Friday 14 December 2007

Beware Angry Priests

Alas, the Red Bull company has been shamed by an Italian priest into withdrawing a seasonal ad. But rejoice all ye creatures here below, for you can still see it on YouTube. I'm not much of a fan of either Red Bull or nativity scenes (though, if I had to make a choice, the hypo-juice would win hands down), but this TV ad is really quite tasteful in contrast to most of the lurid kitsch now appearing in a shopping mall near you...

Why is it that religious conservatives - whatever their persuasion - seem to have an underdeveloped sense of self-deprecating humor?


Anonymous said...

Gavin, you remnind me of Luke Skywalker in the Empire Strikes Back, clinging to the control tower trying to fight the cold logic of Darth Vader..."Join me...and we can end this destructive religion..."

Join the Dark Side, Gavin.


Anonymous said...

The curious blend of various fundies calling themselves 'something so awful', yet, 'above others' is indeed incongruous.

I think it says something about the dynamics of destructive cults.

Gavin said...

Ah anonymous, to understand you need to learn the Ways of the Force.


DennisDiehl said...

Gavin said.

"Ah anonymous, to understand you need to learn the Ways of the Force."

Force? Doh...That explains EVERYTHING! I thought it was learn the way of the farce! Now I see where I went wrong!

Corky said...

Since the ad has been withdrawn, more people will see it because of that. Not only are the fundies humorless jerks, they are stupid too.

FYI Again said...

Hey, I don't blame the priest. Red Bull sucks out loud. The three wise guys shoulda brought Sam Adams, or just stuck with gold, frankincense or myrrh.

Anonymous said...

I agree with FYI again. 100% of the mass market energy drinks really taste horrible...even mixed with Vodka. Also, oddly enough there is a drink called "The Three Wise Men": 1 part each of Jim Beam, Jack Daniels, and Johnnie Walker Black over ice.

If I need an energy drink with a little 'character' in it, I opt for coffee with a generous hooker of whiskey. Tastes better and is a hell of a lot cheaper. Red Bull here goes for $7+ a four-pack.

Remember the hoopla surrounding "The Da Vinci Code" when the book became popular? It was a work of fiction for Pete's sake!

Anonymous said...

Charlie, as others have said, stories are much more effective at spreading ideas than tracts.

Anonymous said...

Give me good old Cuervo Gold, any weekend. But, it would be more in keeping with reality if a good wine were associated with the nativity scene, commemorating one of Jesus' well-known miracles.

My problem with most fundamentalists is that instead of cultivating a self-deprecating sense of humor, most of them end up having a self-defecating one! (And, to answer in advance, No, you can't blame tequila for that one!)



Anonymous said...

Alcohol is the devils seed to destruction. You who drink Red Bull will be judged deficient by the Holy One on the day of the WHITE THRONE!

Alcohol causes more auto accidents and kills more people than any other sin brethren!

I speak again! Listen!!!You must Submit to Christ and repent to be found worthy of God the Father on that Great and Terrible Day of our Lord!!! When will you WAKE UP

In the Name of Jesus,
Herbert W. Armstrong

Richard said...

I know well about that lack of self-depracating humor. Because I received a lengthy sit-down session with my Pastor during the summer, when I posted a humorous account online -- not of a worship service, but the church picnic.

Anonymous said...

People who drink too much energy drinks have been known to be seen muttering to themselves about the taurine God-head.