Saturday 9 January 2010

How does he do it?

David Ben-Ariel (original name David Hoover) operates at least forty blogs, and that's not counting various websites. How does he keep track of them all, let alone manage to update so many?

Hoover/Ben-Ariel is a hard-line Armstrongist (a former member of WCG in Toledo) who supports the doctrinal positions and wild prophetic speculations taken by the most rigid splinters (he has fallen afoul of PCG after a dalliance with that group.) In addition he posts extreme far-right political and pro-Zionist material. He made the news in 1996.

Friday March 15, 1996

Israel may deport American tied to mosque bomb plot

Jewish Telegraphic Agency

JERUSALEM -- Israel's internal security service has requested that a U.S. citizen living in Jerusalem be deported because he was involved in a plot to blow up a mosque here.

The American, identified as 35-year-old David Ben-Ariel
of Ohio, was reportedly detained for questioning recently by Shin Bet officials.

He was released several hours later, but his passport was confiscated and he was ordered to report regularly to police.

News reports indicated that Ben-Ariel -- and several others who remained at large -- allegedly planned to blow up Al-Aksa Mosque on the Temple Mount complex in Jerusalem's Old City.
Ben-Ariel strongly denied the allegations and said he was being unfairly treated.

Security sources reportedly preferred that he be deported, and not brought to trial because they lacked hard evidence to convict him.

Ben-Ariel reportedly belonged to the Temple Mount Faithful, a group that seeks to rebuild the Jewish temple at its original location, where two mosques, including Al-Aksa, stand.

Ben-Ariel is said to have arrived in Israel about nine months ago and recently applied for citizenship.

In view of this, it's interesting to note that Hoover's fanaticism appears to have had little effect on his lifestyle, at least prior to 1999 when he was diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. He writes, perhaps with an element of understatement: "I've been far from a disciplined Christian when it comes to sex outside of marriage."

Despite being the most prolific COG blogger by a country mile, Hoover's influence appears to be minimal - in fact almost non-existent - within the various factions of COGdom. Though he might be "a one-member sect," any attempt to track developments in Armstrong's shattered empire using the Internet will shower the searcher with links to Hoover's many, many entries.


Richard said...

40 blogs??? I do well simply to keep two up-to-date and current.

You might be addicted to the Internet when....

Anonymous said...

this David fellow strikes me as one who simply has some head knowledge, but little true understanding.

as you mentioned, those searching the net will no doubt come across his material, and might unfortunately think that all folks connected to HWA are like him.

all Satan has to do is cause confusion......

Corky said...

Hey Richard, just put up a new blog every time you have something to post. That's what the Bent Aerial does.

Don't forget that David also posts messages on every religious forum that he can find. He uses his own blogs and websites as reference resources for his messages.

He may not be famous but it ain't from lack of trying.

Vaughn said...

The last sentence of your post is the most annoying thing, having to filter through a multitude of his rambling blogging to get to anything interesting in the COGosphere.

        AMERICAN KABUKI said...


Mr. Scribe said...

David suffers as the apostle did. David is suffering from religious mania. 40 blogs is a compulsiveness that is an internal attempt to justify his sin of homosexuality to his god.

Also worth noting is the language he chooses to use. When speaking of Nazi's invading America, he uses terms like "beatings, whippings and other sexually suggestive actions.

Learn more here:

David Ben-Ariel said...

My name was legally changed from David Hoover to David Ben-Ariel twenty one years ago, for religious reasons, as related within my articles God-given Names and From Toledo to Jerusalem.

Mary Ann said...

Nothing decent in Corky's reply.
I will take Ben Ariel's posts over that of the nasty name calling of some.

I am ever amazed at the fear straight men have of gay men, even those who are now celebate like Ben Ariel.
What are you scared of guys?

Corky said...

Mary Ann said...
Nothing decent in Corky's reply.
I will take Ben Ariel's posts over that of the nasty name calling of some

What . . . you object to Bent Aerial? Hah! You should hear the other names he is called on religious forums.

Mary Ann said...

I object to any human being demeaned by name calling. It's not nice. It is as simple as that.Whether you are Christian or atheist, it is never necessary to mock a man's name.

And Mr Scribe, why do you find beating and whipping to be sexually suggestive? Most of us hear those terms and think of brutality, not sex.

Unknown said...

Mary Ann said "I am ever amazed at the fear straight men have of gay men"...

I hope you qualify that next time with "some" or "many" straight men.

I'm straight as they come but have a number of gay male friends and support strongly gay rights, gay marriage and gay adoption.

Clearly off topic but just a for what it's worth.


Anonymous said...

Mary Ann,

Corky's referring to David Hoover (Ben Ariel) as Bent Aerial is just a slightly off-color way of stating the obvious; David is not mentally balanced...hence 'Bent Aerial' In the days before cable television, a storm damaged (bent) aerial was capable of producing screwy images and reception. I don't know if you have taken the time to read some of Mr. Hoover's writings, but if you do...'nuff said.

I could care less what his sexual orientation is.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully David does not let any of the negative comments here bother him. I have read some of his posts and think they are quite good. And as far as being mentally balanced, I think the whole human race needs help in that area. Thy Kingdom Come.

Mr. Scribe said...

Mary Ann (or David) said...

"And Mr Scribe, why do you find beating and whipping to be sexually suggestive? Most of us hear those terms and think of brutality, not sex."

In reality Mary Ann, I believe it was David who wrote this as a way the Germans/EU will torture the Americans.

It is of my humble opinion that this is an symptom of his self repressive sexual energy. Energy that cannot be relived.

Some of these types go on to be serial killers/rapists. Others just kill themselves. And a few fight it for their entire lives and combat the defective psychological condition.

But as for David, I won't and can't say. I am not a prophet.

I will add that I wish him no ill, but a prolonged life in which he may find wisdom and understanding.

MaryAnn said...

Scribe, call it what you will darlin' , you are the one who equated those words with sex, not Ben Ariel.