Friday 25 September 2009

Bob's been busy

Not only in writing books, but now articles for Here's the bio:

Dr. Bob Thiel has studied theology and prophecy for decades, and possesses a Ph.D. (UIU) and a Th.D. (TCU). He has also traveled extensively, and has visited sites of religious interest in Rome, Greece, Central Europe, Asia Minor, Cappadocia, Constantinople (Istanbul), Africa, Asia, North America, and Latin America.

Bob has a ThD from Texas Christian University? When did that happen? Bob doesn't mention it in his COGwriter bio.

And here's the article, ostensibly on the celebration of Rosh Hoshanah, but note the sly promo for the local LCG at the end!


Lake of Fire Church of God said...

When I clicked on Thiel's article at, there was a Dave Pack RCG advertisement, "Do you remember Herbert W. Armstrong".

I guess the Pack rat is target advertising to a diminishing slice of the COG tithe farm market.


Leonardo said...

Well now, this post really got my morning off to a rather hilarious beginning, as brother Thiel is now writing for the "LA Church History & End Prophecy Examiner" - which sounds like a real objective newspaper and solid source of information, right up there with UCG’s “Good News” and Willie Dankenbring’s Prophecy Flash videos!

And Bob's bio has all the hallmarks of someone who, in actual fact, has absolutely no REAL qualifications for the subjects he portrays himself as an expert in.

Bob, better stick with dispensing Vitamin C and bovine adrenaline tablets – as objective research and writing in history, science, philosophy or end-time theology is clearly not your calling.

Anonymous said...

"Bob has a ThD from Texas Christian University? When did that happen? Bob doesn't mention it in his COGwriter bio."

Does TCU/Bright Divinity currently grant the Thd? Looking at the TCU/Bright website, I don't think so. Neither did the clerk in the registar's office, who after checking, couldn't find Thiel's name anywhere in her records to verify his attendance.

Perhaps there is some simple explanation for this alleged TCU discrepancy.

Anonymous said...

If anyone is interested in finding out whether or not Dr. Bob did in fact graduate with a Th.D. degree from Texas Christian University, they can call the TCU registrar's office at 817-257-7825.

If you provide a name, TCU will verify degree and date of graduation over the telephone.

Byker Bob said...

If indeed this it true (doctorate from TCU), then perhaps he could answer the age old question as to whether or not it's OK for an ACOG member to smoke on the Day of Atonement.


Leonardo said...

OK, in the endeavor to "prove all things" I called the Registrar's Office (817-257-7825) of Texas Christian University located in Ft. Worth, Texas – and talked to one Kristi Harrison at the Registrar’s Office. She informed me of the following facts:

First of all, Texas Christian University does NOT have a doctorate of theology (ThD) program. They do have a Masters of Theological Studies program, a Master of Divinity program, and a Master of Theology program – but not a ThD program.

And second, the name of Bob (or Robert) Thiel does NOT show up on ANY student listing the university has. They have a computerized file dating from 1984 forward – and Thiel is NOT on this one. And they have a microfiche file for students who attended before 1984 – and Thiel doesn’t show up on this one either.

Now my question is where did Gavin get the bio information that Thiel had a ThD from Texas Christian University. Perhaps that bio was mistaken. Maybe there is another TCU that is NOT Texas Christian University, but their Registrar’s Office did not know of one.

OK, Larry , your next!

Leonardo said...

I just checked out the website for the Brite Divinity School of Texas Christian University, which provides further details about the theology programs on offer there.

Here's the link:

Gavin said...

Curiouser and curiouser! The bio info is right there at

Presumably Bob supplied this for their use. I'll put a jpg image up shortly.

Bill said...

I talked to the registrar's office myself a few minutes ago to verify. No degree offered by TCU/Brite Div. School, and no "Thiel" listed as having received any degree.

Sounds like someone is trying to pad their resume'.

Leonardo said...

So what else is new? This happens with astonishing regularity in the world fundamentalist publishing.

Miguel de la Rodente said...

Where did Corky get his honorary Doctor of Divinity?

Corky said...

Miguel de la Rodente said...
Where did Corky get his honorary Doctor of Divinity?

From the Christadelphian Bible School at Martinville, Arkansas. It was because of a CLEP test taken at Arkansas State University Teacher's College in Beebe, Arkansas. Go Braves! Although at the time it was "Indians"...

PS My name is not really "Corky".