Saturday 14 November 2009

A new COG to check out - sort of

This is just too good to be true...

There's a spoof site called Best Church of God, motto: "We read the Bible so you don't have to," and drawing inspiration from Proverbs 3:5 (Trust in the Lord with all your heart, in your own intelligence rely not.) No, it's not an Armstrong splinter, but it's definitely good enough to be given honorary status! It's Landover Baptist with a biblically sanctioned name.

But here's the rub. One of the BCOG pages features those ubiquitous Google ads, and guess which organizations feature prominently?

Yes, proudly peddling their "literature" at Best Church of God are UCG and the Pack cult. Very ecumenical.

It somehow seems appropriate!


PurpleHymnal said...

--Final Service--
Sunday, 1pm
The Lakeshore Theater

So, not one of us, then. But hilarious nonetheless. Thumbs up on the find!

Anonymous said...

"Every Sunday at 1pm, come say hi to Jesus (and ----->eat His flesh<------)"

AHAHAHAHA and the Google ads are supporting THIS?

Irony thy name is the Church of God!!

Anonymous said...

"We read the Bible so you don't have to,"

i thought the roman catholic church already had that one....

Maryann said...

Oh goodness! That is the funniest thing I have ever seen!

Anonymous said...

FYI--the Best Church if God is solidly satirical. Unwinking, but definitely satirical. And they have LIVE "services" in Chicago...the critics have gone nuts for the show (I've seen it, too).

redfox712 said...

Other places where you may see COG Google ads include JW and

These are very good websites but they have those Google ads.

Mel said...

Hey, that's a hoot!

A couple of the quotes there remind me of something I read from the Church of the Subgenius-

"You'll PAY to know what you REALLY think!"

Anonymous said...

CNN: Online churches draw believers, critics

Online religious services offer convenience to those who are too isolated or infirm to attend a real-world church. But can worshipping via a computer offer true spiritual fulfillment? Internet pastors and parishioners cite their 24-hour access to interactive tools and social-networking platforms to show their online experiences are as meaningful as those that take place with face-to-face congregations.