Monday 4 May 2009

Meanwhile, at the fulcrum of God's Work

Forget the Packophiles, the Flurridians and Rodomites. The True Work of God is being carried out today by the (honey, would you please pass me the baloney?) United Church of God, an International Association. And wouldn't you know it, the lads are currently meeting in holy convocation. The Word of the Lord may not be going forth from Zion exactly, but it is being trumpeted abroad via Twitter. This update from David Myers:

UCG's new Council of Elders members are William Eddington (Int'l), Richard Thompson (returning), Scott Ashley, Melvin Rhodes.

Eddington hails from Oz (but, hey, noone's perfect!), Melvin writes the goofy right-wing-nut GN articles on world events and prophecy, while Scott paddles the flagship as editor of the GN.

So what does this mean? Can we read the future direction of UCG in these chicken entrails? Who is Richard Thompson? Is the Old Guard on the way out? Does anyone care?

Well, Russell apparently does, and so does Aggie. How about this comment:

The sermon yesterday was given by Bob Dick, a minister from Portland. I don’t know all of the details of what he said, but it’s my understanding that they said that the truth can be found anywhere, that HWA is no longer unique, and that they need to change how they relate to the people around them.

If that's the case, may I respond with a modest burst of politely subdued clapping from the cheap seats.

(Thanks to Aggie for the nod.)


        AMERICAN KABUKI said...

Wake me when the underground council of elders starts posting on twitter!

redfox712 said...

If what Russell Miller say is true then this does appear to be a step in the right direction.

Anonymous said...

The UCG doesn't seem to generate as much blogfodder as the other COGs. Is this because the do little conspicuously askew or that they do little?
The only thing worse than being blogged about is not being blogged about.

Byker Bob said...

Hypothetically, if this turns out to develop into UCG's "1995", as Russell described it, and assuming that any of us had family involved, you'd have to hope that reforms didn't drive them into LCG, PCG, or RCG. That'd just drive a wedge further into some of our cultically fractured families.

You'd want to see your loved ones safely into the New Covenant. I think prayers and positive thoughts are in order!


Mark said...

Could we be witnessing WCG1994 bring repeated in the UCG? That would be incredible. Let's hope. The current members who want to stay true to Armstrong's teachings would have to:
1) Live on a compound with Flurry.
2) Become an embarassment with ILFPRW (Ron Weinland).
3) Follow circa 1958 era Rod Merredith.
4) Get chummy with Dave Pack. (Cough)
5) Start their own church.
6) Revisit David Hulme's church for a brief period.
7) Stay with UCG and "hope that they change"
8) Start attending GCI/WCG services (although they will have a lot of pre-work to do)
9) Go Catholic
10) Start out evangelical Baptist, then move towards their own flavor which is in line with their personality.
11) Become an "atheist" and post on websites like this until the year 2020.
12) Spend the rest of their lives ignoring all religions entirely, but remain questioning.
13) Start a blog.
14) Start their own splinter group with "new truths" that pick up with either #19 or #51.
15) Take up heavy drinking.

Corky said...

Following the lead of WCG, can a name change be far behind?

I wonder what the names of the two or three new splinters will be?

They seemed to be somewhat in conference but it maketh no matter to me . . .

Damn I'm glad I don't have to worry about which one of these goofy &&%*# is the "true church".

The rise of democracy and the freedom of religion broke the yoke of religious servitude to a pious priesthood and the oppression of a church influenced king and his "royal" family.

It would be far better to rejoice in that freedom than to serve any of a thousand mythical god/men whose only wish is to put a yoke of oppression and servitude on your neck.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone notice a trend that UCG's Council now seems to be made up largely of the staff of their "World News and Prophecy" newsletter?

Look at the inside cover box of that publication; Darris McNeely, Robin Webber, Melvin Rhodes, and Paul Kieffer. All four are now on the Council of Elders and make up. From what I have heard, these four men are close personal friends. Does this group now control UCG? If so, what do they stand for and believe? Are they liberal or conservative in COG speak?

Mr. Scribe said...

The only true reason to dump the armstrong brand is Herbie's bad name.

There are so many blogs and website that have nothing good to say about the now decaying apostate apostle of malpractice.

Armstrong is the problem. The brand name is soiled with the incest allegations, corruption, deceit, uncontrollable spending, illicit sex, and child abuse. This is not a recipe for success.

Anonymous said...

Richard Thompson was involved in AC Big Sandy. Was always the most approachable, affable and congenial of faculty members and actually in the ministry overall. He has not changed from what I understand. He remembers peoples names, and always makes you feel comfortable in his presence. Along with Aaron Dean, one of the more genuine people in UCG.

Anonymous said...

Given how much of a hard-liner Bob Dick is, I find this difficult to believe.

The Council of Elders is still dominated by old-school hard-liners.....I just don't see them making a significant course change in UCG's policies or doctrines.

But maybe I am wrong. That would be nice!

Anonymous said...

When Spanky retires,the church will be Rodderless,if you get the drift.It will be GROUNDED in the faith,yes indeed.



Anonymous said...

Mark, that is hilarious!

Thanks for the laugh.

Bob, I'll pass on the "safety" of the new covenant.

Anonymous said...

I was watching a Dick Van Dyke show which had his brother Jerry Van Dyke and thought Jerry looks like Bruce Dean's (minister UCG Sydney) brother Rod (minister WCG Sydney). What kind of friction exists in his family !?!

Does anyone know where third brother Allan Dean went ?

ConnedNoMore said...

Mark said:

15) Take up heavy drinking.

To paraphrase W.C. Fields -- I'll never forget the WCG. It drove me to
drink. I've been grateful ever since!

Jake said...

UCG the Fulcrum of God's Work??? On what basis?

Is UCG attendance up? That would be negative.

Is UCG Internet response up? [squirm] No, that peaked three years ago. (No wonder they needed recruit people to install Alexa)

It takes UCG one year to match the TV response that LCG gets in two weeks.

If great PR (i.e. announcements, proclamations, activities) is all it takes to be the fulcrum then perhaps they are.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:05 -

I remember Alan & Rod when they had the Western Sydney WCG, with Bill Dixon in the south and John Halford was King of the North. I saw that Bill retired, John and Rod stayed in the WCG, but I haven't seen anything on Alan.

I believe Alan's real career was as an accountant, a member complained that he made blue-tinted and racist cracks during sermons, and he won a bogus award for his behaviour at a dinner party.