Thursday, 3 July 2008

Rod of Authority

Bare breasted lictors gather unto Rod. Rod of God. Wicked William Ferguson has uploaded prime cuts of oral Meredith to Ekklesia. Head over there now and click on the 1997 Rod of Authority Parody link at the bottom of the page... of the page... of the page.


Anonymous said...

I recently heard a local minister on the radio inform the world that the reason Bathsheba was called Bathsheba was because she was taking a bath.

Personally, I have preferred a Showersheba better. More better?

Gavin..that's not a Showersheila by the way! Not that!

Anonymous said...

One of the funniest of Rod Meredith's real-life gaffes happened several years ago. Meredith was preaching out of Numbers 12 -- you know, the time Miriam and Aaron complained about Moses being married to --(shudder)-- a black woman!

Well, Rod Meredith somehow got his neurons crossed and got the idea, while standing up there preaching, that Miriam was Aaron's wife instead of his sister! So naturally, he started to wax eloquent about Aaron and how he must have felt, the horror and fear that seized him as his dear beloved wife became leprous! The utter panic with which he pleaded with Moses to beg God not to punish the wife who had borne his children! The sorrow as he gazed upon the woman he had lived with for years and years!

It was hilarious! And because he was going through the entire chapter, he kept this up for 10 or 15 minutes! He just went on and on and on and...


Mickey said...

I went, I listened, and laughed like crazy:)

RCM wasn't teaching at AC Big Sandy when I was there, but he did make a couple of cameo appearances.

His resounding cry at that time was "they're not gay, they're queer!".

My best friend used it to do a parody based on the poem "Excelsior". I'll have to see if she still has it:)

If it weren't for the money he makes (and the way he makes it) in spite of some of his clownish behavior, I'd feel sorry for him. But as it is...

Corky said...

He sounds just like Garner Ted Armstrong used to sound on the radio to me. The same kind of emphasis on certain words and all, just like HWA.

"Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery", they say, but in this case it's probably just idol worship.

Anonymous said...

Nice work, Bill. Just like old times. Reminds me of Cartman on South Park: "You WILL respect my authoritaay!"

Anonymous said...

I've updated the URL, the blanks in the file name sometimes caused some download problems, I fixed that.

Thanks for the reviews, but I am not the author of the audio compilation.

I'm merely a lowly curator at the Armstrong museum of oddities and curiousities.☂☺☻

Anonymous said...

Libro 66 said...

One of the funniest of Rod Meredith's real-life gaffes happened several years ago. Meredith was preaching out of Numbers 12 -- you know, the time Miriam and Aaron complained about Moses being married to --(shudder)-- a black woman!

Do you have audio of this? We are equal opportunity collectors of Armstrongist oddities!

Anonymous said...

On one occasion we put an article on the lecturn for Harmony of the Gospels class about some gay thing going on knowing he'd pick up from there and do the "queer" routine.

He'd start mimicing what he felt was queer talk and then did the mince across the stage. It was so funny, but not like he thought. d

Once he got going on large breasted women and how they might get them caught in the washing machine and how did we think that would feel...I believe we just stared at him, minds racing and thinking it would not feel good, but might look great! Hey, we were 18!

One class he got after the "men" for not being leaders and told us that we should not waste time in class if he was later. We should be men and lead a discussion or whatever. So I did when he was late. He blasted me and when I passed him on the sidewalk going to lunch, he asked me if I had repented yet. Go figure!

But, like all of us, he's just a person too and a product of his upbringing, thoughts and personality. I've sat with him while he cried his eyes out over the loss of his first wife and no matter who you are or seem to represent, that gets to me big time and kicks in the "we're all one and the same," mode with me.

Sometimes I think we should get off each others backs at times too and let each play out their part. Even those that follow that which we no longer can imagine following.

Anonymous said...

I remember Dr M speaking at a FOT. His imitation of his idea of gay behavior - some effeminate gestures and gyrations - amused us all, particularly some members' sons in the back row.

He also told us how upset he was because his son recently bought trousers with no back pockets...

Anonymous said...

Bill asked:

/-- Do you have audio of this? --/

Sorry, but I don't even remember what year he did it! It was in the mid-90's, I believe, and yet another of his Church Government sermons.

Rod Meredith is one of those who can take any subject and turn it into Church Government. I remember popping in a sermon titled "Draw Closer to Christ" or some such, looking forward to a change of pace. But instead, his intro essentially went like this: "Drawing closer to Christ is very important! And one way to draw closer to Him is... Church Government!"

And that just makes the haystack bigger...


Anonymous said...

