Tuesday 15 December 2009

Holladay on the Kieffer resignation

December 14, 2009
Dear fellow elders,
On Wednesday, December 9th Paul Kieffer voluntarily resigned from his position on the Council of Elders. Paul’s statement concerning his resignation is copied for your information below. Paul’s sincere desire is to do what is best for the United Church of God. I know that both he and Monica will appreciate your prayers.
“Since my election to the Council of Elders in May 2008, various allegations people have made about me have made me a lightning rod among some in the ministry and membership. Due to the concern this has caused for some, I have decided it is best for me to voluntarily resign from the Council of Elders in the hope that this will lay these issues to rest. It is my sincere hope that this will lead to greater unity in the Church, help all of us focus on our mission of preaching the gospel and preparing a people, and move forward together.” Paul Kieffer
Paul was one of the three international council members. David Baker was the runner-up of the International candidates in the 2009 balloting. David Baker has accepted the responsibility of replacing Paul on the Council. We welcome David to the Council of Elders and will look forward to working closely with him in the future. David and Dorrie will likewise solicit your prayers for these additional duties.
In Christ's service,
Roy Holladay
On Behalf of the Council of Elders


Anonymous said...

And what were the allegations?

Anonymous said...

What exactly did Paul Kieffer do that precipitated this action?

Leonardo said...

David Baker and his wife Dorrie are very honorable folks - and so I wonder how long they will last with David now being sent in from the bench to replace Paul Kieffer.

But I've observed that admirable people of sterling personal character don't tend to last too terribly long within the hierarchy of the COG's.

Perhaps this might prove to be the exception to the rule?

Time will tell.

Anonymous said...

"In Christ's service"!!!

Wow, that's pretty presumptuous!

The Skeptic

Anonymous said...

Dave Baker once told regards to having a woman as a witness to something that had happened...that "women can't be witnesses according to the oral law", meaning that even now...women can't be witnesses to something that has happened. While Dave and Dorrie are nice folks on a personal level, they are company folks, they are both terribly naive when dealing with evil folks. Don't even seem to get that some folks are evil and schemeing. And Dave is terribly old school stating to us that he believes in the hierarchy in the church....from the top down governance...and he even listed the ranks...down to the regular members (peons--my word).

To repeat what you said...not too many folks of sterling character last too long in the hierarchy...that is why so many have left!!! And more will have their fill of the evil and will leave eventually.

I suppose Dave will do just fine, considering he told us that Joel Meeker is a very close friend of his, and they both support the hierarchy system and the HO way of doing things.

Leonardo said...

It's been about 25 years since I've last seen Dave and his wife Dorrie.

I remember when Dorrie was an AC coed out in Pasadena back in the early 80's, and guys were tripping all over themselves vying for her attentions. She looked just like the twin sister of the popular American singer Linda Ronstadt – and more importantly was a very kind and feminine young lady.

Dave really knew what he was getting when he snagged that little sweetie!