Monday 20 June 2016

One Accord, Two Accord WCG

Is this Jim Franks or Clyde Kilough?
One Accord. It's a name we associate with COGWA through its member mag.

Worldwide Church of God. Pretty clearly that's Grace Communion International before it rebranded.

So what would you make of a group calling itself One Accord Worldwide Church of God Inc.

Yes brethren, it exists, though it seems unrelated to its namesakes.

Do you think the good folk at OAWCOG have any idea of the Herbalist connections? Located in Red Springs, North Carolina, you'd think that'd be a given, but who knows?

And just an afterthought... did COGWA choose the name "One Accord" in a moment of subliminal inspiration based on this group's use of the name? Hmm.

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Byker Bob said...

I have to laugh at this, not because of current circumstances, but because of something that happened in the past.

When I was a teenager, it was a very rare thing for us to be visited by our Radio Church of God minister. On one occasion, he was in our area because he had had to visit with an African American minister who was infringing upon the trademark name "Radio Church of God". I remember our minister explaining that, "Now he could call his church, the "Radio Church of God-Colored" but I really doubt that he would want to do that, so we're probably going to need to take him to court."

In retrospect, it's hilarious, because of the blatant ignorance displayed. The really bad thing is that the ACOG leaders still teach subservience of the "non-Israelites". Someone is probably having a hissy over this OAWCOG and is perhaps even consulting with attorneys as we speak.