Tuesday 22 December 2009

AW on holiday

From today AW will be taking a much needed two week break from postings. You'll still be able to access the blog, but there will be no new content during this time, including comments. I will still be updating over on Otagosh, which has a broader focus, so feel free to check it out if you have withdrawal symptoms. Sometime over the next day or so there will be a review of a book I highly recommend - especially to (nudge, wink) Leonardo and the hard-core atheists among us.

When AW returns there'll be a special "year in review" feature, and I'll spell out my intentions on whether to continue with AW, and if so, what changes can be expected. What does that mean? Right at this very moment, I don't know myself, but a couple off weeks away from the salt mines will hopefully lend some clarity on that issue.

See you in 2010!