Monday 28 March 2016

A message for Roderick

Dear Mr Meredith, Jim West has sent a message. I think it might be for you, with a cc. to Vic (UCG), Dave (RCG), the other Dave (COGAIC), Bob (with the highly esteemed 'Trinity' ThD he picked up in India), the other Jim (COGWA) and Gerry (PCG).

(Jim is the outspoken biblioblogger at Zwinglius Redivivus.)


Christopher McNeely said...

Of all the asinine theological stilts the COGs stand on, this is one of the easiest to knock down.

Anonymous said...

By focussing on that particular word or apparent similarities between other words, to me it seems people are focussing on separate trees without noticing the forest.

The forest in this case being all peoples in the entire world at present celebrating "some kind of New Year", "Regeneration", or "Rebirth".

As I write this I look out of the window, slightly distracted by flirting birds and ducks, while all nature is about to burst into "something". I can sense that "something is about to happen outside", even while hammering my fingers on a plastic, electronic device, sending bits and bytes into the ether, looking through a glass window.