill the void that causes people to be drawn to a religion or a religious group.
I found and still find that attempts to convert people or deprogram people are useless unless the desired change has been internalized by the individual being converted or deprogrammed. I do not wish to make this a lengthy comment, but will point out that the article recommended is a good representation of what many went through and I want tell those who may still be struggling with some of these things that the bible is still a book of hope for those who recognize a need for something that is beyond what people can offer. The God revealed in the bible is not the one many seem to have built in their mind nor is it the one that people believe is presented in many of the churches.
Have a great day!

lnrd said...

Where was I!

Most fortunate, was an easy stint being on the fringe of the Group. It began in 1966. Was captivated by the Golden Voice of GTA. Free literature and reprint articles followed along with the Plain Truth magazine as well as the Correspondence Course and other timely publications. I entered the work world with my first full time job in 67. Met my lifelong mate in 69, made contact with the Group and they agreed to unite us. That took place in the spring of 70. Attended our first Group meeting shortly thereafter, were introduced as Guests. My job shifted to the remote isolated portion of the Province. We were only able to attend a few local gatherings throughout the year, but made it to all the set appointed dates as they were proclaimed.

Briefly in 74-75, plus a month or two we relocated closer to the Group location gathering. That was a trying time for us, as the pressure from the Group became evident. We were told, required to go by the rules top down. Without hesitation and not consulting the Head Local, I (family) returned to the Job I was called to perform in the regions beyond the Groups grasp.

We continued to attend the annual set seasons. During those attending days it became evident that we were marked and were told to relocate closer to the Main Group gathering.

In 86-87, the word came by registered Mail that we were out. All literature and tapes that were coming in to feed us came to a sudden halt, 1987 was the last real live contact we had with the Group. Then in 98 The Computer came into our home and the Internet search revealed the Place of Safety to which the Group had fled to.


Anonymous said...

I find it odd that many who criticize Tkach and WCG eventually espouse the same teaches, although they are completely unaware that the WCG/CGI have been living/teaching those things for years and years.

Purple Hymnal said...

Thanks, Gavin. I gotta confess, the point where I stopped was pretty much sick-making. I would like to eventually make it through the whole thing, and break it all down. No word yet on whether Robert's going to upload the rest of it though.