Thursday 11 August 2016

Drought's broken

Long time, no posts.

Without going into self-indulgent details I've had other priorities in recent weeks with little energy left to invest in blogging. Happily, things now seem to be moving out from under the cloud cover, so I'm about to at least attempt to make up for lost time.

One of the silver linings has been that, in the absence of other grist for the mill, the previous post (26 July) has attracted a lot of really thoughtful comments. Back in the day, conversations like these all too often ended in folk yelling at each other. The truth is, I suspect, we're all trying to make some sense of past commitments and decisions. At the risk of sounding trite, maybe the journey really is more important than the destination.

I apologize in advance for the tone of the posting on Rod Meredith ("Spanky") which will soon be uploaded. Not much makes me angry these days... so much water under the bridge... but this spiritually diseased old man, the wannabe Emperor Palpatine of the Churches of God, is the exception that proves the rule. The man seems to reach new depths in unreflective shallowness every time he opens his mouth. If you're wondering what sparked this observation, check out Elizabeth Scarborough's letter over on the Banned blog.

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Anonymous said...

Your picture of Roderick Meredith shows us that he's worse off than we thought....