Monday 11 July 2016

Blog Watch - July 11

It's sometimes hard to keep up with the buzz around the collapsing pocket universe of the Churches of God. Here are some recent posts on other blogs that have their finger on the pulse.

Gary (Banned): Rod has written to the faithful telling them to get in behind Gerry Weston. As he always seems to when he's ostensibly singing someone else's praises, Rod begins by rehearsing just what a terrifically important and faithful chap he, Rod, is. Gary raises an eyebrow at the claims in his own inimitable way. There are some excellent comments from readers.

Kathleen (Dying for God's Sake): In case you were tempted to view the old Worldwide Church of God through rose coloured glasses, Kathleen reprises the instructions ministers received regarding sticky healing situations and the law. Dishonest, duplicitous and deceitful only begin to describe the church's policy.

Redfox (Living Armstrongism): 'Redfox' is a more patient man than I, taking the time to carefully go through the 1996 edition of the Global COG booklet, God's Intervention in World Affairs, by Rod Meredith. As the blogger points out, this thing has been around twenty years now, and frankly it hasn't passed the test of time at all well. Mind you, nothing Meredith has written since he began his career as a blowhard in the 1950s has. You'd think he'd have learned a little humility over the decades, but alas not (see Gary's piece above).

Silenced: This is the most technically irritating of all the blogs. Depending on how you hold your mouth it can take over a minute to load, and it defies any attempts to slot it into a regular blog feed - which is the only reason I don't have it listed there - it doesn't work. It'd also be nice to give the blogger a name - or at least a nom-de-plume - but the only identifier on offer is "Silence". All of which is a shame as the writer has interesting and perceptive views to offer. "Sustenance Tithing" asks the question, just how many suckers does it take to finance a small COGlet. I think S has it about right, but would add that there's the 'promiscuity' factor - the tendency for members to drink from more than one poisoned well, so to speak.

All of the above are well worth checking out.

Addendum: from the pro-COG COG News website: "John Jewell died on 29th June, aged 83. He ran the Worldwide Church of God’s printing press in the UK in the 1960s, before being ordained as a pastor. He joined the United Church of God at its formation in 1995, and was appointed CEO of UCG British Isles, after David Hulme had split the church in 1998, taking the large majority of UK members with him.

"He left UCG along with a few other members in 2002, and launched an internet radio website Radio 4 Living. Some of the programmes have also been broadcast on radio in Northern Ireland and Southern Spain."


Redfox712 said...

Thanks for the mention. Knowing that Meredith will soon be taking a lesser role and let Weston take over I wanted to write about that booklet before he leaves.

Unknown said...

Im surprised that no one yet has taken the name "COG BLOG".