Sunday 31 May 2009

Norm churns out new SN

Way back when I first began writing about the various COG splinters, Norm Edwards was considered a shining example of decency and balance. That was before the Port Austin fiasco. Norm remains on the scene these days, bloodied but unbowed. And to prove it here's a link to the latest incarnation of his magazine, Servants' News (US circulation 760).

Good news: according to one of Norm's mates a vegan diet counts as fasting, though Norm backpedals in an adjoining column. Global Warming? No worries, Norm has read a book - all 95 pages of it! - on the subject from someone at Answers in Genesis, so that's settled. Polygamy is bad - maybe Norm is fighting some weird Mormon teaching that's infiltrated his independently minded supporters. And there's lots of PR about COG7's Spring Vale Academy.

Not as flaky as Dankenbring, but still pretty "off the wall." For those who think that remaining COG and going independent is the answer, Servants' News proves just how wrong they can be.

Speaking of Dankenbring, his 400 page exposition on BI is available for free download (the paper version could set you back $35, though I doubt it's sold more than a handful of copies.) Willie's BIversion has flip-flopped the Ephraim identity to the US, making the Brits Manasseh. The story of how the flip-flop version originated is told in Greg Doudna's Showdown at Big Sandy,(along with the most devestating rebuttal of the whole BI fantasy available in print.) I'm also not sure Willie did his case (such as it is) any favors by swallowing whole the Los Lunas inscription hoax (the subject of his prologue), but regardless of questionable content it's classic Willie: hit 'em with a gee-whiz teaser then wow them with a string of supposed "facts." Great fun as long as you don't take it seriously.

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Anonymous said...

"Willie's BIversion has flip-flopped the Ephraim identity to the US, making the Brits Manasseh."

But it used to be so much fun to say we were living in an Ephraimite colony!!

....or not....