Saturday 29 November 2008

Fred "Bildberger" Coulter

Willie Dankenbring has a kindred spirit in Fred Coulter. Putting aside any pretense to objectivity or impartiality, in his November epistle Freddy opines:

For the first time in modern history, the people of the USA have elected a man who has the least experience of any former president. He is also a man about whom we know virtually nothing. His radical leftist beliefs were carefully hidden by the media—an Obama propagandist media. His radical leftist/Marxist associates—black racist ministers and criminal friends here and abroad—were completely ignored or dismissed as harmless. Moreover, why have all of Obama’s school records at Columbia University and Harvard Law School been sealed? What are they hiding?

Then Fred dives in the deep end:

[T]here are men in high places who are the actual "power brokers"—the ultra-elite of the establishment who are the behind-the-scenes rulers of the governments of this world. They are often referred to as a "shadow government"—as only a few know who they actually are. Most of them have no allegiance to the true God in heaven. Rather—knowingly or unknowingly—they are serving the god of this world, Satan the devil, who is using them to deceive the entire world. Their overall goal is a New World Order—a World Government with a new World Religion. They are the leaders in government, business, banking and religion around the world. They are known to belong to organizations such as the Illuminati, the Committee of 300; they are high ranking Masons and Knights of Columbus. They are members of the Council of Foreign Relations and similar organizations in various nations. They belong to the Tri-lateral Commission and the Bildbergers [sic]. These are the "power brokers" who actually select presidents and prime ministers of the leading nations of the world. This is why the world is headed toward a global government, a global central bank, a global currency and a global religion. Such is their goal—masterminded by Satan the devil as part of his final, great rebellion against God through the beast and the false prophet (Rev. 13).

Oh dear lord, not the Trilateral Commission! Has the guy completely lost it, and did he ever have it to begin with?


[T]he USA is currently facing gigantic economic troubles and a new Democratic federal government that will take us further down the road to socialism and fascist, totalitarian rule.

I'm not sure what reality Coulter lives in, certainly not one where democracy and political diversity are celebrated, and even tired, angry old men swallow their disappointment with grace, generosity of spirit and a commitment to the common good. Was John McCain's widely admired concession speech totally lost on Freddy? Did the guy even bother to get off his fat half-acre and vote? At least LCG's Michael Germano, to give credit where it's due, is willing to put his money where his mouth is.

If these are the voices of COGdom, then the movement is doomed. Where are the voices of a new generation, articulate up-and-comers who know better than to splash around in this mindless conspiratorial muck? Those who know better - and there are a few of them - keep a low profile while the embarrassing blow-hards hold the floor.

Freddy and Willie: the prognosticators who time passed by - circa 1972...


Anonymous said...

Is not the coulter part of a plough,the bit that turns the furrow over?

Perhaps he is best described as a "cultivator"( pardon the pun).

Indeed, Fred is a CULT-IVATOR..he has his followers in NZ.


Anonymous said...

These guys even flunk as conspiratorialists! They don't know how to spell "Bilderberg".


Anonymous said...

Why should there be impartiality when it is plain that Obama is a socialist. Socialism is not what America is about.
Why must we pretend for those abroad that the man is experienced when he clearly is not?
Most of his friends have been on the FBI most wanted list and we should remain impartial?
Come on now.
You are showing a left leaning liberal bent without much impartiality and if that is your belief then no one should insist you be impartial.

Anonymous said...

This is an opportunity to say something good about GTA. He tried to get us not to believe conspiracy theories like this. Coulter's rant reminds me of a Friday night in late 1975 where GTA told the Auditorium crowd that the Illuminati ideas were rubbish and don't believe them. But by then nobody was believing GTA, even on the rare occasion when he was correct.

Anonymous said...

My partner Faith and I are going to do undercover massage work at Bohemian Grove this year, so stay tuned. We should be able to clear up all this conspiracy stuff once and for all.

We also have sessions planned at Skull and Bones homecoming and at Tony Blair's baptism into Catholocism.

We'll have this Builderburger thing figured out soon.

People tell all when getting massage.

If we don't return, then know we were probably victims of human sacrifice at Buckingham Palace, by the hands of the Reptilian Royal family so please contact David Icke so he can at least include us in his next book.

I have to go now..they're watching me.

Anonymous said...

Many of the top ministurds of Meredith's cult are strong believers in the Illuminati and the Trilateral Commission. Conspiracy theories have always been popular in Armstrongism and remain so to this day. I guess when you can fall for the lies of Armstrongism it is also easy to fall for the lies of the conspiracy nutcases.

Robert said...

>>I'm not sure what reality Coulter lives in, certainly not one where democracy and political diversity are celebrated.

