Saturday 19 May 2007

I'm a Philadelphian...

No, really, and here's the proof (Bob Thiel eat your heart out!)

What American accent do you have?
Your Result: The Northeast
Judging by how you talk you are probably from north Jersey, New York City, Connecticut or Rhode Island. Chances are, if you are from New York City (and not those other places) people would probably be able to tell if they actually heard you speak.
The Inland North
The Midland
The South
The West
North Central
What American accent do you have?
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Not bad for a Kiwi boy who's never been North of the equator. Should I advise Gerry that I'm ready to convert? Oh, wait, PCG isn't actually in Philly is it? Oklahoma? Maybe that's Midland? So I'm probably closer to UCG-speak in Ohio. Oh, tai hoa, UCG is moving down to Texas. Um. Okay. Y'all can try this one out for yourselves.


DennisDiehl said...

From News About Those Once Affiliated with the Worldwide Church of God.

In a posting today, Gavin Rumney claims to be a Philidelphian.

"I'm a Philadelphian..."

Sadly, and of course and I deem, Mr. Rumney is mistaken. For proof of this, please refer to MY articles on the true Philidelphians.

I would also suggest Mr. Rumney read MY article on...

What is the Appropriate Form of Biblical Interpretation?

Additonal articles on the topic would be:

Can One Down Under Be On Top of Things? No!

Zebulonian Zeelanders (Dutch)are NOT From Philidelphia.

Zebulonian/Babylonian...Mere Coincidence?

Can Anything Good Come From Down Under---I Think Not!

Would the Living Church of God Believe Gavin is a Philidelphian?

Gavin Rumney is NOT the 19th Restored Truth!

Is Gavin Rumney a Modern Pharisee which is Sad you see?

We In the LCG Do Not Recognize Zeelanders as Philidelphians and We Don't Like Crosses!

The Two Horned Beast of New Zealand--You CAN Know Who He is! (Sadly, I do)

New Zealanders ARE the Forest Pigmies of Bible Prophecy!

Why NOT Gavin Rumney!

The Differences Between a True Philidelphian and an Auklander Revealed!

Is Gavin Rumney the Real Lord of the Rings?

Early Church Fathers---Gavin is Not One!

We in the Living Church of God Have Not Been Told Gavin is a Philidelphian

Sadly and of course, these are just a few of MY articles on all Biblical truths that career theologians, falsely so called, cannot know and have not been cleared by the Presiding Philidelphian Evangelist in Charlotte. I have always known that Mr. Rumney would claim this title for himself. Sadly, and of course, like most who have strayed from the true meaning of God, His mind, His Being, His plan, His thoughts, His methods, His titles, His Church, His Work and how he hates crosses, Gavin Rumney is mistaken. Of course, and sadly again, he is Laodeceiveian.

We wish him no ill will and prey that God will grant him repent sense. That Gavin believes he is Philidelphian is Davey Crockett's Seventh Most Dumb Ideas of Humans.

Please read MY new article on Why Gavin Rumney is a Rapscalion.

Members of the LCG do not associate with scalions or those foods (people?) declared unclean By God in scripture. Sadly, and of course, Rap-Scalions would be off limits to those of us in the LCG.

Dennis Thiel
Did I mention we don't believe in crosses?

Also of interest to those ONCE affiliated....

Early Church Fathers---Gavin Rumney is Not One!

DennisDiehl said...

Sadly, those outside of God's Church, and in the proper position on earth where God put his people, do not understand that those down under cannot know God's plan because of season reversal. Since all of God's teaching depend on times and seasons and days and years, they simply get confused living where God never inteneded Philidelphians to live.

We in the LCG have observed that when we are repenting in the Spring, they are repenting in the Fall when we would be rejoicing in the Second Coming, Satan's fall and the Wonderful World Tomorrow. When,their spring comes, and they go to repenting, we are celebrating the Festival and the World Tomorrow.

God never intended humans to slip below the equator and expect to understand His Plan. And while we do have some non cross owning members Down Under...we keep them on Charlotte time so as not to confuse the plan of God in a place where God never intended His people to live.

