Thursday 17 July 2008

Wiener off menu in Pakistan

At last, someone has paid attention to Ron (We're in the Tribulation) Weinland.

Let's hope it doesn't go to his head.


Anonymous said...

We all know Mr. Beanie Man is nuts. Even Bob Thiel states:

"Clearly, according to his own words then, the fact that he is still preaching should demonstrate that Ronald Weinland is “quite insane”."

Of course, that is like the pot calling the kettle black.

Anonymous said...

Go to his head? He'll mention this in every sermon from now until...until the end of the world.

Paul Ray

Pax Vobiscum said...

There once was a faker named Ron,
Who prospered by putting folks on.
He was so full of wind,
He banned was by Sindh.
Now Indians could quickly move on.

Anonymous said...

I find a certain amount of irony that a country that harbors some of the world's most dangerous minds can recognize the potential for harm in Weinland's books but many armstrongists see nothing unusual.


Anonymous said...

Yeah. How does Thiel get away with calling Weinland a false prophet (which Weinland is) when Thiel's idol (RCM) has a history of false prophecies? You'd think Thiel would be too embarrassed to show his face or have a pro-RCM website. Thiel reminds me of the Clintons who showed no sense of embarrassment in spite of all the public humiliation. Same with the Armstrongs. You'd think all these people would be (or would have been) too embarrassed to leave their houses where people might see them. No shame. But then, without them where would we and Jerry Springer get our entertainment if there we didn't have this white trash to marvel at? :-)

        AMERICAN KABUKI said...
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Richard said...

Of course, this proves Ron Weinland is right.

It's the "famine of the word," you know.

At least he'll probably argue that.

Anonymous said...

Ronald doesn't care about preaching his gospel to them anyway. He'll dust off his feet and move on.

Also, my guess is that he heard about this from reading this blog (or a similar one).

Anonymous said...

The Pakis usually have fairly good taste in condemning whacked out people. About fifteen years ago, a leading Pakistani Ayatollah condemned Michael Jackson and Madonna.

I've known some people from that region who are fairly cool. It's not like they'll put on their Levis, Brooks and Dunn shirts, and cowboy boots and go to a Southern Rock or Country Western concert, but they're cool in their own ways. They've manufactured and preserved the Royal Enfield Motorcycle in India for decades! I've especially found East Indians to be very intelligent. I'd much prefer partying with such folks than having conversation with an ACOG charlatan!


Anonymous said...

Here is a statement from Weinland's website:

"Ronald Weinland, who is the pastor of God's Church on earth, has also been appointed by the God of Abraham to be His end-time prophet and one of the two end-time witnesses (and spokesman of both), preceding the return of Jesus Christ."

Did you notice he has been appointed by God to be his end-time prophet. Hmmm. If this is so, and a prophet of God should not lie, WHY IS HE STILL PREACHING AND DECEIVING PEOPLE??

Insanity needs no defence!

Anonymous said...

Ron will only consider this a validation of his position as a prophet/witness/end-time messenger. What better validation than "persecution" from governments around the world.
Hey, I've already banned his books from my house...

Weinland Watch said...

Anyone checked ILFPRW's blog lately? The little woman's back in as the 2wit. Bet she's relieved.

Anonymous said...

Publius -- I've pondered the paradox of the false prophets claiming other false prophets are really false prophets while othres were just a little premature in their timing. I sometimes wonder if Bob Thiel had been commenting in the early 70s he'd have made the same remarks about HWA as he does about Weinland.

And amongst the re-edited reruns at the GTA site, Mark is using grandad as a selling point, virtually claiming We've been predicting the end for over 70 years!

Anonymous said...

"Ronald Weinland...has...been appointed by the God of Abraham to be His end-time prophet and one of the two end-time witnesses..."

Could someone explain to me exactly HOW this happened - I mean, HOW does Ron KNOW that he has been appointed a prophet. Does he hear voices? Did an angel appear to him? Or does he just FEEL somehow that the Almighty has given him the special nod. How does HE explain or demonstrate to his followers his credentials?

Perhaps I'm missing some of his personal history here.

Could someone explain?

Corky said...

It's kinda too bad that our own government isn't that smart.

Oh, I know, freedom of religion and all that but should freedom of religion include freedom of goofiness too?

Freedoms are great but they can be (and are) used against you.

Freedom of speech and the press is fine but if someone yells "Fire!" in a crowded theater, they had better be able to prove there was a fire.

If someone writes in a book that the end is coming next week, they had better be able to prove the end is coming next week - or else they get in deep do-do with the Pakistani government.

Not with the American government though, so evidently a person can print all the lies he wants to in this country.

Heck, HWA even wrote that the US and Britian were going to lose WWII and we'd all be slaves in Germany. Pffft. In Pakistan he'd have probably been thrown in the dungeon like he deserved for being a traitor.

It seems like religions can print all the seditious nonsense they want to in America - so they sometimes make the mistake of doing it in countries that are not quite so naive.

Anonymous said...

Well, you know, those servants of God of the Old Testament killed off the false prophets.

Let's see now, Elijah dispatched 450 prophets of Baal and the 400 prophets of the Groves.

That's just about the number of the leaders of the Churches of God.

Behold, God will send Elijah before the end.

Why is it that the false prophets of the Churches of God seem to have no fear whatsoever?

Is it because nothing has happened thus far, except they have been proved wrong?

Weinland Watch said...

"And amongst the re-edited reruns at the GTA site, Mark is using grandad as a selling point, virtually claiming We've been predicting the end for over 70 years!"

ROFL! Marky-Mark took my tag-line! "Three-quarters of a century, and that Kingdom still ain't come yet!"

Don't hold your breath Marky-Mark. That Kingdom ain't never coming no-how.