Of course Gavin you are also living in the past when you believed the US was a great democracy on the earth.

Nations, constitutions and laws change.

When a small outspoken feminist Jew like Naomi Wolf is placed on a Watchlist by the US government admitted to her by airport officials then something in this great democracy is wrong!

When governments want to track every website we visit, read every email, take our dna, compel us to carry ID cards, detain us without charge then we are no longer free. And if you call that democracy then you can shove it because I do not want it and will fight to oppose it!

        AMERICAN KABUKI said...

As if the Bilderbergers care whether you are Republican or Democrat. Conspiracies cease to be theories when they are openly and boldly discussed as policy objectives.

How do the Republicans continually come off as the party of church going people when they clearly don't believe a word of the Bible?

That bit of sleight of hand politics continues to amaze me. I think its the abortion thing. Abortion isn't in the Bible, but Capital Punishment sure is!

Anonymous said...

I was with Coulter for awhile, and some of the nonsense he was teaching then was that the 2 witnesses were going to be 1) Israel's prime minister, and 2)the chief Rabbi in Israel. Somebody better tell Weinland this.

Fred also said that the United Nations was going to be the Beast.

Anonymous said...

I met David Icke a few years ago, and I have the sense that he might actually believe what he teaches. When we consider that Richard Coeur de Lion used a sword that hardly anyone else could wield or that his great uncle Raymond (while king of Jerusalem) could sit on a horse stationed between two pillars and by clutching the horse between his legs while holding the pillars with his hands could keep the horse from moving even though it was being whipped....well, you can see why people might think there was something unusual about that family.

Anonymous said...

Fred wonders: -- Moreover, why have all of Obama’s school records at Columbia University and Harvard Law School been sealed? What are they hiding? --

As it turns out, privacy laws here in the United States prohibit casual access to student records. A student may voluntarily give a transcript to whomever he or she chooses, such as a potential employer. A college counselor may access a student's records to determine how best to counsel the student. And, of course, the university may confirm that the student has met the requirements for graduation. But that's about it.

A university cannot divulge a student's grades even to the parents -- unless, of course, the student signs a release form saying it's okay for Mommy and Daddy to know. This can be frustrating to parents who are paying for their child's education and want to check up on their investment.

Of course, it can also be frustrating to mother hens who call professors demanding to know why their little Johnny got a D in calculus.

I don't know how it is at Otago, but that's the way it is here.


(Come now, Dennis -- even under the influence of your expert hands, they'll still be speaking in their mysterious code language! What do you expect us to think when you come back and say, "Yes, the head of the Trilateral Commission himself told me -- the seagull perches on the steeple in the rain!")

Anonymous said...

Fred has always been into conspiracy theories, and approaches his theoretical teachings as radically as possible, because drama is what affects his crowd of true believers the most.
I do remember one of his sermons about how the Beast would take a space ship into outer space and fight Christ. His prophetic surmisings are even more elaborate that HWA's

Anonymous said...

I was listening to Coulter for awhile. He was into conspiracies. He was also into prophecy. He said that the two witnesses were going to be from Israel. One would be the prime minister of Israel, and the other would be the chief Rabbi of Israel. Coulter said this long before Weinland claimed he and his wife were the two witnesses.

Coulter also stated that the United Nations was going to be the beast power.

Anonymous said...

I like the "socialist, facist" combo. It reminds me of that long forgotten movement, the Jewish Nazis.

This shows the ability to hold two contradicting notions both true extends beyond theology for those still in Armstrongism.

Anonymous said...

Libro noted: "Come now, Dennis -- even under the influence of your expert hands, they'll still be speaking in their mysterious code language! What do you expect us to think when you come back and say, "Yes, the head of the Trilateral Commission himself told me "

You don't understand the power of touch and massage. It makes grown men weep and the strong like putty in my hands. I have learned more with a massage table than I ever learned with a suit and tie behind a desk hearing what I expected from those who told me what they thought I wanted to hear. haven't seen Faith.


Anonymous said...

Fred Coulter was the First WCG minister I ever heard give a sermon. I was 14 in Boise Idaho visitng my sister and Brother in law who later became a minister himself.

He helped hook me me WCG as I never heard sermons given in the Presbyterian Church like that.

44 years later, I have learned a lot. I guess I could not be here if I had not been there.

Anonymous said...

"I do remember one of his sermons about how the Beast would take a space ship into outer space and fight Christ. His prophetic surmisings are even more elaborate that HWA's"

"HWA's"?? Christ on a stick, that one rivals Waterhouse's!

(Though truth be told, Weinland played the same card, earlier in the year, back when the seventh seal was opened the first time.)

Anonymous said...

