Wednesday 3 December 2008

PCG throws tantrum

All the toys were thrown out of the cot at a recent PCG press conference. As reported on other blogs, the Flurry High Command was not amused by local coverage of the church on Fox (AW Nov. 30).

Frankly, I thought they got off lightly.

The thing about throwing a hissy fit is that you draw even more attention to the issues you are trying to evade. We now learn the following bit of information.

... about a year ago, [the sheriff's office] conducted a “flyover” of the PCG campus, a preventative measure to see if everything was “on the up and up” and to be sure there would be no Waco-like incident here.

The other notable thing is the existence of a "marketing director" for the church. What, pray tell, are Gerry and Stephen marketing? Public Relations, or Community Relations... well, that'd be understandable, but "marketing director"? Could someone tell these splinters that churches are not supposed to be commercial corporations...

Check out the Everything COG commentary here, and read the Edmond Sun article here. Or just take yourself off into a quiet room away from nearby distractions: you'll probably be able to hear the blubbing and keening all the way from Oklahoma.


Anonymous said...

Connect PCG to Koresh movement ? Why not, they're both paranoid apocalyptic Adventist derivatives.

And what's up with cobweb-brained Gerry mimicking every last detail of 1960's Ambassador/WCG : fake college, "performing arts", buildings with columns, fountains, Jerusalem dig, Brickett Wood style phoney farming .... all very queer to say the least.

Rader/Armstrong's subsidized "performing arts" was a financial disaster even for the $150m/yr WCG

Anonymous said...

The reporter was lazy. He could have dug much deeper and discovered how the medical doctrine causes people to lose their eyesight because they are told they can't take the passover as long as they are taking glaucoma drops, or that people are dying of cancer and can't so much as take an asprin for their pain.

I am certain that Armstrong style child abuse is rampant throughout PCG. How hard would that be to uncover?

Somebody should also check to see if some of the Armstrong/Flurryites still spank their wives.

The one area where the interview did take on an aura of danger was the comparison to the Branch Davidians. If that line of association catches on, it could mistakingly trigger a really ugly event. To my knowledge, nobody in the Armstrong movement has ever advocated the stockpiling of weapons to use in insurrections against the government. Pacifism was preached. You couldn't join the military, or work in law enforcement.

If these people are in serious danger, it would be with their place of "safety". No US Constitution, no Magna Carta. Possible return to Old Testament law, replete with stonings, etc. That's the biggie, and it is probably something that nobody can do anything to prevent.

It is nice that the Edmond Police do an occasional flyover. I'm certain that their staff psychologists and profilers gleaned quite a bit from the interview and press conference. PCG is no longer below the radar! They've been drawn out.


Corky said...

Ever notice how paranoid criminals get on TV shows when they see a police car or helicopter.

Jim Jones got so paranoid over a senator's visit that he caused 900 people to commit suicide.

If Flurry is worried about the sheriff's flyover, that's a pretty good sign of someone knowing about some criminal activity.

Anonymous said...

Police flyovers - isn't that what the COGs have been saying all the time, Watch Gerry? [For American readers, "the Krauts".]

camfinch said...

Interesting that one of the online advertisers shown below the Edmond Sun article is Dave Pack's RCG...

Byker Bob is absolutely right, the TV journalist could have discovered tons of information, not only about PCG but about all the unholy toxicity of Armstrongism. I have to wonder, since Lil' Stevie called that press conference, whether that will only serve to draw more investigative eyes on PCG. One can only hope!

Anonymous said...

They should have sent their Marketing Director to the interview. Steve Flurry is just creepy. Where can you get 1950s style glasses anymore?

Anonymous said...

Vintage Eyeglasses!
Where can you get 1950s style glasses anymore?

Anonymous said...

I agree with BB and Camfinch -- the journalist was no Mike Wallace... But then Stephen Flurry was no Stan Rader.

Anonymous said...

The most interesting thing about Steve is his eyeglasses. I thought they looked like Sara Palin's.

Anonymous said...


Buddy Holly is still alive...Its Steven Flurry!

camfinch said...

"Buddy Holly is still alive...Its Steven Flurry!"

Owwww! What an insult to Buddy, the "Holy Ghost" himself!!!!

V W said...

Talk about a hissy fit: read Gerry's rant about Fox 25 on the PCG's website. I can almost hear him screaming it, like he did in the sermons each week.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was pretty evident that little Stevie doesn't believe he is really living in the end times if you see the dopey grin he gets on his face when the interviewer asks him if they believe the end of the world is coming.

The interview reminds me of my teen years when we would say one thing to each other at services and quite another to a skeptical civilian so we wouldn't seem as extremist as we really were.

Any of you armstrongists out there that won't admit to that are liars.