Sunday 10 July 2016

PCG - Brexit buffoonery

Richard Palmer must have been a very busy little bee providing copy on Brexit as the print deadline for the August issue of the Flurry Trumpet loomed.

August? But it's nary half way into July you protest. Beats me too, but PCG likes to stay ahead of the calendar.

Palmer produced two articles on the hop; What's Next for Britain? and What's Next for Europe? As with all COG pundits, I'm intrigued to know what actual experience and qualifications Richie brings to his analysis. A degree in political science? Years working on the stock exchange? An auntie living in Brussels? Probably not. Just a delusional belief that alcoholic apostle Herb Armstrong was right - even when he was wrong - and Gerry is his prophet.

And make no mistake, the Armstrong name comes up again and again in the Palmer punditry. I have this little technique which makes this level of idolatry just a tad more palatable. For every "Mr. Armstrong", "Herbert Armstrong", "Herbert W. Armstrong" or variations thereof I simply substitute the word Moloch. For variety I'll sometimes go for fishier Dagon. Yes, I know, but it stops me banging my head obsessively against the keyboard.

If you really want to know something about Brexit and the ongoing aftermath, I recommend the excellent online version of The Guardian - just be sure you select the UK edition.

A more comprehensive overview of the August (actually July) Trumpet is available on the Living Armstrongism blog.


nck said...

Unfortunately I don't have the data available.
But I do wonder if postings like these help increase the traffic to their websites or help decrease the possibility of people joining.

I like livingarmstrongismblog's approach for posting an article accompanied with an opinion of the contents. Therefore traffic might increase but at least searchers have redfox's opinion in their rucksack. I believe that was the otagosh approach also.

(speaking about peoples qualifications is not helping the cause of good sense anymore. It is the mob that rules today and they have to their detriment decided to ignore the elites resulting in (brexit, trump, syria, black matters movement, etc etc). Elites with an education should teach and explain not fall in the trap of the mob.


Redfox712 said...

Thanks for the mention.

I do not know much about Richard Palmer. He's from Britain. I suspect he might be the son of a PCG minister in Britain but I am not completely sure about that.