Saturday 4 July 2009

Loo Paper

LU - Living University - can now issue degrees. Not accredited degrees, mind you. The vagaries of the US system elude this writer, but the nice people at UNC seem to have given the LCG go ahead to issue bits of paper. Here's how LCG is reporting it:

On June 9, 2009, Dr. Erskine Bowles, President of the University of North Carolina, accepted the findings and recommendation of a UNC staff report regarding Living University’s request for exemption from North Carolina licensure. Exercising authority delegated by the University of North Carolina Board of Governors, the President declared Living University exempt from licensure to conduct in Charlotte, North Carolina, the Associate of Theology and the Bachelor of Theology degree programs under provisions of G.S. 116-15(d) and the Rules and Standards for Licensing Nonpublic Institutions to Conduct Post-Secondary Degree Activity in North Carolina with respect to religious education.

Meanwhile a prodigal pastor returns to Charlotte's embrace. An announcement from Spanky:

We would like to welcome back Mr. and Mrs. Rees Ellis, pastor in Belgium and Northern France, and brethren who have decided to reconnect with the Living Church of God after our unfortunate and regrettable separation about 10 years ago. Mr. Ellis spent several days this week here in Charlotte discussing aspects of this reconnection with me, Mr. Ames, Mr. Apartian and Dr. Winnail. The discussions about reconnecting actually began with Mr. Carion before he died.

Does this mean Ellis now gets a steady income?


Corky said...

Hey, I have one of those useless non-accredited degrees. Not worth the paper they are written on.
Yep, it probably does mean that Ellis gets a steady income.

Anonymous said...

Rees Ellis was a Kiwi,was he not, before he departed the ranks of Worldwide.

His presence in NZ as a pastor would probably cause certain egos to be ruffled, and thus he is better stationed in foreign fields.

As for Living issuing degrees,they are certainly tissue thin,a real RIP off one could say.Many absorbent,oops absorbing hours could be spent discussing the validity of Living degrees,when we get to the bottom of the matter.



Dill Weed said...

They've found a way to tap into student loans. Oh, brother!

Dill Weed

Anonymous said...


Your cellulose product seems to be of a multi-ply configuration,
indeed at the luxury end of the range.

For those whose theology is veneer-thin,may one respectfully suggest that a BUDGET brand be shown,much like the quality of degrees from Charlotte.

Mr Flurry has his Strumpet and Charlotte rhymes with,well you know what.


Anonymous said...

Out in the real world, i.e. when looking for a real job, a Living University degree will be just as valuable as an Ambassador College degree once was. Or, stated another way, it will be just as valuable as the loo paper known in the U.S. as Scott Tissues. I

The Skeptic

        AMERICAN KABUKI said...

Following in the example Herbert Armstrong set in Big Sandy, LU has decided to install temporary booth housing to ac-comode-date new students until more permanent housing can be built.

Pictures are here.

Anonymous said...

Bamboo Bends,I like your picture of Spanky's inner chamber.He is without peer.

There are many things that Spanky's lot have not voiced publicly which stand out like a sore toe.Perhaps within Rod's "sanctorum sanctori",as depicted, such things have been discussed amongst the esoteric. And,of course,they have an immediate supply of paper for SCRIBING purposes,although I think Pharisees might be more applicable.Rod's lot do NOT have ALL knowledge as is shown by the rantings of their ministry.

They think they alone represent God.Hey,there are THREE BILLION people on this earth who think similarly.

I know of a Jewish leaning person who had to be reminded of this,and like it they did not.

We have a local preacher handing out "Christ is Coming" leaflets:..he thinks he speaks for Christ.

Ewald Frank from Krefeld,Germany on our " Triangle TV" on Sunday mornings,1130 to 1200 hours also speaks of Christ's coming.The literature is FREE but hard copy has to come all the way from Germany.

And at Charlotte,Living doubtless preach they alone are the anointed ones.

Mr Flurry holds the same view as does Dave Pack, Ron Weinland.One wonders whose drum these wallies are marching to?


But,let the paper whore continue.


Tom Mahon said...

Dr. Meredith wrote...

>>We would like to welcome back Mr. and Mrs. Rees Ellis, pastor in Belgium and Northern France,<<

This is quite astonishing, but not unusual! In 1998 when the gang of four, consisting of Raymond McNair, Edwin Pope, Larry Salyer and Nobert Link hijacked Global, Rees supported them.

At that time, there was much debate on the WCG section of Compuserve Forum, and Rees made some very disparaging remarks about Dr. Meredith's ego and arrogance. Now in an act of desperation, he is sucking up to Meredith for the sake of a salary, as the Belgium churches are on their last legs! It is quite shocking how on unscrupulous all of the ordained hirelings have turned out to be! The love of money is indeed the root of all evil!

The news of Rees jumping ship, will send shock waves through Brian Gale, who is the current hireling of Global UK. But he will remain unmoved, as he also gets an income from the few silly people who continue to pay tithes and offerings to him, in the vain hope that God will bless them!

Meredith, of course, is hoping that this announcement will motivate other unhappy hirelings to jump from UCG, COG-Hulme, et al on board his sinking ship. John Meakin recently jumped from COG-Hulme to LCG, which may be a sign that there are other unhappy hirelings in COG-Hulme waiting for the opportunity to jump ship!

Mr. Scribe said...

To all. I am taking orders now for the official Living University paper products.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the name Erskine Bowles will be familiar to some of the folks who follow this board .
Erskine Bowles, was an advisor to President William Jefferson Clinton, and had a fair amount of media face time as an apologist during the period Mr. Clinton was denying his involvement with "an intern".
Erskine Bowles, a man not known for his discernment. That was not a problem for the North Carolina State University System. This could shed some light on the accrediting.