Please refer to my article on :

It's BOTH Attitude and Lattitude...Dude!

Sadly, this concept is little understood in the Churches of God.

Dennis Thiel

Anonymous said...


And don't forget that Gavin is also NOT the King of the South!

(OK, OK, we're all kings in our own respective domains) ;-)


Douglas Becker said...




It's all rubbish!

Don't you all know that Mr. Gavin Rumney fulfills Prophecy?! Wade Ewart Cox himself proves it in his article, "Fire
from Heaven
"! Cox proves in this article that the Fire of the Lord will come from the South and Sweep to the North, devouring the non-Philadelphians with the Word of His Sword. Yes, friends, Cox proclaims that Fire from Heaven will come from New Zealand! Thus far, Mr. Rumney is the only one carrying forth the word of the evils of the church of gods, thus fulfilling Biblical Prophecies as The End Time Apostle!

Make no mistake friends, Kiwis are known for their stalwart sensibility: Decades ago, the Reader's Digest declared that the New Zealanders were the most stable, sensible people in the world! Because natural disasters and Acts of God in their land, they have come to ride out disasters with quiet aplomb with dignity and good humor.

You lads need to have more respect for Mr. Rumney as the End Time Apostle. Just remember that because of the International Dateline, the Sabbath begins in New Zealand even before Australia and the rest of us get what's left over, long after the Kiwis can get on with the business of holding sheep shearing festivals. They are the favored lambs of God, not to be ignored because they are in a Place of Safety away from the evils of this world.

No, it is time to recognize the blessing placed on honoring the Profit of God, devoting his time selflessly and shamelessly for the betterment of the poor deceived minions of myrmidons of Satan the Devil, the god of this world, all without taking one penny or any other NZ currency while sparing no great risk to himself in the process. Make no mistake, he would be stoned to death by the Pharisaical hypocrites, if only he didn't live in such a remote land! [Although he has endured threats of lawsuits.]

The pure of heart recognize the pure of heart.

Besides, Gavin has a cat and nothing can beat that.


DennisDiehl said...

Mr. Becker says...

"Don't you all know that Mr. Gavin Rumney fulfills Prophecy?! Wade Ewart Cox himself proves it in his article, "Fire
from Heaven"! Cox proves in this article that the Fire of the Lord will come from the South and Sweep to the North, devouring the non-Philadelphians with the Word of His Sword. Cox proves in this article that the Fire of the Lord will come from the South and Sweep to the North, devouring the non-Philadelphians with the Word of His Sword."

Dr. Dennis Thiel says:
Sad to say and of course, Pastor Coxs is not considered a true minister in God's Church by the members of the LCG. Our Sabbaths and Season's don't match so, sad to say and of course, I deem any feeling he has that he is chosen of God to lead, delusional.

Did I tell you we in LCG don't worship the cross or even wear them? IF Jesus was beheaded, would we wear little guiotines around our neck? Sadly, and of course, some would say we should...

I would suggest a good reading of my article:

"Gavin Rumney is NOT the Kiwi of the South." and

"Can a Fruit Be the Beast Power?"

LCG only recognizes the Sabbath as defined by Charlotte Time, which is God's time. At this moment, it is six hours ago tomorrow in New Zealand, which of course, I deem impossible. How can something be six hours ago tomorrow? That's like saying the Roman's lived in the past. Of course they didn't..They lived in the present when they were alive. We in LCG are not easly fooled by the words and deceits of men. Sad to say and of course, in all men is not this knowledge of times and season, days and years.

We, in the Living Church of God, understand that we are to pray our flight be not on the Sabbath nor in the winter. IF Gavin Rumney was the Kiwi of the South or the soon coming bastard that arises right out of the Church, ruling in the very Temple (church) of God, we'd be praying not to flee on different days and his our winter would be his summer. I deem this an error and sad to say, one that misleds some of God's Charlatans, well I mean those "of Charlotte," to this day. Sad to say, some will see a double meaning where there is none.

