Saturday 20 December 2008

Comments on Abrahamic Faith Postings

Comments are invited on a series of postings to be loosely based around James Tabor's privately published book, Restoring Abrahamic Faith. These comments will be will be more strictly moderated than other threads, and should be on topic, and issues-focused. The objective on this thread is a thoughtful, non-polemic discussion minus cheap shots. Comments will be published here, rather than under the individual entries. The introductory piece in the series will be online tomorrow.


        AMERICAN KABUKI said...

Can you explain what it is he is trying to restore?

Is this another attempt for the elusive "Historic Faith"?

I fear the Holy Grail will be found first!

As near as I can tell in my limited brain, first there was Judaism, which probably evolved greatly over the centuries, then Jesus happened, igniting a Jewish following and a later Gentile Mystical Jesus following.

The Gentile groups had a better marketing plan, and was certainly more racially tolerant.

The Jewish followers splintered and scattered like their modern dopplegangers in the COGs. And no doubt after the sacking of the temple, Jewish ritual practices suffered the taint of "rebellion" in Roman circles.

Yet what is strangely ironic, The Book of Revelation was probably written ABOUT the GENTILE church and the Apostle Paul, which modern COGs hold so dear, was probably written by the Jewish followers of Jesus about Paul.

The Apocalyptic is a Jewish style of writing that was later outlawed by the Rabbis.

Islam has the beliefs it has about Jesus because it gained them from Jewish Christians in the Middle East. Jews and Islam have coexisted for centuries.

Anonymous said...

From Abraham stem religions appertaining to the whole West European and Middle-Eastern worlds.

And of course, Jerusalem is the Holy City for most of these faiths.

My own blood family incorporates Greek-Orthodox,Roman Catholicism,Messianic Jewry,Lutheranism in Scandinavia and America.

And my own blood family includes one recently deceased professor of theology who had Jewish leanings, though himself apparently not a Jew who wrote and lectured extensively on and about that faith.His own family has produced two currently active and living professors of theology.

And all of these people are potentially children of Abraham according to promise( Gal 3:29).

The Lost Tribes of Israel are going to be discussed.Much has been said on this blog about this subject.

A critical inspection of the Y-DNA of the world shows definite relationships between Western Europe and the Middle East.British Israel supporters and their ilk would use this immediately to justify and bolster their positions.

This DNA kinship does not necessarily show that West Europe is descended from the 10 tribes of Israel.Rather,it shows a common and more ancient descent from civilisations of Mesopotamia,especially Sumer.And this more ancient descent from Iran accounts for the presence of Caucasians in India,China,the Marquesas Islands of the Pacific,North and and South America,the wrong interpretation of which got Worldwide and splinters tied up in perpetual and acrimonious knicker-twists of viewpoint.

Reverting to Abraham, some scholars contend he was white.Coming from an Eastern country,however,you would expect him to be swarthy,like you would expect Jesus Christ himself to be.But who was such a long time ago.

I have personally come to believe that the 12 tribes of Israel were a mixture of skin colours and gene groups with a mixture of the European R and I gene groups and the Middle-Eastern J and E groups on the male side.The Medo-Persian empire was a mixture of Semitic and Japthetic and Iran's genestock reflects this today.The Bible declares this joint origin.Abrahamic faith is certainly different to that which modern Churchianity practises today.

Gavin is introducing a timely subject,especially at this time of Advent.