Monday 10 December 2007

Morgan book to feature at Harrods

John Morgan is a former member of WCG. His first book, Flying Free, chronicled his years as a member of the church and the evolution of his beliefs. He is the brother of Rex Morgan, WCG's senior minister in New Zealand. Earlier AW posts include two about Flying Free in August and September 2006, and one in September this year about Cover Up, an investigation of the death of Diana, Princess of Wales.

The following article appeared on page A2 of this morning's New Zealand Herald.

by Billy Adams

From his home in suburban Brisbane, John Morgan came to the same conclusion as millions of conspiracy theorists around the world - that Princess Diana was murdered.

But the Kiwi accountant then turned amateur sleuth and compiled a 500-page manuscript that he claims proves one of history's biggest cover-ups.

Although publishing agents in Britain and the US rejected the novice author's approaches, the long-running saga's most controversial protagonist - Mohamed al-Fayed - seemed far more impressed. Mr Morgan says the Harrods owner has offered to fly him around the world to launch his newly self-published book in his landmark London department store.

In an email sent last month to Mr Morgan, the billionaire's security chief, John MacNamara, provides a comment from his boss to be used on the back cover.

"This is a first class piece of journalism that exposes the Scotland Yard report into the deaths of Diana, Princess of Wales, and Dodi al-Fayed as a sham," Mr Fayed is quoted as saying. "The book demonstrates that the cover-up went right to the top."

The two men have little in common, except the shared conviction Diana and Dodi, Mr Fayed's son, were killed by British intelligence services.

Although the prospect of the "all-expenses-paid trip" excites Mr Morgan, he suffers from a terminal illness that leaves him virtually house-bound.

In 2003 doctors said he was showing early signs of multiple system atrophy, a rare disease that attacks motor-function and leaves most victims with a life expectancy of between six and 10 years. Forced to retire from his accounting career, Mr Morgan turned to writing.

It was after reading a book by Princess Diana's butler Paul Burrell that Mr Morgan started investigating her death full-time.

But it was the three-year investigation into the infamous Paris tunnel car crash by former Scotland Yard chief Lord Stevens that convinced him there had been foul play.

After failing to attract publishers, Mr Morgan used self-publishing firm to produce his book - Cover Up Of A Royal Murder.

About 150 copies have been sold so far.

A related story appeared yesterday in Brisbane's Sunday Mail.


Anonymous said...

I hope you are not insinuating that in the States, untoward things could happen that involve cover-ups by high ranking officials.

Not on THIS side of the Atlantic!

Diebold is a WONDERFUL corporation.
Fox told me so.
Senator Obama's church is RACIST!
Fox told me so.
Our governnment DOES NOT torture!
Fox told me so.
Blackwater is being persecuted!
Fox told me so.
There WERE WMDs!
(Does anyone not understand the meaning of a spackle-bucket?)
Fox told me so.

I just hope our administration continues to fund people who get words from God in order to find where those WMDs are.

Douglas Becker said...

Try the FDA unapproved drug treatment program funded in Pierce County promoted by County officials owning stock in the pharmaceutical company making the product as reported last night on 60 Minutes.

Anonymous said...

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."

I hope the real truth that even the average 'who cares' American and especially Fundamentalist Evangelical types hits the fan square on soon.

The Bush Dynasty will certainly go down in American history as the worst thing that has ever openly happened to America.

It also has helped many see the foolishness of Christian fundamentalism if we can stop their "gee if we make the book of Revelation come true, Jesus will come and make me important" in time.

Anonymous said...

That would mean the Mercedes driver would have been part of the conspiracy - a suicide driver.

She was still alive after the crash, what she needed was a good trauma hospital. Guess the French still don't like British Royality.

Conclusion: The French killed her

Robert said...

Cover Up - Now there is one book not worth reading. Conspiracy after conspiracy when will it all end.

I am just tired of people trying to find a conspiracy in everything.

And even if you could prove foul play it won't bring Diana back so what good will it do.

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to relate this to the ACOG splinter scene. Of course, Mr. Morgan is a WCG alumni, which is the main reason why he is of interest to us here. But, there's a more subtle lesson here.

What if (as an example) it were Stephen Flurry who had attracted Fayed's attention? And, what if his paen to Herbert W. Armstrong suddenly appeared at Harrod's? I am forced to note that if God were behind PCG, RCG, David ben Arial, or any of the other very bizarre personalities or splinters of Armstrongism, favorable occurrences such as that would be very normal and regular events.

We don't see that, however. For all practical purposes, the ACOGs continue to be invisible to all but those of us who have had unfortunate brushes with them in the past. It's why Dr. Bob Thiel gushes over an embarrassing 2,600 baptisms over a ten year period in LCG, even as mega churches proliferate in all of the major cities in the USA. I know of two within a mile or two of my house. There's a religious revival going on as we speak. It just doesn't include the ACOGs.


Anonymous said...

This is a non topic to most of us here. We were discussing the dangers of Dave Packs recent insanity and I don't think we were finished.

Anonymous said...

Hey, go outside and look straight up, Comet Holmes is spectacular. Helps ya keep your perspectives!

Not you Gavin, you are in the wrong place. To view I mean, not with your perspectives

Anonymous said...

Gavin didn't close the Pack thread. You can still comment if you want.

KScribe said...

Diana and Dodi, Mr Fayed's son, were killed. It probable is George Bush's fault!

Anonymous said...

I always thought it strange the Queen would get briefings by MI5 and MI6. Saw that on one those BBC puff pieces about the monarchy and the wonderful job they do as heads of state.

I hope Mr Morgan is not trying to commit suicide by cop. He could piss off some very powerful people. But I suppose he knows that.

The most dangerous people in the world are old men on their death beds full of knowledge of the world. They have nothing left to loose.

KScribe said...

False Prophet Alert!

Corky said...

"False Prophet Alert!"

Within a year?

Anonymous said...

I know some Lady Di fanatics think that she was and is the center of the universe. But honestly the Royal Family wouldn't think she was important enough to waste their time trying to bump her off.

        AMERICAN KABUKI said...

Another plausible explanation for Lady Di's death lies in her anti-land mine campaigns. She was campaigning against an industry not unfamiliar with para-military operatives.

Whatever the reason for her death, the most ludicrous remains blaming it on the paparazzi.

Even bad luck is a better explanation than that.