Please refer to my article on:

"Can an Anglo and a Kiwi flee at the same time?"


"Winter is Summer and Summer is Winter..Why God's word has no meaning for New Zealanders."

I think we can dismiss the speculation of Mr Cox's idea that Mr. Rumney could sweep anywhere, much less north.

We in the LCG would also note that while some would feel evil fire, (Gavin Rumney?) will be "devouring the non-Philadelphians with the Word of His Sword," we in LCG, of course would say it would be with the Sword of the Word. Sadly, this concept is often misunderstood in the splinters of the COG movement.

We, and glad to say, of course, in the LCG would not view Mr. Rumney as an Apostle of any kind to our advantage. We have already deemed Mr. Pack to have made that mistake in his understanding.

Again: See MY article on "Is Gavin Rumney Hot Enough to Be the Fire that Drives the Philidelphians Northward One Day and Six Hours Ago on the Kiwi Sabbath Too Late in Summer?"

While Kiwi's may have many redeeming qualities, they are still fruits at heart and while sweet, warm and fuzzy, are also prickly and full of seeds.

Also, we in LCG do share the belief with many that Mr. Cox merely succours the brethren for his own gain. Sad to say and of course, not all can undersand this as I do.

Sad to say, we have seen pictures of Mr. Cox shopping for crosses at a fleamarket in Bohemia. We in LCG don't worship or wear crosses.

Please see MY article:

Crosses, Northern or Southern are Pagan and Sadly, Some Don't Get It."

Gavin said...

Dear lord, Dennis, it look me a few seconds to work out that that Thiel quotes were a Diehlian improvisation and not the real thing!

I just hope anyone reading this thread has a well developed appreciation of satire.

And as for the paper "Fire from the South," well, it seems pretty certain to me, Douglas, that the author is - as he always is - absolutely correct. Such insight and breadth of scholarship! Such faithful exposition and painstaking hermeneutic! Just leaves me threathless... Do you have an address I can send tithes to?

Finally lads, a word of caution from the Randy Dick school of English Idioms. Y'all need to be careful about confusing Kiwi (the nationality) with Kiwifruit (the fruit). To confound the two in the presence of a red-blooded Kiwi male is to risk, more often than not, a wack about the ear-lobes with a hunk of 4 by 2.


DennisDiehl said...

Finally lads, a word of caution from the Randy Dick school of English Idioms. Y'all need to be careful about confusing Kiwi (the nationality) with Kiwifruit (the fruit). To confound the two in the presence of a red-blooded Kiwi male is to risk, more often than not, a wack about the ear-lobes with a hunk of 4 by 2.


Dr. Dennis Thiel says:

Actually I sensed that this would be the case but refrained from saying anything at the time. Sadly then, I was wrong and of course deem it prudent to put this mistake out of sight forever more in the category of News of Those Once Affiliated With Captain Cook.

Perhaps a good read of MY article:

"How to Effectively Shift the Focus of Satan's Deeds in LCG Onto Other Affiliations in the COG Movement."

I deem myself corrected.

Douglas Becker said...

To the Chief and Only True End Time Apostle:

Do you have an address I can send tithes to?

Alas, my Master, it keeps changing faster than a trailer court in a tornado!

My Lord Jedi, you may try this link, but I take no responsibility for this information as a lowly servant not worthy to polish... um... anyway, it is what it will be.

DennisDiehl said...


You have done a remarkable job in dehorning the Beast of Down Under. (This would not be Gavin in Prophecy but rather Mr. Cox)

I think we can file him under "News of Interest to Those Once Victimized by Narcissism"

Glad to say, of course, I had a feeling you would be successful, but was not at liberty to say, as we NOT in the LCG make terrible "Sheep Who Formerly Stood Before the Sheerers as Dumb."

May I suggest a good read of my article:

"Na, na, na na naaaaaaaa, Gavin is too, is too a Philidelphian!"

...and we Love him!

Douglas Becker said...

I think we can file him under "News of Interest to Those Once Victimized by Narcissism"

Or by psychopaths.

Unfortunately, there are others, but I'm tired now and need a rest.

