Friday 25 March 2016

Even the smallest splinter

From the Silenced blog.
... the COG -- which will continue to bleed money and members and prestige as its elderly leaders whither and die -- is likely to exist decades from now. Even as organizations splinter, break or merge, Herbert W. Armstrong’s ideas will somehow manage to live on. We’re already approaching a century of his teachings, depending upon when one marks the beginning of Armstrongism. 
It’s why providing as many facts as possible about these cults is important to keep people away from their grasp, or at least help them to make informed decisions. Even the smallest splinter running the Armstrongite program can cause people a lot of hurt, and even though they can’t really attract new members, they can keep having kids, which will always make informational, historical repositories about the COG an important resource to promote and maintain. 
We’re coming up on five years of Silenced and other XCOG blogs are much older than that. Here’s hoping even if we someday shutter up our digital doors that there’s someone always out there to shine the light, because the cults are going to linger like a viral remnant for the foreseeable future.
Well said. You can read the full post here.