Saturday 12 August 2006

Wazzup in Flurryland?

Gerald Flurry was a minor figure in pre-Tkach WCG, but the first post-HWA player to gather his phylacteries about himself and set up a competing franchise: the Philadelphia Church of God.

Of course he hasn't been the last. Rod followed with the Global Church of God, then David Hulme surfed the tsunami of discontent to emerge as frontman for the United Church of God. Both groups quickly overtook the Flurry operation in terms of members and (more significantly) tithe generation.

But Global has gone, sacrificed on the altar of Baal's ego. Despite a messy end, Rod created the LCG as a new vehicle fit for his high calling and quickly lapped Gerry again! UCG lost David Hulme and is still trying to get the leadership formula right, yet it's remained the largest of the Armstrong movements (despite bits falling off with amazing regularity.)

Gerald Flurry, however, is still at the helm of his Oklahoma operation. The big question is, who will eventually climb into his throne - Dennis Leap or son Stephen? Place your bets!

Flurry's PCG is among the most secretive of the splinters, right up there with David Hulme's COG-AIC. But wouldn't you just love to be privy to what the Six Pack Prophet is actually saying to his ministerial clones!

Wonder no longer. Courtesy of ex-member Robert Kuhne The Pastor General's Report - including recent 2006 issues - is online for your delectation.

Ain't the Internet a wonderful thing!


Anonymous said...


It is absolutely BLASPHEMOUS for one man to say that he,and he alone, is the TRUE representative of God on this earth.Even in the days of ancient Israel there was more than one "accredited" prophet in the land.

Either Gerald Flurry is mad, deceived or a liar, or all three simultaneously.

jorgheinz said...


I know a family that counts in its genealogy, several French Roman Catholic archbishops and more German Lutheran pastors than you can poke a stick at.

And it also includes one of the high-powered Huguenot theologians/diplomats/scholars/administrators/governors in there as well, namely one Philippe Plessis du Mornay, the right-hand man of Prince Henry of Navarre, later Henry the Fourth of France. And these all thought they were talking for God...who knows: at least some of them were perhaps at least partly right.

Beside these,Gerald Flurry is a nobody...on scholarship alone he would be severely lacking.

And he thinks that he is Philadlephia,alone.This idea goes back to the Reformation,so Gerry has NOTHING fact he is several centuries behind the times in his thinking.It is probably just another marketing tool to keep the brow-beaten in their place.

Sure, God works through all people...there are prophetesses out there,doing God's work,today, as they think, and these women do have REAL INSIGHT into prophecy.

Some may call it woman's intuition...this would get Gerald Flurry going...I guess no women are allowed to speak in his church.

So, Gerald Flurry is just another jawbone flapping away in this vast religious Babylon.What makes him think that he has an inside track to the Godhead more than anyone else?

Anonymous said...


I like your photograph of Gerald Flurry emphasising a point with his hand, forefinger extended in the approved apostolic manner.Mind you,this pose is not new, as I have a photo on one of my forebears in the good 'ole USA striking a similar pose,open Bible in the left hand, raised right hand with extended forefinger.

One could imagine an innovative Antipodean modifying this to a bi-digital salutation of somewhat well-intended but dubious piety.And then of course,the two-handed blessing of the Eastern churches could be digitally modified to give a DOUBLE benefit for the intended.All those BLESSINGS.

Good old Gerald...he still keeps banging on about the Great Escape for his group from the impending holocaust about to descend upon the recalcitrant Ten Tribes, somewhere in "captivity". DNA tests do not support a relationship between the Jews and Great Britain.Where should we start looking for those missing Ten Tribes...the Slavic, Turkic or Asiatic worlds...these are perhaps more likely candidates?

Ah, 'tis exciting times we live in,and these preaching,pontificating,pragmatic parsons all serve to keep our disgust fresh.

Anonymous said...


Gerald Flurry and his chosen few seem to think they have identified the Ten Tribes. He also thinks his group is Philadelphia.I wonder where he gets all these notions from.

Exciting stuff,maybe, but the Good Book is remarkably silent on the exact identification of both parties.Matt 7:20 says" by their fruits you will know them".

Yes, indeed, "fruits" is the right description...and their loopy, drongo dogma would most definitely indicate that one should look in other directions for guidance on both the location of the 10 tribes and the "True Church", whatever that is.

Will Dennis "leap" on to the throne ahead of Stephen? In more southern regions of the globe, they think of a throne as a ceramic fitting,especially crafted to accommodate the gluteus maximus,which position improves thinking and allows right decisions to be made,and I am sure that the successful inheritor will have flushes of inspiration from on high. Will there be a scramble for power, a flurry for the top seat in the organisation?

WE ARE TOLD TO TURN THE OTHER CHEEK,and I am absolutely confident that Gerald's successor will manage to obey this direction in a most humble attitude.

Anonymous said...

"DNA tests do not support a relationship between the Jews and Great Britain."-Anonymous

I have been trying to find info on this. Where can one find DNA proof refuting HWA/WCGs BI doctrine. What DNA tests? Whose DNA tests? Are they 100% reliably accurate?

If accurate, it is perhaps the single most important piece of information refuting HWA's claims.

Anonymous said...

I beat ya to it when I posted these on the Painful Truth Forum.

The "Flurry Papers" also make good for toilet paper if your printer is up for the job!


Anonymous said...

"The 'Flurry Papers' also make good for toilet paper if your printer is up for the job!"

Nah, their literary quality is extremely low, so low that they can't even touch bottom.

Douglas Becker said...

Only when all the sheep realize that it is their duty to feed the sheperd and not the other way around, will things be put to rights.

OK, well, maybe not sheperds, but certainly the duty of the sheep is to feed the hirelings.

Anonymous said...

I too have heard that there were DNA tests that should concretely disprove the BI theory, HWA's "central plank". Anyone have any info?

Anonymous said...

DNA tests show that there is no strong genetic link between the Jews and the peoples of Western Europe whom HWA supposed to be descendants of the 12 tribes.

But there are strong links between the two major groups of Jewry, the Ashkenazim and the Sephardim, despite at least 1000 years of separation. On this basis,you would expect there to be something in the genes of Western Europeans to point up a credible relationship...but, nothing of significance.

GOOGLE is your best friend.

Happy hunting


Anonymous said...

Aint the internet a wonderful thing?

not when lawyers get involved in free speech issues!

Its so sad that this man had to get his legal team involved! Now the whole site is down.

glenn said...

I saw on one of the many christian tv shows an author who claimed that through dna tests that Christopher Columbus was a (sp?)sethardic Jew. It was a while ago so I can't remember his name. My problem has always been with any religion claiming to have all the answers. I think God is alot more creative than that!