The real acknowledgment should be to the coxcult team without whom the entire project would not have been possible -- but who, for quite obvious reasons must be satisfied in anonymity for a job well done.

Some names of luminaries are obvious though, and it is possible to give public acknowledgment to friend and esteemed colleague, the brilliant and incisive Mr. Mark Lax.

I wonder what accent he has. Mine was Western -- accounted to be no accent at all! Ha! Ha! People mistake me for a Canadian, Eh? No, I would say that Mr. Lax is likely Philadelphian all the way. He has applied several times to be the End Time Apostle, but no one was offering him a job. Likely a problem with HR.

Douglas Becker said...

Though it is a bit off topic, there is another project well under way which will give the church of gods fits.

It's due out tomorrow.

Hint: I'll drink to that!

DennisDiehl said...

A good effort is always accomplished by more than just one of course. I've read your site many times and learned a lot. Sometimes it seems only the names change but the behaviors are very familiar. It's always amazing to me how many of those who "rise" to the top of something have such rancourous personalities mixed with some need to convey a spiritual message. Seems like a contradiction.

By the way, and as long as I'm at it, I'd like to take a quick moment since this is "I'm a Philadelphian (yes I spelled it wrong in my postings!) to apologize for being a bit snarky at times with you back and forth. It's never necessary and never helpful. We're all here to learn and processing our experiences in similar but different ways.

My way is that when wounded, I get passive aggressive by nature. What Gavin graciously calls Satire, I call an all out attack on smuggness.

By temperament, I have always been for the underdog which explains why it always felt, even when pastoring in WCG, it was me endeavoring to protect my congregations from HQ and some of their rather dubious opin1ons and ideas that seemed based in no real experiences with real people.

So peace and wait, I can't say that can I? I"ll unlease sudden destruction won't I?:)

In my experience, we get cheeky and snarky because we are the caregivers and protective types that had hoped what we thought we found was real and meaningful. I guess hell has no fury like nice people shoved.

Anyway, please overlook those moments and good job

DennisDiehl said...

PS "sadly and of course, I must refer you all to MY article:

"Live and Burn...Ultimate Lessons for those Once Affiliated with Everyone But LCG, a Small Flock, Which, of course, Proves We Are the True Church."

Clogwriter Dr. Dennis Thiel

Douglas Becker said...

We are all in for a bad spel. This will be an acsent on reconsillyation.

Mr. Deal, thank you for your kind but totaly unnesessery wurds. I undurstand:

By temperament, I have always been for the underdoug

That wood be me. For dekades pastards have treeted me like I smeled bad or someting, like an orfan wafe of the streets homeles, poor. Worce thay treet me as if eye have two heds, stupid, useles, childesh. Thay akt sew superier to me, arogant -- like thay no beter than me. Thay wer harsh to me in Spoaksmen's Klub and they publically embarassed me evry chans the got. Thay saw me as a reddy maid victem to chanel there angre as being the problem of problems. Thay jest new I wuz wrong and thay made an eksample out of me.

Eye tell U the truth: I really wuz picked on and it was not a pursecution complecks.

I am not bitter. For several years now I have had the satisfaction of revenge to turn the tables to tell them what is wrong with them. They hate it of course, but my analysis is so very richly deserved.

And it's not just about me. I hate what they have done to other people: They are even guilty of de facto killing off people -- at the extreme case. Yet, not unlike the disgusting Scripture in Proverbs 30:20, they do their evil and act as though they were doing God's will. My brother was dying and the minister told him to go to emergency: No offer to help, even though he had contributed so much and helped so many. To them, his sacrifice to them was their just do and after that he was on his own. That is the story of so many people: They made extreme sacrifices to people who had no empathy to care at all. They are gods whose demands to worship are like the gods of ancient civilizations where you give your all and expect nothing in return.

As for turning the tables, there is today a subtle undermining of the selfish egotistical ministry of the church of gods going out, and even the WCG will be included in this one. I have finally finished the article on alcoholism and I have a draft e-mail to send to all the major player in the church of gods, starting with the minister to whom I made the promise to create the article.

