Sunday 1 November 2009

Li'l Herbal Hombre

I love what this kid does... pure performance. Just watch the congregation react like Pavlovian puppies. And his profound knowledge of evolution is every bit as developed as Mario Seiglie's, don't you think? I hope the grown-up pastor gives the brat a cut of the day's offerings, he's clearly sung for his supper.

(Shamelessly snatched from Jim West's blog)


        AMERICAN KABUKI said...

The 2nd Coming of Marjo!

I often wonder how Christians simultaneously believe man is the perfect creation and in the image of God, yet simultaneously believe the heart is evil, sex in all forms is sinful, and man is nothing but corrupt? Seems a bit schizo.

Anonymous said...

The kid is right, he didn't evolve from apes, he was born of morons.

        AMERICAN KABUKI said...

Here's an interesting photograph that shows how similar apes really are to humans.

Chimps grieving beloved female

Jethro said...

The child is related to apes, he is related to elephants, he is related to alligators, he is related to birds, he is even related to trees. All life is related.

I find that downright inspiring.

Corky said...

What does a child know but what has been taught him?

What you witness is child abuse and the Christian meme that has been going on for 2,000 years.

Religion is a fraud that has been foisted off on the human race for untold thousands of years to convince the common man to work hard for the elite so that he will be rewarded in an afterlife.

If they are "good enough", that is. Being "good enough" has to do with how well they have obeyed the dictates of the elite.

Don't think - work!
Don't question - obey!
Need help? - pray!
Want salvation? - pay!
Family starving - tough!

Be ye warmed and filled, brethren, be ye warmed and filled.

lnrd said...

Corky, this also is addressed to the other unbelievers, including I, all are wise late and are steered into submission in the tender years. There is no after, all is now!

Ellen G White said...

Sadder yet, the boy is well on the way to his own messed up life in religion.

Unless he's a reincarnated Billy Sunday, which could also mess him up, he'll feel obligated to keep up the schtick and it will define him into adulthood..sad to say.

The ego gets an early start and as the parasite it can be, can lead one over the cliff.

Leonardo said...

This kind of thing really goes over big in the Latin American countries.

It’s no coincidence that Christianity is now growing quickest in Africa and South/Central America (and many areas in Asia) — cultures that in many respects are saturated with widespread ignorance, illiteracy and superstition, a fertile field for Christian doctrines to flourish within.

This little fellow is a unique combination of HWA (he even combs his hair the same way) and Fidel Castro during one of his notorious six hour ranting speeches he used to give in the old days after the 1959 Revolution!

America had it's version of this kid, his named was Marjoe Gortner (the first name a combination of Mary and Joseph, the parents of Jesus). He used to preach just like this as a child, and grew up to become a popular Pentecostal preacher as an adult - that was before he went on to try his hand at acting, an occupation closely related to preaching!

I remember once watching a black & white documentary film on Marjoe, made in the early '70's, and he openly admitted he was a complete phony - he said so during the interview portions of the film. Yet he really put on quite the show for his gullible fundamentalist audiences, as they were consistently whipped up into an emotional, chaotic frenzy of praising God, healing and money-giving!!

Coco Joe said...

In the first couple of seconds of watching the kid, I wasn't paying any attention to the onscreen translation, but just listening, and I thought for a moment he was "speaking in tongues", which would have fit in quite well with this type of church scenario.

I try to envision this kid about twenty years from now, that is, if he stays on his present course; and all that I can say is that he is going to be some piece of work.

Prophecy Takes Guts said...

I am thinking Dr. Thiel is still "Li'l Herbal Hombre" himself if he keeps refusing to commment on the origin of his TH.D Nothing has been said. No one seems to be pursuing it. Is he going to slip by with this?

I would think LCG would kill to have one of their own posessing a degree like that in Theology, and use any disertations for their own credibility. Perhaps "2012 The Rise of Secret Sex" is the disertation.

Secret Sect? oh....never mind...:)

I still think my own book, "2014--How Goat Entrails Point to the Kingdom, and Why It Matters," will out sell him.

Anonymous said...

I have a better one. Rotting Ted.

Baywolfe said...

Bamboo_bends said...

Here's an interesting photograph that shows how similar apes really are to humans.

99.5% of our DNA is shared. And, yet, they are Genus "Pan" while we are Genus "Homo".

This is because humans are not descended from apes, but share a common ancestor lower down the tree.

Anonymous said...

Kid reminds me of Hitler.

Anonymous said...

I still think my own book, "2014--How Goat Entrails Point to the Kingdom, and Why It Matters," will out sell him.

I can out do that... My own book, "2069 -- How GHOST entrails show the true stigmata" will be much better.

Mel said...

And you can click here to see the preaching baby.

Mickey said...

This poor kid's situation is just the extreme sad outcome of fundamentalist systems. Parents get caught up in the fear that if the kid doesn't display godliness then he's hell bound. So they work on the child to "accept Jesus" as early as possible professing to a sinfulness the kid doesn't understand. The next step is if the kid shows any talent for mimicry of "godly behavior" they "reward" the behavior with plenty of attention and praise.

The end result is that the child is expected to divorce himself from his own humanity and becomes miserable. If he's lucky, there'll be help to unlearn a lot of the false personality he's had to construct.

At the bottom of it all, fundamentalist believe the world is an evil place (they'll say "fallen") and they have to do everything in their power to subdue the evil. Even if it means sacrificing their kids. All in the name of some unecessary greater good. They think they are saving their children from evil but are setting them up to suffer the effects of their own misguided efforts. A rather sickening irony.

Anonymous said...

Anyone notice the group of Star Fleet officers in the audience shown at about the 13 second mark?