"But, like all of us, he's just a person too and a product of his upbringing, thoughts and personality."

But unlike us, he controls a religious organization that has spiritual and financial control over its members. I have no pity for the man.

Paul Ray

Anonymous said...

One type of educator I always enjoyed (but not the only type) was the eccentric professorial type. An intellectual with weird perspectives, but an original thinker who could inspire.

The problem is, Rod could never fit that mold. He was just too far out, and not in cool ways at all. I think the man was totally repressed in some way or other.


Douglas Becker said...

Roderick Meredith has made God a laughingstock -- as do all the other false prophets of the church of gods.

Has it never occurred to such people that the pronouncement of Scripture is very much against them?

I personally believe that Roderick Meredith doesn't really believe in the God of Scripture: If he really did, he would be scared to death of such scriptures as Deuteronomy 13:8 -- God wants those who follow Him to have no pity toward false prophets.

Jesus made it clear in Matthew 7:15 and the following verses that he has nothing but contempt for false prophets.

None of this matters to those who do not believe in God. For those who do, it should be a chilling indictment against those who sign their false prophecies "in Jesus' Name". Christ did not send them and they are liars who, according to Scripture in Revelation will not be allowed in the Kingdom of God.

Don't these people have any fear of God at all? Is there no respect?

And should Christians even consider their words? Should they have pity on those who have been condemned by the very Scriptures they claim to believe?

If any here are Christians, then, according to the Bible, you should reject Roderick Meredith and others such as Ron Weinland and walk away... NOW!

Anonymous said...

How awful. One could chop up audio of almost any public speaker and turn it into nonsense. Pretty low-brow, even for this site.

Anonymous said...

Low-brow? Uh, have you actually ever listened to a Rod Meredith sermon? Every time the man rattles his tonsils he says something ridiculous... the sample that is linked to is, by Rod's standards, far from over-the-top.


Anonymous said...

I personally believe that Roderick Meredith doesn't really believe in the God of Scripture

One evidence for this is how often Rod says, "Liars won't be in the Kingdom."

Anybody who has worked closely with Rod over the years has seen that the man is a continual liar. His friends and current supporters excuse it, saying that he didn't mean to lie, or that he was doing it for the good of the work, not for himself. Some corrupt ministers are willing to make excuses for Rod's lying, as long as they think his lying won't affect them. Eventually, though, Rod lies about even his closest friends and associates, and turns them against him.

After Rod made Charles Bryce an evangelist, Bryce was saying Rod should be declared an Apostle. Bryce was willing to overlook Rod's lies for years, as long as the lies were about other people. But as soon as Rod started lying about Bryce, old Charlie got all self-righteous and decided lying was wrong.

Same with Raymond McNair, Larry Salyer, and many others over the years.

When Rod says "Liars won't be in the Kingdom" this sends chills down the spines of people who know him, because he is telling on himself. If he knows he is a liar, he is as good as announcing that he won't be in the Kingdom. If he doesn't know he is a liar, the Holy Spirit is not in him, and he isn't even a Christian.

Douglas Becker said...

For those of understanding, Stargate The Ark of Truth may shed light upon those who found and lead the various cults in the church of gods:
A brief statement may be found here.

DennisDiehl said...

"I personally believe that Roderick Meredith doesn't really believe in the God of Scripture: If he really did, he would be scared to death of such scriptures as Deuteronomy 13:8 -- God wants those who follow Him to have no pity toward false prophets.

Jesus made it clear in Matthew 7:15 and the following verses that he has nothing but contempt for false prophets."

All ministers of Christian denominations that try to look into the future using OT, NT you pick, have been false prophets from day one. For 2000 years. 100% wrong, 100% of the time. How else would one describe it?

Look, honestly, at what the Apostle Paul really said about getting ready for Jesus return to those at that time. He was wrong. He ruined relationships over his version of 'time is short' He told people to postpone, not do, stay single, act single and "send it in" He wrapped up his life backing off it all and finally saying "oh well, I fought a good fight, I finished my course, there is laid up for ME.." etc...He was wrong. Paul was also a false prophet by OT standards.

One can also make the case that the "Jesus OF THE GOSPELS" and the first few verses of Revelation, was also wrong, but we can pass on that for now.

There is no knowing the future. It's what humans have done from time immemorial to think they can know the future to relieve their anxiety about it. Frankly, it's what being unconscious of the only real time you have, NOW, is all about. It has not helped sincere Christians one bit to think they can. It has helped the Mr. Big's of Christianity do just fine however.

Prophecy sells and attracts. It has never been accurate however.