This isn't just a slap-dash effort and it is something which actually convicts the church something fierce. It will undermine them in ways you can't imagine and they won't be able to stop it as it spreads like a plague. After all, Alcoholism is their guilty little secret. I've seen the ministry drink and I know what's going on. Also, the church of gods wants people to believe that the church will suffice for all their needs, and this information will wipe out any home advantage they have. As people discover that they can do things for themselves [and without the Holy Spirit, thank you very much], the perceived need of the churches disappears like a Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland, and pushes the church of gods into further decline. It takes longer, but it's just as satisfying. If you are interested, here is the draft e-mail:

When he entered into the Temple, the chief priests and elders asked Jesus, “By what authority doest thou these things? and who gave thee this authority?”

Jesus answered by asking them a question about authority and then went on to give a parable about two sons. The point Jesus made was that the one who has the authority is the one who does the job.

For over twenty years, the various Churches of God haven’t seemed to agree on anything, whether it be the Calendar, whether or not to eat out on the Sabbath in restaurants, whether the foot washing comes first at Passover and so on. There is however, one topic upon which all leaders of the Churches of God should be able to agree and that is on the topic of Alcoholism.

Herein are links to articles on Alcoholism for the edification of all the Churches of God, the ministers, leaders and membership. The authority upon which the articles are based is that the methods work. No other authority is needed.

The articles are based upon what Mr. Dennis Luker called back in 1982, “The Luker Challenge”, which goes like this: [concerning alcohol] “If you say you can do without it, then prove it!” With that challenge Mr. Luker lay down the gauntlet based on “Rational Recovery” – that is to say, instant permanent total abstinence from alcohol. It works and has worked for millions of people. It may even be that many did not know that they were using rational recovery, but they were using it and it worked for them.

As Christians, all of us should be quite aware that it is not acceptable to be a practicing alcoholic. Alcoholism needs to be managed by those who are afflicted by it.

I spoke briefly with Mr. Luker after Sabbath Services at the end of December 2006 and promised that I would write an article on the topic.

All of you may use this material without restriction, except that, it must be used in its entirety with nothing deleted, although it is acceptable to “flesh out” the article.

I will also be passing this information on to Jack and Lois Trimpey at We have exchanged information in the past.

The topic of alcoholism has profound implications for the membership of all the churches of God whether or not they are alcoholics. Even if a person is not an alcoholic in the Churches of God, they know an alcoholic whether or not they are aware of it. It is time that this particular problem is resolved everywhere within the Churches of God. It should be the one thing all the Churches can agree on.

It would be nice to resolve one problem before the end of the period of testing over the next twenty years.

Rational Recovery

Douglas Becker said...

If I may have your patience for one more comment, I am extremely proud of the coxcult project team.

Some of the members of the coxcult project team were extremely reluctant to participate because they were under extreme duress, and some had even received death threats. One situation was that team members had received up to 9 anonymous hang-up phone calls each Friday night for a year. Some very fine members of the team lived in abject fear with very good reason: The object of the project has no compunctions at all to do in his critics by any means necessary. He has called for death saying that men will be sent forth to kill people from Australia to go to America. He called for fasting and prayer of the CCg membership to destroy those on the coxcult team publicly to the world on his website. [We are happy to report that the bulk of the CCg so requested are now gone from the little cult.] It took a lot of faith for coxcult project members to overcome their abject fear to participate.

One of the great things about the project was to see the transformation of such people to go from abject fear to "I don't care!" The transformation in courage was as amazing as it was edifying.

People learned that they could actually do something on their own and that they could stand up to evils that are beyond the ken of normal mortals. They learned that they had intrinsic worth and they set about to use it for all they were worth.

Little is more edifying than to see the growth and development in people realizing their own talents and abilities. Nothing can compare to that.

That the effort was successful actually surprised some of the members of the team although a few of us never had any doubt [for long]. Karma was on our side, but to tell the truth it was touch and go for quite awhile.

Nevertheless, it is gratifying to see people come together as a team and build not just competence but trust.

One of the things which the church of gods wants to destroy -- besides curiosity, the foundation of human life -- is the belief that we can accomplish things on our own without the church of gods. Those on the coxcult project team found that they could do amazing things and it built a confidence to bring peace to their lives and even more important, rescue the lives of fellow travelers.

There is also no little thanks do to Gavin without whose efforts there would have never been a coxcult project team.

DennisDiehl said...

.....and now on to Tkachcult! A study in responsible change and an answer to the question... "WWJS?"
( Who Would Jesus Scr...:)

Ok I'm sorry, I repent, passive aggressive stuff here, I need to be deleavened..again.

        AMERICAN KABUKI said...

"You have a Midland accent" is just another way of saying "you don't have an accent." You probably are from the Midland ..... You have a good voice for TV and radio.

Well Mom was from Indiana.

Wot?...Did I miss me calling as a World Tomorrow talking head? Oy!

Douglas Becker said...

Ok I'm sorry, I repent, passive aggressive stuff here, I need to be deleavened..again.

No sorry. Deleavening is not particularly good for us. I read a study awhile back, if memory serves, that leavening actually reduces phytates which in excess are not particularly good for us.

Phytic acid (known as inositol hexakisphosphate (IP6), or phytate when in salt form) is the principal storage form of phosphorus in many plant tissues, especially bran and seeds but also in cereal grains, legumes, and nuts. Phosphorus in this form is generally not bioavailable to non-ruminant animals because they lack the digestive enzyme, phytase, required to separate phosphorus from the phytate molecule.

The soybean is particularly pernicious, because beyond just the phytates, the soybean contains large quantities of natural toxins or "antinutrients". First among them are potent enzyme inhibitors that block the action of trypsin and other enzymes needed for protein digestion.

These inhibitors are large, tightly folded proteins that are not completely deactivated during ordinary cooking. They can produce serious gastric distress, reduced protein digestion and chronic deficiencies in amino acid uptake. In test animals, diets high in trypsin inhibitors cause enlargement and pathological conditions of the pancreas, including cancer. Soybeans also contain haemagglutinin, a clot-promoting substance that causes red blood cells to clump together.

The antinutrients (anti-amylases, phytates) are affected by heating, but phytates require other processing (such as fermentation) for further neutralization, which is still only partial. Also, soaking/germination (sprouting) reduces phytates. Soaking under optimal conditions (55°C, pH 4.5-5.0) can eliminate phytates.

Phytates have adverse effects on the availability of zinc, calcium, magnesium and iron, because they form insoluble complexes with these minerals. When flour is made into bread, the phytate content decreases as the phytase, naturally present in seeds, as well as bacteria, yeast and fungi, breaks down the phytate into simpler compounds. Phytase is an enzyme, naturally occurring in grains, that catalyzes or enables the breakdown of the phytate-mineral complexes. However, this conversion of phytate is not usually extensive enough to greatly improve mineral availability.

So there are many downsides to consuming whole grain food sources, which causes terrible disruption in the body and may also, as in the case of brown rice, cause weakness and colon distress.

This is the reason that a certain nameless cult leader has made the Kingdom of God meat and drink by long rants [worse if you sit through them] about soybeans. However, his bile of the root of bitterness is misdirected. For one thing, soy beans aren't the only source of phytates and he is truly devoid of the long rants against brown rice, although corn syrup in his morning orange juice do raise concerns in how long the congregation must sit to endure his rants.

Bear with this weirdness just a little longer.

It turns out that one of the properties of soy beans is that they tend to absorb aluminum and other obnoxious light metals incompatible with human body health. Soy bean products can actually be beneficial by reducing and enabling the body to purge harmful elements from the body, if, and only if, they are raised in environments from which these same elements are leached. That's something that our illustrious cultmeister also remains silent about.

Now here it comes.

It should be clear that leaven is desirable. In fact, unleavend products are probably filled with phytates which will negatively impact our health.

So, Dennis, it is not appropriate for you to repeatedly be deleavened because, truthfully, to be deleavened is hazardous to your health.

