Tuesday 26 May 2009

Up the Amazon and Flying Free

At last. John Morgan's exceptional book - Flying Free: A Journey from Fundamentalism to Freedom- is now available on Amazon, and at a better price than elsewhere. This is a large quality paperback book, and I've raved about it before. A review of the first edition can be found here. A lot of rubbish has been published over the years by insiders and outsiders alike, much of it pushing the authors' personal agendas. Flying Free soars above the petty self-justifications and tithe-farming ploys to tell a genuine story of one man and his involvement in the WCG from childhood to freedom.

The nice people at Amazon even give you a chance to look inside and, dear lord, there's even a peek at the back cover endorsement by a certain Kiwi stirrer!


monkeyholler said...

Way too expensive at $32. I'll wait for the paperback or try to find it at my library. Besides, after this long, why should it be an important read? Or is it only for the recently disposed-of ex_WCGers?

Anonymous said...


I couldn't possibly begin to identify the certain Kiwi stirrer
you mention.

Some of us may never get to see the actual book itself.

Could you give us a clue?



Anonymous said...

The identity of this so-called Kiwi stirrer is most intriguing.

It would appear that he opposes those who are ripoff artists,bounders,vagabonds and cads.

This would,by comparison, make our stirrer a paragon of virtue and humility,not knowing of course how much he has to be humble about.

We trust that this stirrer or "needleman" will not slacken in his efforts to oppose the forces of wantonness and avarice.



Gavin said...

I'm more than happy to concede that almost everything I know about "stirring" I learned at the feet of a master... I just can't quite remember whether it was Jorgheinz or Seamus...


Anonymous said...

I was shocked too, at the $32 price tag, from Amazon. That's some killer markup, yo.

Buy the book here for only ten bucks. Bonus: The money goes straight to John Morgan.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing how everday events can have a Biblical connotation.

What I am about to relate may not make it past the AW censorial committee,but let's have a try.

This very day I managed to drop my watch into the ceramic appointment.Peter said " I go a fishing". But not I,that's for sure.

An Austrian tourist was recently lost,then found in the Silverpeaks area a little north of Dunedin.He had a sleeping bag and a tin of baked beans (NZ's national food) with him.Pentecost is knocking on our door and the early part of Acts Chapter 2 came to mind,"and there came a sound,as of a mighty rushing wind" or words similar,depending on which version one reads.



Anonymous said...

how about the spelling bee winner?

wonder where she goes to church?

Dixon Cartwright said...

Here's a link to a PDF that includes Darlene Warren's review of "Flying Free" that appeared not long ago in The Journal: