Monday 4 August 2008

Two Witnesses have date with IRS

Great news scoop from Mike over at Don't Drink the Flavor Aid. At last Ron gets some much deserved attention... Couldn't happen to a nicer chap!


Que said...

(Sorry about posting in this topic!)
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think you were working on a topic called "Can any good thing come out of Dunedin?" I rather suspect you were joking! ...
Are you from Auckland, Wellington, or Christchurch perhaps? ... LOL
Kind regards,
Peter (aka Stones).

Gavin said...

Due online again tomorrow morning Peter...

Joking? Who me? ;-)


Corky said...

Yep, you can bilk the sheeple but you are not allowed to bilk the People.

Anonymous said...

One book claimed that the gangster Al Capone was responsible for 500 murders, yet got away with it. What finally put Al in jail was his failure to pay his taxes.

In like manner, Ronald Weinland is a very bad character. Like Al Capone, Ronald Weinland's crimes against humanity deserve the death penalty. But, like Al Capone, it looks like Ronald will get away with it. Nevertheless, maybe Ronald, like Al, will do some time for not paying his taxes.

Anonymous said...

Can't Ron get into the Witness Protection Program?


Anonymous said...

So Ron may do time, not for something he did, but something he didn't do.

There are official and unofficial awards for blunders in various fields; is there a False Prophet or False Prophecy award? Not an award for some whacko mutterings, but for a false prophet who ruins the lives of followers when his forecast fails to come to fruition - something akin to The Great Dissapointment.

If not, I'd like to propose The William Miller Award for Failed Predictions, aka The Willie or The Billie depending on the conotation you wish to make.