Is that weird enough?

        AMERICAN KABUKI said...

Dr. Dennis Thiel says:

......Perhaps a good read of MY article:

"How to Effectively Shift the Focus of Satan's Deeds in LCG Onto Other Affiliations in the COG Movement."

I deem myself corrected.

ROTFL!!! Now that gets to the essence of Thielism!

Sig Thiel!

DennisDiehl said... took the words right out of my mouth..ha. Not really, great stuff!

Sometimes when I say something that in hindsite seems to be not really what I wish to be all about, I regret having said it. WWJS would fall into that category. I don't wish any COG experience to be anything more than that in the final analysis...Just an experience. I don't wish it to control me or be the ongoing basis for all my thoughts. Life is short and, while I do get annoyed and snarky at times, it's not who I am in person.

Bam...I can only read so much BT as it seems as smuggness personified. I do bust out of my satirical genes at times however :)

Douglas Becker said...

So, Dennis. Just think.

Some time when some rock star gopher comes in needing a back adjustment and complains that he has gas pains and feels weak, you can go all, "Dude, you eatin' too much brown rice?"

Douglas Becker said...

There once was a man named Bob Theil,
Who really annoyed Dennis Diehl:
"It's the arrogance you see,
That really gets to me";
Say no more -- we know how you feel.

DennisDiehl said...

One final observation:

In all the years now of AW, it strikes me that there is not ONE recognizable fulltime WCG minister that I know, knew even heard of that has anything to say. You'd think with hundreds of ministers shoved out, there would be more who would comment, if for no other reason than processing the whole thing. It's actually an odd phenomenon to me. Maybe I'm assuming their terminations were without any benefits or promises.

Oh well...Peace

DennisDiehl said...

oh and PS. I actualy took the What American Accent do you have quiz. Evidently I talk like a person who would say "pop" instead of soda, which I do and come from Upstate NY, which I do. So I kept part of my soul low these many years!

Sadly, and of course, the Church did get my goat.

Please read my article:

"Atonement..How God's True Church Get's Your Goat, Blames You and Banishes It Into the Wilderness Under the Title 'News of Old Goats Now Affiliated With Satan."


"Diabolical Mimicry...How Pagan Canaanite Religion and Satan set the stage for God's Holidays."

Sadly, it's obvious I need to get out more and join a bowling league! :)

Douglas Becker said...

Some might find it amusing that of all the sites to which the reference to the article on Alcoholism was e-mailed [and this is really true], the only one which rejected the email was Gerald Flurry's Philadelphia Church of God.

But then he doesn't need it, I guess.

Corky said...

Douglas Becker said...
Some might find it amusing that of all the sites to which the reference to the article on Alcoholism was e-mailed [and this is really true], the only one which rejected the email was Gerald Flurry's Philadelphia Church of God.

But then he doesn't need it, I guess.

Alcoholism has always been a big problem in the COGs, even when I was a member in the early 70s. How many drunks were at the British Ball - sheesh. Even the COG kids drink alcohol and it took a while for me to get away from drinking too much as well.

The FOT was just one big drunk party after another. It was lucky that people weren't puking at services it was so bad. Well, maybe they were puking before services or during services, when not attending.

I bet most ex-members are still drinkers, I know I am - just much more moderate.

There is no telling how many alcoholics and drunks the cult created. Friends, a fifth of 25 year old Scotch between two people in an evening is not moderate drinking - makes no difference how much you paid for that bottle.

        AMERICAN KABUKI said...

DennisDiehl said...

"Diabolical Mimicry...How Pagan Canaanite Religion and Satan set the stage for God's Holidays."

I wonder if anyone has ever done a study on where this concept of Satan counterfeiting "God's plan" got started? Its not unique to Armstrongism.

Its a logically absurd concept that a counterfeit can precede the invention.

Its kind of like saying Herbie was counterfeiting Flurry.

But its a good way to get around the fact that world cultures have always borrowed from neighboring cultures and that maybe, just maybe God didn't hand deliver a set of holidays and customs out of thin air.