Friday 6 April 2007

Glenn Mattson on LCG

Worth checking out is a raw and honest piece - appropriate perhaps for the season - by former LCG member Glenn Mattson. It was originally posted to the JLF board, but was picked up by Felix Taylor at Post-WCG Life & Theology. I think a lot of us have been where Glenn is at the moment.


Anonymous said...

When you look at this, although brief, it's really quite an inspiring story. Glenn is in an excellent position to accomplish so much good for people in the ACOGs who find themselves conflicted.

Many of us who have become recognized as "ACOG Critics" (a phrase coined by Bob Theil) have often worn out our credibility with ACOG members, regardless as to how meritorious our thoughts and ponderings might be. "Oh, he's one of those people" is the first thing that comes to their minds.

I'd suggest that Glenn's opportunity to accomplish some good is time sensitive. He really should maximize his effectiveness by committing more of his thoughts and experiences to this and other sites.


FYI Again said...

Here's a link to the thread on JLF...

JLF message "Old dog, new tricks"

You don't have to be registered on Delphi to read the messages, but I think you do have to be registered to post.

If it asks for a registration or access code, enter "godlovesme". It's a Mark Tabladillo thing ;-)

Actually Bob, I've been speaking my thoughts and experiences all along, but I've been doing it under an alias. You know me as FYI Again. Using that alias gave me the freedom over the past few years to speak my mind without fear of retribution from one "God's Government" or another.

I felt it was important, given my history on the old JLF site to post there under my real name at first so I could set things straight. After a short time, I plan to continue using my "FYI Again" alias.

This is what I was getting at with my "Putting suspicions to rest" messages on Alumni. On Alumni, you and the other folks there have been witness to the evolution of my thought process over the past few years in a way that most of the JLF crew were not.

There are of course many details of my experiences which I haven't made public as yet - I'm not sure how much I should say publicly at this point. I certainly didn't expect all this to make the blog circuit.

As you know from the things I've been saying for the past few years, I'm not out to "get" the COG's. They aren't all the same and I remain convinced that some of them really are trying to do the right thing. So while I don't want to white wash or sugar coat anything, at the same time I don't want to say anything that might cause anyone harm.

I am however willing to communicate off-line with anyone who wants to know some of the things I might not say publicly. I can be reached at:

gwmatteson - a t - yahoo - d o t - com


jfb57-fyiagain - a t - yahoo - d o t - com

Both addresses will go to the same mailbox.

brave anonymous poster said...

interesting article for sure.....sounds like he got caught up in the "this is the only Church" teaching...

maybe if he understood that no one corporate body represents the entirity of the Church, and more importantly, not everyone in the Church has any afflilation with anything "Armstrong", he would be more relaxed.

Leadership can put someone out of their organization, but no one can put anyone out of the Church, and it's sad that so many live in fear of being disfellowshipped because they think it means they will be out of the Church. (and for those whose entire social network is "church people", that can be quite a trauma......personally,I have many many more friends outside the Church than in it, so leaving an organization doesn't disrupt my entire life)

I think that if he was truly called by God into the Church he will eventually find the right group....if he was simply wooed by a charimastic speaker then he will flounder in the world if x-cog'ers, injured by the dishonesty of power hungary men.

God's plan is most beneficial to those poor souls, He certainly has not given up on them.

Anonymous said...

Well, Glenn, I often respected many of the ideas and opinions expressed by FYI again. Now I have even more reasons to do so! You have some really good gifts of common sense, and even temperament.

Good work!


Anonymous said...

Congratulation Glenn. It is one step at a time. When they disfellowshipped me from the old WCG the minister Pete Kendall, told a good friend of mine he couldn’t have fellowship with me anymore. We worked at the same place. That lasted about two weeks. A few months later, in an office building I ran into a church member in an elevator. I thought the dude was going to climb out through the emergency hatch. Sorry, you are having problems with your old friends. I do remember Wade and Ranger from the old JLF. Perhaps they will come around one day.

Anonymous said...

What is the website address for the alumni forum??


Anonymous said...

Well Glenn,

I know you have been apprehensive on Livingcog, but truly, if what you have to say is verifiable and accurate, it needs to be known. If not, dont worry about offending the brethren...say, if you're just blowing off some steam, or sumthin'. If there are things you want to say to me, the moderator of livingcog, you know where to find me or my "P-M" addy.

Take care, Glenn (and all y'all, too).

FYI Again said...

>> Anonymous said...

>> What is the website address for the alumni forum??

The Alumni forum is at the following link:

WCG Alumni Forum