Saturday 24 May 2008

Nothing Secedes Like Succession

Poor old Garner Ted, a victim of succession envy.

Perhaps Ritenbaugh Jr. should take note...

Not to mention Stephen Flurry.

The probable reason Joey Jr. made it to the Herbal throne is that dad was too busy fighting his illness to particularly care.

Check out Why Succession Plans Fail


Anonymous said...

Thanks for that article Gavin. It was so plain. Why is it sooo hard for the XCG leaders to understand?

Stan said...

“…the longer the chairman stays in office, contemplating succession, the less likely it is that his first choice will survive the gauntlet the chairman would no doubt set up during the next twenty four months. Once CEO’s go into succession mode, they undergo a definite behavior shift: they begin to torpedo their putative successors. In fact, anytime a retirement is announced more than ten or twelve months into the future, the likely successor at the time of the announcement becomes less and less likely to be the successor when retirement ultimately occurs. What gets executed is the successor’s career. Count on this as part of the pattern.”

Joe Junior has certainly not announced a successor, nor does he probably intend to from the looks of it.

Then of course, he may not have a Pastor General successor, having torpedoed the WCG under the waves.

It appears Joe Junior is staying in office forever, enjoying his fat cat good fortune while he can as the ship goes down, not having to consider his own eventual mortality or reforming the Pastor General "succession mode" in the WCG bylaws.

The authoritarian, hierarchical form of church government that HWA taught against in the 1950's, has been expediently adopted as his very own true church government by Joe Junior.

Does he have his successor's name written down with instructions, inside a secured envelope?

Does he expect his handpicked WCG council to vote in his handpicked successor unaminously?

Stan Gardner
Ambassador Reports

        AMERICAN KABUKI said...

Joe Jr's succession selection plan

        AMERICAN KABUKI said...
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Lussenheide said...

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Bill Lussenheide, Menifee, CA USA

Anonymous said...


We believe you,Harashao,as I best remember.

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Kia Ora