Sunday 15 May 2016

"And his natural powers had not abated"

Those folk who have been plugged into unofficial channels down the decades are well aware of Herb Armstrong's sexual proclivities.
  • The famous flog log
  • The dildo in the Hermes pouch
  • The Romanian sex clinic visit
  • Dancing (and other performances) with daughter Dotty
  • Prenuptials with Ramona
  • Suggestions that Herb occasionally "batted for the other team" when away from home base
  • Prostitutes (escorts, floozies) on the GII "flying whorehouse" to amuse his VIP guests
Nothing new here that anyone who's read the late John Trechak's Ambassador Report or Herbert Armstrong's Tangled Web doesn't already know. Now Living Armstrongism has posted a reprise of a further allegation that I'd completely forgotten. Herb brought one or two attractive young Filipino women to Pasadena and set them up in an apartment. Holy interracial canoodling! The sources are David Robinson, Albert Portune and Willie Dankenbring. When it became apparent that the ladies weren't keeping themselves unto Herb alone they were sent back home.

Dear old Herb, a pillock of biblical morality. It all fits a well-established pattern. As the oft-sozzled apostle himself stated more than once, "where there's smoke there's fire."


Byker Bob said...

And yet, we still have people regularly insisting that the Herbacious one was greatly used by God to raise up the Philadelphia era of God's church. They really must have passed out some invisible high tech blinders at the WCG baptisms that took place after 1975!

It is too bad that HWA was not important enough to attract J. Edgar Hoover's attention in the ways that Dr. Martin Luther King did.


Redfox712 said...

Thanks for the mention. It is much appreciated.

So ironic that some in the COGs insist on forbidding and denigrating interracial relationships but HWA himself did not follow that prohibition for himself.

Anonymous said...

And you dug into the FBI files?

Of course Armstrong championed the cause of the American empire around the World during the Cold War. So why the investigation, besides the PT found at the House of the Robert Kennedy assasinator.

Since 1975 the church grew from 75.000 people to 150.000 in 1986 so I don't understand the "blinders" point.

In evaluating HWA people focus on thousands of tree without seeing the true forest.

For example. It was widely recorded that the GII flew back and forth between South Africa and Israel and many many other countries

The stupid people see "the work of god."
The realists see "interesting activities".
The people seeing the forest see:

(this article is just an appetizer, read the academic studies)


Anonymous said...

I wonder when people start really investigating what really occured when people like Perez welcomed a GII flying from Johannesburg.
Or what technology blue prints were exchanged in Israeli - Japanese meetings.

I would not be surprised if
-a) there would be direct involvement
-b) more likely the AICF was just greasing relations for the State Department emphasizing the soft side of diplamacy
-c) Rader worked for both the Israelis and the Americans.

But perhaps they were all just idealists. Rader descending from persecuted Russian Jews faithful to the cause of Zionism and the Jewish state, sitting on the coffers of one of the wealthiest a zionist churches who paved the way for regular christianity to shed it's anti semitism and embrace the current zionistic stand of american protestantism.


Redfox712 said...

In regards to HWA's relations with Israeli officials it can be stated that at one point an Israeli minister approached HWA in 1968 looking for funding for a cultural center.

The following is from PCG's 2011 booklet, A Warm Friend of Israel, which appears to have been mainly written by Joel Hilliker.

"Needing more funding, Mr. [Moshe] Kol [Israeli Minister of Tourism 1966-77 and Minister of Development 1966-9] approached Mr. Armstrong in 1968. Mr. Armstrong obliged and supported the work of the ICCY [International Cultural Center for Youth in Jerusalem] and the dream of seeing children of all nations and ethnicities living and playing and growing together in the way of peace." (p. 15.)

So in this particular instance HWA got a meeting with this Israeli minister because he was looking for funding. Yet so often HWA implied otherwise saying that his meetings with world leaders was somehow miraculous.

Redfox712 said...

More about that Cultural Center. Turns out HWA in 1978 boasted that Ambassador College and AICF had almost wholly supported it for the previous ten years. (Since about 1968.)

"The ICCY has been almost wholly supported in the past ten years by Ambassador College and the AICF, and is doing a good work in bringing about an active friendship between Arab and Israeli youth." (December 27, 1978 Co-Worker Letter.)