"[T]he USA is currently facing gigantic economic troubles and a new Democratic federal government that will take us further down the road to socialism and fascist, totalitarian rule."

I agree, to a certain point. But what Coulter left out was that El Bush spent the past eight years laying the groundwork for gigantic economic troubles by blowing billions on Freedom Wars and has ensured a smooth transition into totalitarism by enacting the Patriot Act.

Paul Ray

Anonymous said...

The Director of Research in the old WCG Editorial Department once told me they received many letters from Church members requesting articles in the Plain Truth regarding conspiracy theories - more than any other single topic.

So yes, the nuttiness of conspiracy theories and the typically mindset of your average COG member go hand in glove.

Everyone I've ever known in the Church who was into such conspiracies (the Trilateral Commission, the Illuminati, the Bilderberg Group, the Esso Corporation, etc.) had several traits in common:

1. They were ALL extremely uneducated, especially in history.

2. They were ALL pretty much failures in life, so they needed to blame others (the conspiracists) for their personal lack of accomplishment.

3. A number of them were also given to overindulging in alcohol.

4. Most of them also believed in a number of other nutty things too - like the Loch Ness monster, Bigfoot, JFK assassination conspiracies, etc.

Of course, these factors don't necessarily constitute valid evidence that such theories aren't true, but they certainly are telling as to the kind of folks who readily embrace them.

I've studied in great detail the 1963 assassination of American President John F. Kennedy, and many of the so-called "conspiracies" surrounding this event have many things in common with other general conspiracy theories.

In my view, they are mostly unfounded - yet people go on believing them regardless of the lack of legitimate evidence to support them.

So you can see why religious folks especially are drawn to such nutty and unfounded ideas.

Anonymous said...

Back in the '70s, another WCGer came across None Dare Call It Conspiracy (Gary Allen, 1971) It back his primary source for many a Spokesman's Club topic.

The minister remained fairly neutral, but eventually said he would check with our authority on such matters, Gene Hogberg. The book was quietly dismissed as being in error.

Anonymous said...


The converted parent fit all four of those criteria. You are absolutely 100% dead on the money.

Of course, our congregation had two schizophrenics as well, both of whom were summarily disfellowshipped and marked, for their "weakness of faith".

Anonymous said...

Leo: -- None Dare Call It Conspiracy (Gary Allen, 1971) --

I remember flipping through this book. It seems his thesis was that all the other conspiracy theories are nonsense, but he had it all figured out.



(Gas prices went down just as it began to look like the Republicans were going to lose the election! It's the Illuminati, I tell you!)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I actually came across that book in the AC library during the summer of 1978, and for awhile got hooked on Allen's particular conspiracy theory.

Much like JFK conspiracy theories, such a view of world history is exciting to believe, and, like many of the doctrines of the old WCG, give one a distinct sense of "I know something not understood by the ignorant masses, therefore I am special."

But then shortly thereafter, I began the SERIOUS reading of history, and once that is undertaken, conspiracy claims just unravel apart like a wool scarf in the claws of a mischievous kitten.

Anonymous said...

It may make you feel clever to chuckle at "conspiracy nuts," but the problem is you completely neglect to refer to reality. All of these mentioned groups are real. They are all influential policy-shaping (some observers would say policy-making) groups. They comprise the most powerful individuals in the world of government, banking, industry, media, even religion. Last but not least, all go practically totally unmentioned in the so-called mainstream media (of which this writer once counted himself a part). Is this not a little bit strange?

The annual Bilderberg meeting brings together 300 or so of the world's wealthiest and most powerful people under one roof. This isn't newsworthy?

The meeting is all but blacked out with regard to mainstream media coverage. That's not newsworthy?

Oh, and by the way, some of the attendees are executives of the very media conglomerates that aren't covering the meeting in their news organs. I guess that's sheer coincidence and none of that ought to arouse our curiosity either. I guess we should spend our time t hinking about really important questions -- like what sort of puppy should the Obamas buy for their kids?

Be not wise in your own eyes.

- david harrell .

james said...

Hi Gavey, I am not sure what world you live in, but I think this one does have some power structures or `shadow governments`that we are not fully aware of, whatever they are called in their differing manifestations.I am not clear on what you are criticizing about Fred (or Freddy as you disdainfully call him). Thanks Gavey for everything. My name is James, but in the spirit of discounting others you can call me Jamey.

james said...

Also, as some of your posters have said of themselves, I am not ``with`or `following`the person you affectionately refer to as Freddy. I am not with or following anyone, although I find the most spiritually mature teaching to come from teachers associated with CBCG. That is after 34 years of experience and having been disfellowshipped from WCG and numerous painful experiences is `governmental` primitive Christian groups.

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