Bob Thiel bases his, "what the heck is Bob up to" retrofitting of the sadly, but of course, false Mayan prophecies for 2012 and says this or that can't possibly happen until about x number of years after that. He has to base it all on a literal Adam and Eve. He has to base it on a literal 6000 year the first humans were created.

Bob is wrong. Humans have inhabited Illinois for over 10,000 years and other places for tens of thousands. He is wrong. His premise is wrong. His conclusions will be wrong because the facts are wrong.

But the show goes on and on....

Anonymous said...

I can remember when Spanky toggled his title between Doctor and Mister. In a sermon, he said either was acceptable to him. During HWA's period of leaven of intellectualism rants, it was reported in the WN RCM declared he would no longer use the title Doctor.

As for the clip show, if you slow down the speed a little, I think you could use it to dub Key of David and no one would notice.

Anonymous said...

In his latest posting, Dr Bob is now citing Rod as an authority on China.

Douglas Becker said...

All I am saying is that I don't see how Roderick Meredith could possibly really believe what he is saying with any kind of comprehension in light of believing in the Bible -- even without going into the question of whether or not the Bible is true. It is a question of whether or not Roderick Meredith and all the other false prophets actually believe in the god they preach and the Scriptures they teach.

One would think that if they did, they would be scared witless, knowing the judgment against them, embedded within their own holy book -- because there's no way that they are obeying what it says in any way shape or form.

It would seem that if they believe the Book of Origin from the Ori... oops... the Bible, they would "know" that the judgments against them condemn them to perdition forever.

How could anyone live with that?

Unless, of course, you are someone from outside the United States who hates Americans so much that they delight in the prophecies of the Priors... er... the ministers of the church of gods and want to see the prophesied destruction of the United States to give them the delight of validation that the people they hate will be destroyed forever. It is a familiar theme, particularly for those of cultish fame with cultmeisters putting out their own shingle who are based in a country outside the United States -- ones who ignore Scripture about the love of Jesus in favor of rants of death, devastation, disease, destruction, and who obsess upon those who expose their idolatry.

As for being an expert on China, you should all very well know that all the ministers of the church of gods need only a scrap of a phrase and / or a partial book jacket to generate an entire scenario for either a sermon or an article without either first hand experience or expert testimony. They just make stuff up.

Not unlike Elijah with the 450 prophets of Baal and the 400 prophets of the groves, any disclosure by the ministers of the church of gods is aptly subject to derision and ridicule because none of it is real. If nothing else, Ron Weinland has amply proved that in spades. So has Roderick Meredith, but people defer to him because he's been telling the lies a lot longer. Longevity counts.

Anonymous said...

LOL Dougie you been watchin' too much teevee! :-D

FWIW, I've had images of ILFPRW in my head all week --- onboard the USS Valiant, playing Scissor Sisters' Track 3.


Anonymous said...

Yeah! Another Scissor Sisters fan!

Anonymous said...

Sorry anon --- Scissor Sisters fan, no. Doctor Who fan, yes. ;-)

Anonymous said...

ILFPRW: — Insane Lying False Prophet Ronald Weinland.

FYI Again said...

I haven't heard a Rod Meredith sermon for several years now (and I'm not in a hurry to hear any new ones thank you very much). But this recording really takes me back. During my years with GCG/LCG I must have heard hundreds of them.

Nobody knows how to go off on a bizarre tangent like Rod Meredith. One irrelevant factiod leads to another, and before you know it he's so far off the original topic you're left scratching your head wondering how on earth he got there.

Rod loves stories, especially stories of his good old days. One that comes to mind is a story he told several times about a trip to Europe during which he visited the Vatican. He told how the masses of Italians gathered to hear the Pope (whom he described as "their God"). He particularly got into the part where, when the Pope finally appeared the Italian women, with their breasts heaving, and with tears running down their breasts would shout "VIVA PAPA! VIVA PAPA! VIVA PAPA!" He never failed to reflect how their tear soaked breasts would heave as they shouted this.

I can see why he continually revisited this story. Heck, I'd pay good money to see a bunch of Italian women in wet T-shirts shouting "VIVA PAPA". No doubt it was one of the defining moments of his life ;-)

GCG/LCG members rarely brought visitors to services because they knew - as I did - that the odds of Rod Meredith going off on some bizarre and embarrassing rant were fairly high on any given Sabbath.

Eventually the folks as LCG HQ learned the lesson and started heavily editing Meredith's sermons. It isn't noticeable in the audio recordings, but on the videos you can see frequent gaps as the more embarrassing moments are chopped out.